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Cedar Creek high school did a great job of setting me up for the right track from start too finish. There is not a single problem along the way that they didn't help me with. The academic opportunities the school offers gives students a good understanding of the next step.
Good school an good environment to be around. It is really good because nobody is singled out in the school and it brings happiness to everyone. The activities really can help make friends in the school.
This is a very good school with a lot of school spirit and pride. The teachers are friendly, the building is easy to navigate, the sports teams work hard and the students are well behaved. The only issue is a large number of students in the building that make navigating the hallways hard and classes crowded.
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Being a student at cedar creek I have had an overall good time. I have really connected with a few of my teachers and they are what have made my high school experience. My guidance counselor has went of of her way to make sure I have everything that I need to move forward with my schooling. I did track and I can tell you that cedar creek was one of the best schools I've been to when it comes to team spirit. I just wish that the school was more diverse.
During my experience at Cedar Creek Highschool, I like how there are many clubs and sports to get involved in and there is something for everyone.
I like meeting new people because not everyone is from the same area as the next person. I love the pep rallies and the feeling of family everywhere. The academics are very good here and the faculty are very nice and helpful. The building and campus is new and beautiful and very spacious. More and more people are coming into the school which is very good.
Cedar Creek is a great school. Teachers, and staff members are very nice , and helpful. They try to make the assignments fun for everyone and entertain classes. It's great for Environment programs.
There are many amazing things I loved about my high school. The best thing about my high school was all the different clubs/activities and sports. Most students participate in these clubs or sports. The teachers do a great job at helping students out if they need it. Overall the atmosphere is good at this high school, it will make any new student feel friendly and comfortable.
I would like for the school to have more parking spots for students. The teachers are relatively young and fun to learn from. Because of the small student size of about 200-250 per class, it is understandable, but disappointing, that there is not as much course options as larger schools. There would not be enough students to partake in additional classes. To those who are accelerated in certain areas, they are limited to classes that may be easy to them. There is not lights on the football field to support the standard friday-night games. The school does have good school spirit and fun pep rallies.
I like that Cedar Creek High School has a lot to offer. It offers many different sports, classes, clubs to get involved with. The teachers here are very passionate about what they do and are willing to help students who are willing to learn. The students here are pretty inclusive and nice to each other. The learning environments are safe and encouraging. Overall, the school is a happy place where many students get involved with multiple activities.

If I could change something about the school I would make it more diverse and make the students nicer to each other. Walking down the hallway most people are nice to each other but some students are excluded from groups and some students can be rude to each other.
Cedar Creek High School is a newer school (est. 2010) and is absolutely wonderful. The staff is always ready to assist students in furthering their education and are genuinely happy to engage with their students. The building is gorgeous; with pristine halls and a welcoming environment sure to please anyone that steps through its doors. From the parents to the alums, Cedar Creek has a wholesome community of people involved in keeping the strong reputation it has already created in under a decade.
In my opinion, my school is great. Because I live in Galloway NJ, I had to enroll in a Magnet Program at Cedar Creek in order to attend that school. Currently, I am and junior in high school. So far, everything has went so well for me. The teachers, counselors, and administrators as a whole have worked extremely well with me in order to help me do well in the upcoming years. I love my school!
My experience at Cedar Creek high school is great. That's coming from a senior ready to get out of here! From the science labs we do in anatomy class with my crazy teacher Mr. Martino to becoming the division champions for softball. The teachers here are one of a kind. They care a lot about you and not just about that check they are receiving at the end of the month. They listen to your problems even if it doesn't have anything to do with their class. They push you to be the best you , you can be even when you don't feel like it. Being able to be part of such a good school made me want to become a teacher when I am older and maybe go on to being a principle. I really want everyone to be able to have a safe place and I feel like Cedar Creek is mine. When everything is falling apart at home I feel like I can go to my second home which is Cedar Creek. Being a Senior I am realizing that my time is running out but the memories will last forever
As a senior, I am glad that back in my 8th grade year I made the decision to apply to Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek was not what I expected at all, the level of diversity in terms of culture, style, and personality is amazing. The staff by far is one of my favorite things about Creek. O have been able to become close friends with many of teachers. It has gotten to the point where I view them as my friend that I can count on aiding me when I need help and will be there for me. I have created friendships that I know will last a long time; however, I also lost a few friends that honestly weren't headed for the right direction, and Creek helped me realize that
Cedar Creek is a school that welcomes you and nurtures you and cares more about real education rather than test scores.
Cedar Creek offers a wide range of classes and educational opportunities that are effectinve in preparing its students for college. While there are resources for all students regardless of academic interests, it would be nice to see more funds go into the creative/performing arts branches (drama clubs, marching band, visual arts, etc).
When I attended creatures there was no shortage of things to do. There were many clubs and activities. The school culture is great and really contributed to a memorable high school experience.
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Cedar creek is a great school. With the compiled aspects of school spirit, caring people, and just full on fun this school can make your high school experience awesome.
A much smaller high school than others, makes for a tighter relationship with the teachers and students. One big family!
I just graduated at Cedar Creek High School. I am class of 2018. I went all for years and for the last two years I was homeless. The staff was amazing at helping me out with anything I needed.
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