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Cedar Creek High School Reviews

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Cedar creek is a good school there’s college counselors that can help you get into the college you want
I like how easy it is to create friends. The only thing I don't enjoy is getting out at 4:10. Although the school is very friendly and I enjoy my teachers and classes.
Cedar Creek High school is one of the best schools I personally have ever been to. The teachers are very great at explaining things we don’t understand or have questions about. They care not only about our academics but also how the students feel as a whole. The school is clean and for the most part very well kept up. The only issue I have is the food. It isn’t very good.
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Despite the collective score of the categories tallying up to approximately 2.5, I would give the school an overall rating of 3 due to a category I can't exactly detail that would most likely be chalked up to my own personal experience having been perhaps better than the average attendees seeing as the school gave me the opportunity to get ahead on some college credit hours and I managed to get a lot of help from staff but only because I made the extra effort to reach out. This is something the average student misses out on because of the lack of outreach and communicaton I believe a good school would have.
What I like about this school is that it is a school that one feels not bothered and can stay focused on their classes, also this school is academically alright.
Over all I think my 4 years in thiis school have been fairly easy. Not very dramatic and not many fight happen, once in while they do happen but so does everywhere else.
What I liked about my school was the relationships you get to build with your teachers. It really comes a long way, whenever you need help with anything.
The one thing I love about our school is that we do this prepally for those who have leukemia cancer and make it a special day for them
Cedar creek high school has over all been a good experience for me. There is so much stuff that goes on that helps the community out. For example when they have hope strong which donates money to cancer or how they have a food pantry to help out the community. When I first moved to cedar creek I imagined going here worse, but I was wrong I felt welcomed and actually felt like people wanted me there. Some of the teachers and administrators are actually helpful and encourage me to keep moving forward and to follow my dreams which keeps me motivated. Cedar creek high school is an overall great school for me that I have come to make so many memories at.
I’ve enjoyed being at my current high school for the past 4 years because of the opportunities the school offers. I love that they have a health science pathway because it made me focus more on my future career. They also give us students the opportunity to take AP or dual credit classes for free, which may come in handy during college. From my perspective I would not change anything from this school. The staff are amazing, we have helpful resources, and they try to help out anyone in anyway possible.
In Cedar Creek we have pathways that are meant to develop our understanding of our future careers. There’s school spirit but not enough participation.
My high school is a low income school. So there’s some things that can be improved structurally and education wise as well. The main thing I’d like to see changed is the level of spirit.
I like the school programs but would love to see more for young writers and actor's. Also the school could change the way, they treat their students when dealing with problems instead of always assuming it's just nothing.
My school is amazing in my opinion it offers lots of clubs anything you can think of it'll have that club. My school has clubs ranging from A-Z. If it doesn't have the club you're interested in then you a couple of friends get a sponsor and you're good to go now you have your very own club and you don't have anything to worry about. My experience at Cedar Creek High has been overall good I'm in several clubs HOSA, Robotics, and Esports. I was in football but I got hurt pretty bad and my doctors told me not to play anymore but I got hurt on my own time and at a different school that I went to previously but im doing good now im busy at CCHS and im loving being back at my old school for my senior year.
Teachers are great. Athletics is a huge part of the school. The career center is very helpful with prep for college.
Cedar Creek High School is a very good school. They offer AP classes as well as PAP classes. The staff is very kind and they are really interested in your well being.
Cedar Creek High School is a great place to both get involved with clubs and to learn. The teachers create a very fun to learn environment. More involvement from students is needed.
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I love that Cedar Creek High School has a very active and passionate student involvement in all activities, programs, and clubs that are offered. I also appreciate the AP programs that are offered, and the teachers are decent. I believe there could be improvements on the teaching involvement regarding student readiness and college preparation programs.
Cedar Creek High School is a fairly nice place to attend school. It is an above-average sized school. There are a fair share of amazing teachers and coaches.
I would suggest not going to this school, The teachers overall are very good but the Administrators love to ruin how they teach, they also love to hassle students over the most asinine things when there are far bigger issues. The admins also focus on getting as many students to graduate as possible when many of them are no where close to doing so. The culture around the team for sports feels very forced and they want you to cheer for them, The safety could really use some work after what happened in 2014 and the police on campus don't seem to be any different.
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