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Cedar Grove is a close knit community where everyone knows everyone. It has always felt like home from the start. Everything that I need is here in Cedar Grove, and the high school will forever be full with memories. I have made some of my lifelong best friends here and have been provided with a great education from the teachers. Within the school, there are certain teachers that I will never ever forget because of their hard work and dedication of doing what they truly love. The High School itself offers many ways to get involved and interact with the community, and most of all, make friends. The school sets you up for the bright future ahead of you and is all about learning responsibility and taking on leadership.
It is a great school and the community is small and friendly However, there is very little diversity, which can seem intimidating for other races.
My experience at Cedar Grove High School was very exciting and positive. Being surrounded by all good people. I also took part in 3 sports; softball, basketball, and volleyball. These were all great teams to be a part of. Some things that I like at Cedar Grove High School were the recognition and the friendships I gained. One thing that I would change would be to have more activities for the students to do as a whole.
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Being a student at Cedar Grove High School is truly a unique experience. There's a lot of options for you, including sports, clubs, and different classes. They have lots of different business, art, music, math, science, and law classes, and everyone is very nice and supportive; however, the school isn't very diverse and most of the bathrooms are locked due to vaping issues.
My overall experience at Cedar Grove High School could have been a lot better if they paid attention to what students wanted and what could've helped everyone enjoy going there more.
The teachers were very nice and welcoming. We are a very small school and everyone knows everyone. This is very good for incoming freshmen because they will feel so welcomed
I really enjoyed my time spent at Cedar Grove High School. The teachers and staff were very helpful. The students were also all respectful to each other as well as the teachers. As a senior, I felt I was adequately prepared for college through the information given to me. I think this school gets a lot of thongs said about it that are overly exaggerated.
My favorite thing about Cedar Grove high school are the wonderful teachers that really care about their students.
teachers could be better. nice but not good at their subjects. sports are biased. funding is biased. the authority in the school to not pay attention to the needs at hand. the individual teachers are not knowledgable on certain subjects that they teach. The teachers for the most part are friendly and easy to talk to as people. The sports are clearly divided among the funding.
It needs air conditioning and some better teachers. The focus should be less on sports and more on how to improve other aspects of the school.
Cedar Grove High does, and is doing, its best. The teachers I interacted with were lovely, even outside of class. They actively cared about me; not only did they want me to improve my grades, they wanted me to grow as a person. They were friendly and asked me if everything was okay during my off days. They, in short, are good people. But the school itself was hostile to people like me. If you don't do sports (football, really) or the spring musical, there are no opportunities for you. You get a club or two and that's it. You don't get the scholarships, field trips, or anything that the other students do. Artists and non-athletic kids and academics never got the funding or the care they needed, and that's where this school goes wrong. The good thing is, there are people trying to make things better for the people who don't fit into those categories, and I'm thankful for them every day.

Cedar Grove High School was a great place to spend four years, but I don't think I plan to return.
High school has been the overall best experience of my life so far. My high school offers so much to each and every student. From the tons of clubs we have, to the many sports and community activities we involve ourselves in.
I like that at my high school, everyone, including the staff and students, are very friendly. However, my school should have more different types of classes offered and more importantly, more recognition for academics. My school does not have rank or a valedictorian and I believe it should. My school also lacks diversity.
Cedar Grove has grow over the years in its arts and music departments. Teachers are constantly encouraging students to strive creatively through art, music, or Stem programs.
Cedar Grove High School provides great opportunities for all students to get involved, both in and out of the classroom. Whether it be through extracurriculars, sports, clubs, and activities, there is something for everyone.
Cedar Grove is excellent. Its passionate and capable teachers, students who are serious about school but also loving and fun, and thoughtful administration all combine to create an excellent administration. The only criticism to offer is for more variety of activities in both sports and classes. If there were more options for classes and sports, students would be able to find their passions which they could eventually turn into a career.
Overall I have had a good experience. I played Football for 4 years and it was a huge part of my life. Most teachers go above and beyond
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Cedar Grove High School always gave me a safe learning environment in which I succeeded and enjoyed. I made a lot of friends in which I hope to keep and stay close with throughout my entire life. Also, I was offered many opportunities to be a part of clubs and organizations that I could excel in. I took advantage of many, if not all, of my opportunities here and I do appreciate all that Cedar Grove High School has done for me throughout my four years in high school.
I liked how my town was a real community and everyone was close. I dislike the lack of diversity and how political it is. I enjoyed my time there and have grown tremendously the last four years!
CGHS is very sports focused and it shows. They redesigned the whole football field. Academically speaking there really is not anything to talk about, its pretty bad honestly. Anyone who wants to pursue STEM do not bother coming here seriously dont. On the other hand if you are thinking about a art career then this is your go to school. I would love to see more love for STEM students here. Where are the computer science classes, where are the high level math classes like calc bc and differential equations, even entry level engineering courses for all engineering disciplines, building bridges does nothing for a electrical engineer, that is civil. If this school has money for art classes which there are too many of then lets start adding college level classes for the people who actually try at that school and are ill prepared for the future. The school might be 99% morons who will enroll in community college, but the 1 percent do get into good schools.
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