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Cedar Crest High School, when it comes to academics and the programs that they offer, is a great school. It is also very good for student athletes. The biggest problems is really with the actual building and the updates that it needs.
Creating a more diverse student body would increase the an overall better school environment. However, it is made very evident that the administration cares about each of the students.
The best thing about Cedar Crest High School is the dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff. These people work extremely hard to keep our kids engaged in learning in a safe environment.
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Few students get opportunities (only if you are a family friend of coaches/teachers). Outdated curriculum. There are many better districts nearby. Very clicky and the administration encourages this by providing special homerooms for the chosen kids.
I liked how supportive the staff at Cedar Crest High School was. I appreciated how much they tried to do for there students that were looking to further themselves outside the walls of learning. I feel there was a lack of preparedness for college life and college academics. I feel they focus to much on people going straight into the work force rather than people that plan to attend big universities or local colleges. In all I enjoyed my time as a student at Cedar Crest High School. Go Falcons!
I liked many of my teachers, they are leaders and genuinely want the best for their students. Since freshman year I have enjoyed attending the school, however it is outdated on the inside. The programs offered at Cedar Crest are excellent, and there are many opportunities to take AP courses and courses for college credit.
My teachers have been absolutely wonderful in my time here at Cedar Crest and they have been detrimental in helping me get through each struggle I may find in my life. Many of my teachers I have even become close to and enjoy just having a nice talk with them. The one thing that made me dock the star for my rating was the physical building itself. The building of Cedar Crest itself is falling apart at the seams. Many bathrooms have poorly functioning toilets and sinks. In fact sometimes our water was brown when first turning on a faucet. There were also personal problems with students that I ran into throughout my time that caused me to only give my experience a 4 out of 5.
What I like about Cedar Crest is its school spirit. I believe its school spirit is unrivaled compared to any other school in our county. When it comes to football games or school assemblies you will hear just about every kid in our school of 1,600 students yelling in support of our fellow students. Being in a crowd that loud and large is one of the most amazing and exhilarating things I have ever been through. One thing that I think I will definitely take from Cedar Crest is the feeling of being apart of something that is bigger than yourself is one of the best feelings in the world.
I love the teacher to student connections. Also how that plays into how our school is so close and almost like a family.
I liked that Cedar Crest High School had many different opportunities. This included the amount of clubs, choice of classes, and volunteer opportunities. The teachers were always welcoming to students and work to connect and create relationships with each one.
I came from a small school before I moved to cedar crest for high school. Everyone said it was going to be hard but honestly i couldn’t be happier about my decision to move to cedar crest. There are so many opportunities and clubs for you to participate in and I took advantage of as many as possible. Overall I can say if I could work anywhere in the future I would definitely choose cedar crest high school.
Cedar Crest might already be in my past, but prepared me for an amazing future. Lebanon County is a small town, and everyone knows everyone in a small town. But Cedar Crest sports, and clubs were a great part of me growing up. It is a super safe area, and I never was afraid to go to school. They offer a diverse amount of clubs for anyone and everyone. Personally I played varsity lacrosse and tennis all four years of where I earned 8 varsity letters, Prom committee, homecoming court, honors society, three different choir groups etc... I had the best possible experience growing up and going to school where I could feel welcomed and thrive toward where I am now in my present. High School can be hard no matter where you are and at Cedar Crest there was never much bullying, and that kind of an atmosphere really inspires much more positivity and creativity. I am proud to be an Alumni Falcon!
Cedar Crest is a school with a lot of pride, but also with a lot of rude people as a result. The ceilings are a disaster, the bathrooms didn't have stalls until this year, and the water is brown. That being said, the academic opportunities are better than any high school around, and the teacher/student relationships are excellent.
Compared to a lot of the schools in this area, Cedar Crest is definitely a good school. Academically, it has a large selection of AP classes to take and also offers a number of courses that will give automatic college credits for passing the class.
The teachers here are also the best. Of course there will be a few that don't seem to care or don't know how to teach but that happens at every school. Other than that minority, the other teachers are Cedar Crest seem to genuinely care for their students and expect the best from them.
As a school, we try to pride ourselves on our "falcon pride." It sounds sort of lame but as you pass by each grade you start to love being a falcon.
Overall, Cedar Crest isn't the best school in the world - it has its faults - but that's what makes it beautiful. The teachers and students really make this school what it is. I cannot imagine graduating from anywhere but Cedar Crest High School.
This is one of the only two high schools in the surrounding area. It is a conservative predominantly white upper middle income school with many students being children of various faculty members. Favoritism is very high and subtle racism/bigotry is common. Teachers are generally hit-or-miss as far as helpful to students. There is no diversity and very little is done about bullying. It's overall a very vanilla school that likes to pride itself on being a top knotch educational institution.
Cedar Crest High School is a great school to attend. Located in Cornwall Lebanon School District in south eastern PA. The educators and resources are outstanding, along with the athletic teams. Multiple professional athletes have come out of our school district, including the 2019 AFC Coach of the Year Frank Reich, along with Derek Fisher with the Houston Astros. There are a lot of great locations to live while attending high school here.
Cedar Crest High School is a great place to build upon your future. The teachers are extremely helpful and willing to go out of their way to make sure students are learning to their potential. The school officials do their best to make sure students are learning in a stimulating environment. The courses offered truly allow students to dabble in all areas of curriculum and find their path.
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I love my school alot i trully feel we have a lot of teachers whom are always there to help whether it be school related or problems in our personal lives. I do feel however, that we dont always recognizes kids being bullied or put out of place in school. We cold definitely work on that although it has come a long way ,in my opinion, since i started freshman year.
Cedar Crest can be a nice school be lacks in many areas. Such as resources for after school and safety.
Cedar Crest does a really great job at promoting involvement in school activities. Many of the sports while not necessarily winning teams are very popular and really promote team bonding. As a member of the band I can speak about the quality of it. The band under the direction of Scott Muenz has won several awards, and been invited to play at other locations. The band is very involved in the surrounding band communities. The education is not the very best but also not the worst. There are a few teachers who are teachers of other courses teaching elective courses which is not beneficial for students when the teacher regularly cannot answer the questions.
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