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I am a 2020 graduate at Cedar Grove-Belgium High School this year. During the past four years of high school at Cedar Grove, there are many good things I have to say about the High School. The academics are very good. The teachers do a very nice job and are always there to help students in need. Each teacher gets to know every student and has a special bond with them. There are many clubs, activities, and sports to choose from. Cedar Grove has been doing a great job prepping students for their future plans whether they are going to college or joining the military. Overall, the school is very safe and we have had practiced many drills so students know what to do in case of an emergency. Everyone shows school pride, especially at sporting events. My high school career was been fun and memorable and I am so thankful to have amazing friends and teachers who have made that happen. The only small complaint I have is changing the exam schedule back to normal for future students.
Cedar Grove-Belgium High School offers a safe and welcoming environment to its current and prospective students. The teachers are always available and willing to help students anytime. Cedar Grove-Belgium offers a handful of activities for students to participate in ranging from the arts to sports. Additionally, the facilities are very well kept.
I like how friendly everyone is with each other because it makes it feel like everyone is included no matter who they are. I also like that the teachers really care about the students and will help them do whatever is necessary to succeed.
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I love the staff and the students here at this school. I was new when I came in and automatically felt very welcomed and normal there. The teachers here really care about their students and even the principal is that way too. I would like to however see a change is the amount of technology used here. I think we need a little bit of an upgrade.
Being a Senior at Cedar Grove-Belgium High School, I have experienced numerous key events of what people may enjoy at a high school. The overall vibe and comfortable feeling of this school are very good. Teachers and advisors are very close to the students providing a safe environment to learn and ask questions in. With the rising events of shootings and suicides, our school is working on creating the family aspect at school. Another positive for athletes and students at CGBHS is our weight room. It is four years new with lots of space and new weights. Parents, alumni, and locals are able to use this weight room as well because you're able to buy a membership for a reasonable price. The motivated students here are provided with a strong education for the next steps in life--a lot of students enroll at a college after their Cedar Grove-Belgium experience. I'd recommend Cedar Grove-Belgium High School for any student looking to succeed.
A great school district connecting two amazing towns in a perfect way for a small rural lifestyle
A great school district connecting two amazing towns in a perfect way for a small rural lifestyle
My time at Cedar Grove Belgium High School has been enjoyable. The staff there is responsible, and they are able to connect with the students, which was something I admired. There are high standards at Cedar Grove Belgium High School, and the staff enforces this. The culture in the school is one that is different from most. Students here are kind to each other, and there is a strict no-bullying policy in place. What I would like to see change is the balance between sports and other activities. There is a large emphasis on sports here, and there is nothing wrong with that, but I feel as though the arts and theater could be recognized more. Being an advocate for the arts, I would love for Cedar Grove Belgium High School to have a theater in the high school. Overall, my experiences at the school are ones I will not forget.
Cedar Grove- Belgium is a very small school. The teachers were willing to work with anyone in any situation. This school had a very friendly, warming setting.
My experience has been great! The school is very clean, the staff is very friendly and is very helpful with any questions students may have. I have no complaints to give regarding the classes and how I have learned in the classroom setting. I have learned many beneficial skills for down the road that I know will be helpful. Between playing sports and being involved the support is great from other students and staff members. They want everyone to succeed and do the best they can. I can definitely say this is a very good school district to have been a part of.
Cedar Grove-Belgium HS is a very average small school. The teachers are very good but the selection of classes for students to choose from is very small. Because of the small size of the school, there are not many clubs or after school activities other than sports and the play.
Looking back, entering high school as a freshman was incredibly intimidating. The homework load and intense academic focus scared me. However, when I felt that I was unable to handle the load, I was able to turn to a plethora of different sources that helped me better adjust to the more challenging environment that I faced when I entered senior high. Now, as a senior, I can really look back and appreciate all the help that Cedar Grove-Belgium High School was able to offer my freshman self. Through Freshman Mentor Programs, tutoring sessions, and the many clubs and activities, I was able to actually to enjoy school, which is a rare gift among my peers at other districts. The teachers are always prepared to lend a helping hand, the students are an incredible support system, and the administration genuinely cares for the student body. Overall, Cedar Grove-Belgium has been an incredible blessing in preparing me for higher education.
Overall, this is a great high school with a very small community which allows everyone to know each other. With small class sizes, this also allows for great student-teacher bonding which helps in being academically successful in many ways.
After going to Cedar Grove-Belgium High School for three and a half years, it is very easy to say that there have been both good and bad times. The majority of these bad times deal with the size of the school. With less than 400 kids total, there is bound to be favoritism, family friends, relatives, the list goes on. Unfortunately for someone like me, someone whose family has not been here for generations, this means that there will be a lot of unfair treatment toward me. However, this mainly affected the sports aspect of my high school career. When it comes to academics, it truly seems as though the athletics of the school overpower the materials necessary for learning in terms of money and spending. I am not thrilled with my experience at CGBHS, but I do feel as though I have been somewhat prepared to take on the real world once I graduate.
There is many after school activities that are just sports based. Not much there is anything but sports. There is art club and media club but other then that there isn't much else.
The teachers are great but being someone that isn't into sports it can be really hard. Most of the school completely ignores other clubs if they aren't sports or sport based.
All of the teachers are always fun to talk to and get along with every student really well. They teach by engaging student opinions and activities often which can be really fun depending on the activity!
This school has an anti-bullying system in place. So if you see anybody being bullied you report it and the situation will be taken care of. There is also safety measures in place for tornado warnings which is practiced so each student knows where to go. The school nurse is available when needed. All in all I feel very safe at this school.
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This school could use some help on extracurricular opportunities. There are a few clubs kids can get involved in. There's forensics and a cabaret club. The after-school activities at this school consists of sports if you joined them. So you would have to practice or for the kids that rather watch them then you go to the sporting event. Otherwise there's not a whole lot to choose from.
The teachers at this school have there own teaching styles which makes all of them unique in there own way. They all are knowledgable in the subjects they teach and all are consistent in the grading system. If you would need help in anything they are always there to help even if it means staying after school. I would give the teachers an "A" overall for all the hard work they put in with the students at Cedar Grove-Belgium High School.
Cedar Grove-Belgium High School is located in the small community of Cedar Grove. And that's what makes this school great. I have had a great time thus far and I look forward to my senior year. I have been involved in the band all my years here. I'm in the percussion unit and have a fun time with it. I really enjoy homecoming and putting on show at halftime for all the fans that come and watch. The teachers at Cedar Grove-Belgium are very supportive and push you to do your best. I will miss this high school and would do it all over again here because the band program is great. Also the sporting events are fun to go to and the teachers are always willing to help!
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