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During my time at Cedar Grove, I have been proud to call myself a saint. We have always stuck to our moto and goal in the school. However, my experience as a Senior is very different. I would say its disappointing. Students are not what they used to be and it seems like the students control the school not the principal. There are underclassmen disrespecting our beloved teachers and the students roam the hallways. There has been moments where our safety have been put in jeopardy because of other students motives. Also, some of our beloved and great teachers are leaving due to know control in the school. When it comes to discipline it just seems like they get a slap on the wrist. Especially when the situation refers to student(s) getting hurt. I want it to get better but another side of me lost hope.
Cedar Grove is a high school with teachers who are dedicate to ensuring that students are the top priority. They are easily accessible to students as well as parents.
Cedar Grove High School, the home of the Saints. I attend a school with a five-star football team. This team is the only thing that hold us together, barely. Majority of the kids that attend Cedar Grove lack the ability to stay focused on academics. Instead, my schoolmates rather give attention to ignorance such as fights. At times I feel as if my friends and I are the only people who act as the intellectuals we are. The teachers are great at their jobs, but the students’ unwillingness to learn is ridiculous. The administration tries to do the best they can, but the troubles and bad spirits brought into my school come from an outside source, their homes. Although many of the parents are interactive, there are many that are not and it shows. I also do not feel safe when I am at school. There are police, ambulances, and/or lock downs at my school on a consistent basis. I should be able to attend school without worrying about my life and the life of my friends being in danger.
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I love my school and everything that comes with it. There are great faculty and staff that are always willing to help. One thing I would like to see change is the safety of the school.
I am a Senior at Cedar Grove High School in Ellenwood, Ga. I have been here since the second semester of my Freshmen year. I would have to say my experience have been fairly good. I enjoy the AP courses and the sporting events. I believe the classes that I am in are actively preparing me for college. I feel as though the staff try their hardest to help us succeed in life.
I liked the cultural comfortability that I had, it was a totally different environment from any other school I'd been to. I felt like I belonged there.
I Would Like For The Uniform School Policy To Change , School Lunches , & Actually Having Freedom Because The School Is Too Strict & The Staff Is Very Rude
It has been a awesome experience here at Cedar Grove it allows us to be prepared for post high school.
Cedar Grove is a well organize school. My first day of freshman year was a bit scary for me. Yet the staff helped me in many ways that i'm grateful. Students are very warm welcoming, and i have made friends i never thought i could, but that all changed when i decided to go to Cedar Grove high home of the lovely saints.
I have attended Cedar Grove High from freshman year until now, senior year. I absolutely love my high school and would not have wanted to spend the last three years of school anywhere else. The atmosphere is great and very family oriented. Most of the teachers care about students' individual education and take the time to understand their students. Although I genuinely love my school, there is always room for improvement. One thing I would want to see changed at my school is to have an auditorium added. When we have school events like award ceremonies and induction ceremonies, we are forced to have those events in the cafeteria or the gym. I would also like to change the rules of lunch. I think students should be able to leave campus to get food because not everyone likes or can eat school lunch. I hope this review was helpful!
Cedar Grove High School is a good school ,academically we as a school do very well . The administration encourages education and help us as student prepare for college.
I like the fact that we are very proficient in our academics as well as our athletics, there isn't anything I would change about my school, except for the nutritional value in our school.
For the last 4 years my experience at Cedar Grove Highschool has been excellent! At CGHS you are treated like family the minute you walk in. I have attended Cedar Grove for the duration of my entire Highschool career and even though no one really enjoys school Cedar Grove makes you feel at home! Not to mention our excellent athletic program, winning two state championships since I’ve been in Highschool. The materials and aesthetics of our school aren’t the best but we make up for it through our culture, academic performance, and athletics. That concludes the review of my Highschool experience
Cedar Grove High School is a great school. The principal doesn’t play she means business. Cedar Grove High School has been apart of my life since Elementary school; My siblings and cousins attended there and I did for a year. I was hurt I had to leave but I am a saint forever at heart. I love how this school comes together when needed and they have always been the true definition of family.
Cedar Grove is a good school for academics. I love how the teachers encourage the students to do better. I love how the teachers want the students to succeed.
Cedar Grove high school seems to be your typical black and or African American school. Diversity is light but The academics here is Quite impressive. It still does have many things to work on But All in all it's still a great school. As a student here for the past 3 years I've learned many Different things about being more involved in the community,Knowing what's right and wrong ,In knowing who to talk to in need. Discourse taught me to be more outspoken leader ,a risk taker,In mindful of my action .
Being in Cedar Grove High School Is a amazing experience. Not only do you meet students who are bright, but you are open to a whole new world. The faculty in the school help students in more ways then possible. They get to know us and become comfortable with us. The different academics programs are open to all students, and the different athletic programs are also open to all students. The school is very diverse and welcomes all new visitors. There is nothing I would change about this school.
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What I like about my school is how they work hard to help us get ready for college and life after college
Cedar Grove High school helped me get better with my communication skills and meeting new people daily. I love the school dearly and I know it will get better and better as time progresses. As a school we are innovating with new flat screen boards and teachers giving the student the one on one they want in tutoring and within the class setting. As a student from there, me being able to help new students and my counselors shadowing me to be something exceptional in the future makes me as proud as I can be.
Cedar Grove is by far one of the best high schools that I know of when it comes to education. Here at Cedar Grove High School our teachers give a complete 1000% when it comes to the education of the students. Diversity here is great, we have many students who come from many different backgrounds. The staff is very helpful and friendly towards each other and students. We also have one of the best football teams here in Dekalb County. In 2016 our football team won state championship. I am apart of the school Marching band, the Marching Saints where we produce a very sonic 4k sound.
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