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I love Cedar Creek, I really felt part of the family they established in such a short time of being open. (10 years).
Cedar Creek is an awesome school! I have been privileged to be a part of their Engineering Magnet Program.
During my four years at Cedar Creek High School, I was able to meet many new people, be push to do better, and learn new things during the whole process. I was always treated like family and help was available if needed. The teachers never complained when a student needed extra help. They would stay after school for hours. They would never give up on the students and pushed you to do better for yourself. The teachers and staff always believed in me more than I did in myself at times. They always gave a listening ear if I needed a person to talk to. They celebrated my accomplishes, including crying tears of joy when made it into my dream school. Even with being a woman who wanted to go into science, I was never treated any different. I was welcomed into the science club and STEM programs with open arms. My experience at Cedar Creek High School overall was amazing. I made many long term friends and lifelong memories.
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Best high school I have ever attended! Small class size and new facilities made learning there very enjoyable. They have an excellent blend of sports and academics. Cedar Creek makes it easy to tailor your high school experience to your needs and goals. I highly suggest looking into their Environmental and Engineering magnet programs. Go Pirates!
My experience at Cedar Creek High school is a great one. My freshman year especially was my favorite. We started the year off with a pep rally and it really made me feel comfortable at my new high school. Playing football also helped my transition into high school. It helped me make friends before the school year began. Also being around everyone made it feel like you were in another family. When I finally felt comfortable in my new school I had the best time I've had in school for a while. My sophomore year in my opinion wasn't the best but it wasn't bad either. There still were bright spots but overall, it was just decent. My Junior year however was great until March. I had lots of fun during the winter time especially. I finally made varsity for basketball after two years and it was a great experience. When it ended I still got to go out with my friends and we had lots of fun since I couldn't go out during basketball season. Then my year was cut short because of Covid-19.
I experienced the best four years at Cedar Creek H.S. At this school I discovered who I was becoming and wanted to be in the future. The teachers were very caring and took the time out to help out in anyway they can. At this school I was able to experience Italy with the faculty. I was part of the Key Club where we helped fix up a park near by and other things. I volunteered and gave blood with the Red Cross. Furthermore, attending this school I was able to build up my confidence. In conclusion, I had the best friends, teachers, and principal. I hope everyone who attends this school enjoy it just like I did.
It is a very good high school, little to no fights or drama. Most of the teachers are very nice and will do everything they can do help you if your struggling. The sports and theater programs are both very good and is something anyone can join. Its very easy to make friends with new people and to get involved in Extracurricular activities.
Cedar Creek is a very good school. The atmosphere is great but there’s not much diversity. A lot of times the food was okay sometimes it was really bad. However, they have a great staff, teachers really care about their jobs and their students learning. We have a lot of programs that other schools might not have, and i’m grateful for the opportunity. The sports are always great and everyone is filled with school spirit all the time.
I really enjoyed the environmental magnet and learning more about the area that surrounds us. The teachers were all very supportive for both academics and athletics.
I thought Cedar creek was a very family oriented school just an all around good place for kids to be that re in high school great academically and their sports are phenomenal
Cedar Creek was a relatively good school, except when it came to funding. This was in all areas, and every club had to fight to win if they wanted funding or even to stay a club.
The best aspect of Cedar Creek is the dedication the teachers have for the students. They consistently made sure the students have an engaging, informed experience in their classes - not to mention the extremely high rate of participation in clubs/sports/activities. However, I do believe the school has space to grow in terms of college prep. Unlike its sister school, Absegami, CCHS does not provide AP practice books to the students. In my transition to college, I felt unprepared and often like I was going through the process alone. Overall, a fantastic school, great teachers, great students, great experience during and after-school, but possibly has room to grow in transitioning students as they graduate.
Amazing students and even better teachers! Thanks to them I graduated with many college credits and jump started my next step!
This school is like a second home to myself and so many other students. We get to truly express ourselves in and out of the classroom. It’s always a good and fun time. We have multiple pep rally’s, varsity day, prom, field day, and so many more fun things that go on throughout the year. Time really does fly and I definitely made the right choice coming here, because I don’t think I would be the person I am today if I didn’t.
Cedar Creek high school has amazing teachers that provide a great learning environment. The teachers are all willing to answer any questions you may have about a topic and they will go out of their way if you ask for their help. They not only support you in your academics, but are also there for you when you need it for matters relating to your personal life.
What I like about Cedar Creek High School is that we are a family. We grow together, we work together, and we thrive together, and I don't see any other high school do what we do. I wouldn't change anything about Cedar Creek, it is and was the perfect high school for me and my academics.
Since I was in the start of middle school, It was my dream to go to Cedar Creek High School. I was so happy when I got the letter that I have been accepted. I got into the Environmental Magnet and til this day, I absolutely love the program. It has taught me so much about the environment we live in and the positives and negatives about it. If I wasn’t in the class I would’ve never known about all the problems in our society. All of my teachers were amazing and extremely helpful all year round. Some teachers I had a great bond with and could tell them anything. I played softball freshman year and it helped me make new friends and get involved. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities here at Cedar Creek. There is an average amount of diversity in this school, but I do wish there was more. Overall, I think cedar creek is an amazing place for students to come and get the real high school experience.
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The staff at Cedar Creek High School are very welcoming and do their best to ensure that all students feel safe and comfortable. For student athletes, teachers are very helpful with balancing the busy schedules if any after school aid is needed. Personally, I feel that Cedar Creek has academically prepared me for college and any future plans.
Honestly, Cedar Creek is absolutely amazing. Nearly everyone has amazing school spirit, the teachers actually care about each student, everyone is incredibly kind, there is overwhelming inclusion of every potential student. Classes are varied in difficulty and subject, and there are many clubs. Except the classrooms are a bit cold... that's kind of really annoying, but wear some layers I guess.
Cedar Creek is an excellent school. The teachers are caring and understanding, the academics are fun and challenging, and there is a wide variety of clubs and sports.
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