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I really like that Cedar Falls High School is big enough that it has many opportunities and activities to choose from. I know many other students who appreciate this as well. Teachers do their very best to include everyone that they can. They are open and respectful towards different opinions, perspectives, and ideas. I only have a few teachers who seems to care more about students than what they are teaching. If I could change anything about Cedar Falls High School, I would have teaching for teachers about why they are doing what they are doing. Are they really trying to help me succeed? The teachers who are more in tune with me and with other students, get farther in their teaching. The students learn better. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Cedar Falls High School, however.
I liked how big the school was and how many people you could meet inside of it; however, this also makes this school not so exceptional because teachers barely knew your name, counselors rarely talked with you one on one and it made you feel small sometimes. Once I found my people, worked hard for my own sake and stayed optimistic daily, it wasn't too terrible. High school can suck but CF made it bearable.
My experience at Cedar Falls High School was overall very good. I only had issues with one teacher throughout my entire high school career and that was because they backed out on their word. Aside from the one, I liked all my other teachers and they all did well in getting back to me when I had questions or needed help. The only thing I disliked about my high school experience were the kids, but that wasn't the school's fault. All the staff have treated me well and do a lot to help students in any way they can.
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Teachers are nice. Building is a little run down. Offers a wide range of classes. Overall a good school for Cedar Falls residents.
Attending Cedar Falls High School I experienced a great dynamic. Cedar Falls is a predominately white town, but going to the high school provided a good amount of diversity. I never once walked through the hallways and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I faced a lot of home controversies and problems but I never felt out of place at school when dealing with these problems.
While the current building is completely run down, the teachers inside are not. The teachers can be very strict, but at the end of the day every teacher I've had at CF has genuinely cared about my academic and personal growth. The administration isn't very accommodating to students, and sometimes they're plain rude. Beyond that, the building is kept clean and the students are mostly nice, good kids. I'll miss my years at CFHS, but the building can be destroyed. It has weird heating and cooling where most of the building is freezing, but one or two classes is unbearably hot. A new high school is set to be built in the next coming years. I'm going to college for Computer Science and CF has great resources to help in the post- high school journey.
What I love about Cedar Falls High School is the numerous opportunities that students have. I think that the teachers at Cedar Falls High School push their students to do their very best. At this school I never feel the fear of failing because my teachers have always been there to help me get any of the help I needed. I also love the involvement of music, arts and sports. I think that is very important to our school is making sure to be involved and you don't have to be really good at just the core classes, but all the extra curricular activities and classes as well. Something I would change about the high school is the energy of other students. I feel as though there is a lot of negativity and hate spread through the students of the school. I love the high school because of the group of friends I am very lucky to have and the teachers that always have my back not only with academics but my overall well being.
The school offers a diverse courseload and has some nice teachers and counselors. They have good food and the school is relatively safe.
I do love Cedar Falls High School, but I'm so glad we're getting another building. Our academics are strong, but with a new building they will only get better:) The students, teachers, and overall community make the school better and more inviting to go to every day. I don't enjoy school per se, but I do enjoy it more than some other schools that I've either been to, or experienced in some way, shape, or form. It's a place that praises accomplishments of all kinds, from athletics to academics and clubs!
Cedar Falls High School was a good place for a good experience. You have a variety of diversity and people from a lot of different backgrounds due to the location. Because of this, there are lots of groups dedicated to self expression. Lots of staff members there can relate to you, and won't ever make you feel left out. If you have a disability or if you have a certain identity that you would like acknowledged, staff will make every accommodation necessary to make you feel most comfortable.
Cedar Falls High School has excellent education, my grades never looked better than at Cedar Falls High School. The teachers and staff were all very accommodating and worked hard to make sure all of the students were caught up and doing well. The building and facilities were incredibly poor but a new school is going to be built in the upcoming years. Overall my experience at Cedar Falls High School was very good.
Cedar Falls high school is a great school. But like most places it has flaws. For Example, the building is falling apart, which puts students and teachers at risk. Everybody has learned to deal with all the problems that occur. But the environment the school has for the students and everything except for the building is fantastic.
What I like about Cedar Falls High School is the community. There are lots of different ways to get involved and to try new things!
I hated going here and it was just awful. The teachers were racist and complexity biased. I had a special hate for the counselors
Cedar Falls isn't a very diverse school but they make an effort to include everyone and create s comfortable.
CF prepares you well for college however the standard based grading system is awful and too subjective. The school lacks diversity with it predominantly being white. There is a lot of politics especially in sports. If your dad is a apart of the good ole boy club your in or if one or both of your parents work for the school system your guaranteed to play.
Cedar Falls High School has a lot of great people. The teachers are super nice and will always help you with whatever you need, academic or otherwise. The air condition and heating is terrible. It is also not big enough for current class sizes, but they are building a new one so hopefully that will be better. Really great robotics program.
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The high school itself is excellent. But the people there can be frightening, rude and overall not the best to be around. However, the staff, for the most part is very well educated and can be a delight to listen to daily when in their classrooms. Of course there are some teachers that aren't your favorite but Cedar Falls High School is a strong, educational and beneficial school.
There is a great environment based on growth mindset. We have tons of help in any department and all the teachers want us to succeed.
I really did enjoy going to this school, and the Cedar Falls District. It was a great education, there is so many connections they have with college classes and getting college credit in high school. One thing I would love to see change in within the students to include everyone and welcome everyone. cedar Falls is a rich area but not everyone is so you can see that among the school. Also a new school is really needed with no air conditioning in part of the school, and having to cancel school. Also, with the heat not being hot enough in parts of the school. A new school would really benefit the students.
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