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I loved the teachers and how I was able to foster close relationships with them. However, I believe there is a lot of change that is needed regarding racial equality, gender equality, and guidance. There should be more resources available for students, especially with regard to mental health and college counseling. The administration should take action as making this school more diverse.
All the teachers are there to help you. They want what is best for you and will be your number one fans.
My experience with Cedar Crest High School has so far been a great experience for me. Most of the teachers are well rounded and a super nice and will help you through anything. The staff is super friendly and if you get lost they will be more than happy to help you out.
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I love the atmosphere at the school, everyone is really polite and makes an effort to include everyone. There are some things that should change including the building needs some repairs, and sometimes things are not organized how they should be as far as papers needing signed or other school mandated events.
I feel that Cedar Crest has provided many great learning opportunities for me, however the school building is very old and could use renovation. The ceilings would leak resulting in mold, and the sink water was brown every other week. Aside from the icky conditions, there are many unique classes you can take at cedar crest and the counselling providers make sure that you are fully prepared to go on into your future no matter what path you are deciding to take.
Cedar Crest has many opportunities that other schools don't have such as an EMT program, CTC, and early graduation. They can do better with distributing the schools money. Right now they are very biased towards male sports and unnecessary expenses.
There are a lot of opportunities available at Cedar Crest. The opportunities range from academics, like advanced placement and college in the high school courses, to a wide range of sports and clubs.
I love Cedar Crest for the curriculum and various opportunities that are presented to me. My teachers, principals and guidance counselors are super easy to talk to and work with if I have any issues. The classes are super fun for the most part and I love it period.
Great community atmosphere and upperclassmen were good role models. However, Cedar Crest relies heavily on seniority and is very traditional. There are a plethora of class options which is overwhelming and good. There are classes at every level. Unfortunately, there are many requirements to graduate including everyone taking some of the same courses. These requirements change for every incoming class, so it can be confusing.
It's a nice school with lots of people who you'll easily find friends in. It's one story so it's a bit difficult to navigate but it's a good school. The staff is also really nice which is a plus.
Cedar Crest has gives their students plenty of resources and opportunities to follow their dream goals. With Project LIFE being mandatory for graduation, students are pushed to discover and plan for what they want to do in their lives after high school. Teachers there are always willing to help their students reach potentials that even they may not see while also encouraging their ideals of the school being one big "Falcon Family". There are many clubs in the school, ranging from Anime Club to Archery Club and even a club dedicated to students gathering to play card games. Of course, more serious clubs exist as well such as their government oriented clubs and debate teams.
Over all, Cedar Crest is a good school, but is not without it's flaws. Pipes are often found to be rusted, flooding and mold has happened quite a few times during my four years, and the roof often leaks when it rains. Safety is not a concern though as it is always in the forefront of the minds of teachers and staff.
Most teachers are very willing to work with students and are very nice, but occasionally had teachers who were reluctant to help students. I had an experience with a sexist teacher and when brought up to administration they replied with "He is old and will retire soon" as well as a science teacher who denied the holocaust. They have very wide range of class options for every subject and provided many opportunities to find a career that you would enjoy.
The teachers are super nice. I've only been attending the school for a short amount of time but it's pretty easy to get used to. It's like a movie compared to my old school.
The faculty at the school are absolutely amazing. Each and every one of our teachers really put in the time to get to know their students and help them learn and succeed not only in school but in life. If I could see one thing change it would be the structural problems within the school. There is a lot of water damage and mold issues around the school, the bathroom doors do not close, the water is brown, and the building overall needs an update so as to preserve its structural integrity.
Many different classes to choose from and great teachers. Music programs and fine arts are not very supported or funded, though.
My experience with Cedar Crest High School was amazing. They were so ready to help me with any questions I had about transferring over and supported me the entire way. Transferring as a senior was difficult as I had to leave my friends and past teachers, but the student body / teachers were so impressive in fitting me in right away. I felt like family!
All of the teachers were willing to help whenever I asked for it. I enjoyed all of the extracurricular activities, and felt that the academics adequately prepared me for college courses.
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Cedar Crest High School is a great school overall. I was an active member of the computer science department, and we have one of the greatest computer science programs in the state. Every teacher I have had has been informative, and many teachers are kind and passionate about the subjects that they teach. Additionally, guidance counselors push students in the right direction and ensure that students have a plan moving forward.
Cedar Crest High School is a very caring school and opens opportunities for students to succeed in their own paths.
I loved my High School! All of the experiences I had and the friends I made were amazing. The teachers are very approachable and helpful.
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