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I hated going here and it was just awful. The teachers were racist and complexity biased. I had a special hate for the counselors
Cedar Falls isn't a very diverse school but they make an effort to include everyone and create s comfortable.
CF prepares you well for college however the standard based grading system is awful and too subjective. The school lacks diversity with it predominantly being white. There is a lot of politics especially in sports. If your dad is a apart of the good ole boy club your in or if one or both of your parents work for the school system your guaranteed to play.
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Cedar Falls High School has a lot of great people. The teachers are super nice and will always help you with whatever you need, academic or otherwise. The air condition and heating is terrible. It is also not big enough for current class sizes, but they are building a new one so hopefully that will be better. Really great robotics program.
The high school itself is excellent. But the people there can be frightening, rude and overall not the best to be around. However, the staff, for the most part is very well educated and can be a delight to listen to daily when in their classrooms. Of course there are some teachers that aren't your favorite but Cedar Falls High School is a strong, educational and beneficial school.
There is a great environment based on growth mindset. We have tons of help in any department and all the teachers want us to succeed.
I really did enjoy going to this school, and the Cedar Falls District. It was a great education, there is so many connections they have with college classes and getting college credit in high school. One thing I would love to see change in within the students to include everyone and welcome everyone. cedar Falls is a rich area but not everyone is so you can see that among the school. Also a new school is really needed with no air conditioning in part of the school, and having to cancel school. Also, with the heat not being hot enough in parts of the school. A new school would really benefit the students.
Cedar Falls is an amazing high school, my only critique is that they need a new high school, however, they are in the process of building one! The teachers are amazing and there is a very friendly atmosphere at the high school.
I really enjoyed my time at Cedar Falls High School. I had amazing experiences with all of my teachers and every single one had my best interest in mind. They were always there for me to ask questions and willing to set up a time to meet if extra help was necessary. Cedar Falls offers numerous clubs, year around sports, and an incredible theater program gives students endless possibilities to get involved. They performs tremendously well academically and that can be credited to the staff that Cedar Falls has to offer. In addition to the staff, the courses offered at the high school range from fundamentals all the way to college level courses. Students who need extra help are not discriminated against and the students who excel are not held back. Cedar Falls offers a wide variety of classes that meet the interests levels of everyone. I would highly recommend this high school to anyone who is looking for a safe high school in an incredible community.
The teachers always provide a room where you can feel safe and welcome. The building itself is well past due to be updated and more welcoming. There is not air conditioning in every wing of the school and there are a lot of minor renovations that need to be updated. There is a group and class for everyone to feel welcomed and safe in though.
Cedar Falls High School cares more about their statistics than their actual students. There is little to no support for students who have found themselves behind the rest of the pack. A general attitude of "you did this to yourself" is common, instead of seeing how staff can help students get their academic career back on track.
Cedar Falls had excellent programs, and really nailed it when it comes to college classes. I loved how I could knock out pre requisites while still enrolled in high school. I'm very thankful for the wonderful teachers, and overall positive morale I sensed while a CF tiger myself!
CFHS is an excellent school in terms of academics and faculty, but it desperately requires new facilities. There are little to no security measures to protect the students and the school's heating and cooling system often experiences failures.
I really liked being able to take AP and college courses. In addition, I had some very good teachers who were knowledgeable and really cared about their students. Unfortunately, I also had teachers who were not like that. The school culture was moderately toxic, and I did not feel that the administration was the best.
I go here. I've moved around a lot and this is one of those schools that is not too small and not too big. I have good relationships with teachers and administration. It's an alright school.
I think that Cedar Falls High School allows students to excel and succeed in their academic efforts. Along with that, the high school has a higher than average level of test scores and honors students. Almost all the teachers are inspiring, enjoyable and teach quite well. The biggest problem is the building itself: old and needing renovation.
Almost all of the teachers care about their students and over half of them have their masters, qualifying them to teach and create successful students. One thing that students desperately need changed is the building. The building is old and falling apart which can inhibit the education of the students.
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I like that Cedar Falls High School is so active and lively. Our class is always involved in school events, fundraisers, and sports. Like every school, Cedar Falls High School has its problems such as the grading system, school lunches, and parking. I would like to see a change by having students and staff talk about the issues. As a school, we seem to ignore issues at hand. Then there are also times where we talk about issues but no actions are taken. Such as, our school doesn't have air conditioning which is a problem in the summer and then we don't really have heating either, so some rooms of the school are too hot and some don't have any heat at all.
Administration is not helpful and conducts poor behavior toward students and staff. Our teachers are excellent and work with students one and one. Students are generally very kind and helpful to each other, but just as any other high school there is always exceptions.
I enjoyed the activites and getting to know everyone, but considering some of the school aspects themselves that could be changed.
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