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I was challenged almost everyday and I improved my skills tremendously. The environment was very relaxed and I never felt like I was alone on campus. I feel safe and secure when I come on campus.
Love the school! The school has a bunch of great people and teachers. They also have great school spirit and mostly all of the students are involved with it. The principle is also one of the most nicest and caring person. Due to COVID the class of 2020 didn't get to have a full senior year so the principle wrote every senior class of 2020 names on a wall by hand. The school all celebrates black history month , and Mexican heritage by putting up posters of who made a big impact for The Blacks and Hispanics. They are very involved with helping kids have a plan for a better future and to help kids have pathway to be successful, seniors they make sure they don't have to stress. This school is also very good with being involved students, they always want kids to know that they have someone to talk to when they are feeling down or upset. They also have a lot of sprit , Christmas there is a theme in the week students participate and dress up, same thing for homecoming , and Halloween.
I learned a lot of new material everyday and had a lot of good friends. I am sad to leave, but am ready to start my life. t
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I liked my experience at Cedar Creek High School. For a district that did not have very much funding compared to Austin schools, we were still given a good education regardless. I don't know what I would change or what I would have done better.
I've been attending Cedar Creek High School for a little over a year now. I wouldn't go as far as to say is a horrible school, but it could be better. Overall it's you're average public high school.
I loved my high school. I believe the environment depends mostly on the faculty and staff and as well as I can remember everyone, except for Mr. Washington, were spectacularly encouraging and helpful to me and the rest of the students.
They had a good variety of programs and classes to choose from. However, the higher education counselors would put athletes before non-athletic students.
What I like about CCHS is the way they teach and the teachers because they are amazing. THis scholol is clean and neat. And I love how the principal makes us all feel like adults instead of like children.
I don't like that we don't have more programs to participate in.
In the 4 years that I have been in Cedar Creek high school I loved the opportunities provided by the school as well as the environment.All of the staff was extremely nice and they did what was in the best interest for the students future. What I would love to see a change in the amount of sponsors the athletic department receives, there are a lot of students/Athletes in the school that would love to see new equipment and it would really improve there performances on the courts,fields ,and tracks.
It’s a very good high school experience and a te opportunities in pathways are endless. The food could be better but it’s fine.
I enjoyed my experiences at Cedar Creek High School. The positives were that everyone was supportive and we had the opportunity to be involved in many things within and outside of academics. The negatives, we were not always academically challenged in school, and our budget did not allow for many things.
When I first got there I noticed there were Mexicans and white folks. Everything seemed chill but mi raza started to talk to me and I talked to them to. And they showed me around where all the classes will be and the meaning of each floor color.
The actual school isn’t that bad. It definitely needs renovations because some parts of the school are falling apart already and it’s only 10 years old. The culture of the school isn’t the best though. There are very negative people and groups in the school and some of them are school activities like clubs and fine arts. The amount of bullying that goes on it horrible and needs to be addressed.
In my opinion my school does not push students as much as they should. Being a junior I feel I have not been challenged enough to feel college ready. There is regular (on level) classes, AP classes and a class called American Studies. Which is US History AP and English 3 AP, and is only offered to Juniors. I was needed to get out of the class due to the difficulty of the class. Due to scheduling problems I was not able to get into just one AP class to have some challenge in the rest of my junior year.I ended up having to get into regular classes for history and English.My new on level teachers allow their students all class time to finish a one page reading with a few questions on the back. The student bribe the teacher to have the one page assignment for homework. Most students forget about the assignment and the teachers allow them and extra day.This then goes on for a couple of days.It wastes time for the rest of the students that get the assignment done the first day in class.
While I love my school, there are many opportunities I feel I missed out on due to lack of support. For example, there were many classes that were not offered, some sports that aren't offered, etc. Now with that said, the staff is absolutely amazing, and is a family.
Cedar Creek HS is a very diverse high school - it is made up of mostly Spanish, Black, White and Asian. We have about 1479 students - it is a fairly new school, built in 2010. We have excellent administrators and staff. The teacher to student ratio is about 14 to one, making for a good learning environment. We have a lot of fun with a lot of student participation in sports and other school events. We are are excellent school community.
I have really enjoyed my time at Cedar Creek High School. I think it is a very diverse school with many different clubs and organizations. There is definitely something for everyone at this school. It is very easy to get involved, whether it’s by joining clubs such as student council or by joining a sport.
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I really liked how the teachers and staff were always really helpful. I also like how I felt safe at school. It’s a really outgoing school everyone is friendly to one another and lots of clubs and group involvement goes on.
My time at Cedar Creek High School can be defined as quite average. The children are imbeciles and don’t partake in any school related activities. This may be due to the fact that they are all idiots. I commend our athletic facilities, but not the athletes. We lose every game in every sport we play. The only people that ever win are our ballet folklorico dancers. We love them. Furthermore, the administration is immaculate despite the fact that one of our school police officers clobbered a fellow student in the frontal cortex. It truly was the talk of the town. Rip.
Pretty campus. Good teaching as well as coaching staff. Good college resources help. I would like to see more participation from the student body in extracurricular events.
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