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Cedar Falls had excellent programs, and really nailed it when it comes to college classes. I loved how I could knock out pre requisites while still enrolled in high school. I'm very thankful for the wonderful teachers, and overall positive morale I sensed while a CF tiger myself!
CFHS is an excellent school in terms of academics and faculty, but it desperately requires new facilities. There are little to no security measures to protect the students and the school's heating and cooling system often experiences failures.
I really liked being able to take AP and college courses. In addition, I had some very good teachers who were knowledgeable and really cared about their students. Unfortunately, I also had teachers who were not like that. The school culture was moderately toxic, and I did not feel that the administration was the best.
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I go here. I've moved around a lot and this is one of those schools that is not too small and not too big. I have good relationships with teachers and administration. It's an alright school.
I think that Cedar Falls High School allows students to excel and succeed in their academic efforts. Along with that, the high school has a higher than average level of test scores and honors students. Almost all the teachers are inspiring, enjoyable and teach quite well. The biggest problem is the building itself: old and needing renovation.
Almost all of the teachers care about their students and over half of them have their masters, qualifying them to teach and create successful students. One thing that students desperately need changed is the building. The building is old and falling apart which can inhibit the education of the students.
I like that Cedar Falls High School is so active and lively. Our class is always involved in school events, fundraisers, and sports. Like every school, Cedar Falls High School has its problems such as the grading system, school lunches, and parking. I would like to see a change by having students and staff talk about the issues. As a school, we seem to ignore issues at hand. Then there are also times where we talk about issues but no actions are taken. Such as, our school doesn't have air conditioning which is a problem in the summer and then we don't really have heating either, so some rooms of the school are too hot and some don't have any heat at all.
Administration is not helpful and conducts poor behavior toward students and staff. Our teachers are excellent and work with students one and one. Students are generally very kind and helpful to each other, but just as any other high school there is always exceptions.
I enjoyed the activites and getting to know everyone, but considering some of the school aspects themselves that could be changed.
It's not all that great, it's not too bad. Nothing to do in the town, the school itself doesn't offer programs I'd like to see as of right now. The school is kind of worn down and not up to date. But, it provides a decent education overall.
Overall, the school looks like it has nothing special to it; however, it is so much more than that. Cedar Falls High School has a phenomenal robotics team that has hosted Chinese teams and has received a multitude of awards. If an individual wishes to peruse further on a track despite it not being provided at the school, they are able to go to UNI an duel enroll. Many teachers obviously care as well as staff members such as counselors. While these are all favorable aspects, there are many negative ones as well. The school pours all their money into the football program instead of purchasing theater equipment or equipment for science labs. The school also has an odd view on sports. For male basketball and football, they are treated well with charter buses and a lot of funding while female basketball and other sports get little money and support from the school. It is easy to feel uncared for by the school do to this.
It was a very nice place, most teachers were understanding and ready to get you into college while others are not. But the most important thing and thing that sticks with me is how diverse the school is in thought, for their isn't just a whole conservative or liberal populace, its a mix, and the activities and projects bring that out.
All the High school really cares about is sports, and when I say sports I mean: Football, Volleyball, and Basketball. Most of the other sports are overlooked and have little to no money for new uniforms or equipment . When it comes to Art there is only one good teacher and that's Mrs. Klenske. Although she only teaches drawing, design, jewelry, photography, and Independent Art. The other art teacher chooses her favorites and favors them other everyone else. Leaving her hard to get along with unless you're one of her favorites. The high school has its typical stereotypes and groups.
The Cedar Falls High School staff are all very passionate about their subjects and their students. However, the building is pretty old, so you might have one class where you're shivering in a sweatshirt and the next class you're sweating like a pig, which can distract from the learning environment.
Cedar Falls High School has impacted my life more than I'd ever thought. As a recent (2017) graduate, I am proud to say I attended Cedar Falls High School. When all's said and done, CF has an incredible staff line up and that's what makes the school. Students at CF have an abundance of resources at their hands, including Google Chromebooks. Along with resources, CF takes pride in having large amounts of clubs, activities, and classes available to students. My one regret is not being involved in some of the clubs that were offered. While sports take the cake for the number one activity students are involved in, the arts are just as praised. It's not unusual to see an athlete involved in music or the school's musical. Cedar Falls High School breaks all the high school cliches and for that, I am a proud alum and couldn't imagine going elsewhere. The staff members, resources, and activities have prepared me for my future.
They do not like to give the help that teachers should be giving to them. Not showing up to their room for power hour. Bathrooms dont stay clean and dont get cleaned daily. Water systems are slow, gets hacked alot.
Overall, I had a great experience at CFHS. However, once in a while, there are some teachers and some classes that I did not look forward to everyday. But when those wonderful, fun, involved teachers come around, it makes my day. I looked forward to those classes every single day. Even if I was having a terrible day, certain teachers always found ways to cheer me up and keep me going. It seemed like a very big school building at first, but within the first week, I had all of my classes and paths memorized. I was involved with the High School Dance Team and my team members really kept me going throughout the year, and they became my lifelong friends. I still talk and meet up with them even though I'm almost done with my freshman year of college. Joining a group or team made my time at CFHS a better one.
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I always felt welcome. I really enjoyed all of the events our school hosted from sporting events to plays and theater.
I enjoyed the theatre programme immensely, but I would like to see options available to students who learn differently. I objectively dislike their special ed programme. They group dyslexic kids with cerebral palsy kids, who are very different from each other, and as such, they learn differently.
I love the classes that are taught here. The things we learn are great and are taught by excellent teachers, the only thing is. The school isn't very safe. There's no air conditioning and that causes lots of problems in the summer due to slick floors.
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