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The school has limitations. The financial status of the school doesnt allow for a more diverse and immersive learning experiences. The resources that are needed to ensure the students have best education are limited due to funds. Although the funds are low, the teachers do provide the education the students need to the best of their abilities. There is very little diversity because it is in a predominately African American area. Although the school has it's flaws, it provides some of the best community of people. The staff and teachers treats the students as if they were family. They always want the best for their students and want them to be successful in life.
I've attended C.E. Murray High School since the 7th grade. I have witnessed three principals come through. The school has definitely changed over the years , but it still has its great qualities.
Now that I’m months away from graduating, I can’t say they were my best years but I can say they were my most educational and fun years. I’ve learned so much about myself and so much about life. I learned what the words family, love, betrayal, law and life meant. All these events changed me, and I’m glad they happened because I wouldn’t have learned all these lessons if it weren't for C. E. Murray High School. There isn't anything that I would change.
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even though murray may be a small school it is still a good one. this is a very family oriented school if that makes any sense. the people ans staff here are very friendly and helpful. one of the best schools for academics in williamsburg county.
At C E Murray I loved the sports department. The coaches and faculties are very supportive. Academically, the teachers will make sure that you have a future.
I like the size of the classes. I enjoyed not being bombarded with other students who didn't want to learn or have future goals. I liked that it's based in a small community where people care about what environment there child is exposed to. But on those same lines, I think the school needs to do a better job of influencing children to better life choices. In my junior to senior years, I would have liked to experience the chance to journey to colleges. I think the school and it's counselors need to stress scholarships and grants, even dual enrollment. Maybe one of the electives could have focused on scholarship and grant writing, in order to better prepare us for future options. Being in a poor community does limit our growth, but self awareness of what you can achieve with a little encouragement goes a long way.
During my years at C.E. Murray High School my experience has been amazing. This school has been amazing to me by instilling high education opportunities into students and helping us gain the knowledge that we need. C.E. Murray High School has always been a school to help others achieve their goals and aspects in life. The years that I have spent at my school has been filled with joy, knowledge, wisdom and understanding the importance of education and how we must apply it to our everyday lives. Although C.E Murray High School is an excellent school, I would like to change the social skills of the students and help everyone come together as one. I have enjoyed my years at C.E. Murray High School and I would love to continue sharing my experience with others.
I am currently a High school Senior at C.E.Murray High school in a little town called greeleyville, SC. I absolutely love my school and the experience of being a War Eagle. This school is family oriented and very loving. Any student would be lucky to attend my school❤.
As a proud alumni of C.E Murray High School, I loved everything about my former school. The teachers, atmosphere, staff and everything surrounding the school is great. C.E Murray was and will forever be praised for everything the school does and for what it provides for the children. C. E Murray did more than just provide a quality education. It also teaches the student how to be dignified in everything they do. The school teaches character, morals, and it is genuinely a great school. The teachers are so caring and they aren't just there to ensure quality academics, but they are also there to ensure you that they care for your well-being.
Ever since I came to C.E. Murray High School my sophomore year, it was very captivating. The education system was very incisive. For excellent teachers to impeccable lesson plans, my first year was a success. As time progressed, things got different, but it will still be the best school in this district.
C E Murray is a community school, it has been around for years. Many generations have attended this school, but over the years, the tradition of C E Murray high school has changed tremendously.
C.E. Murray High School is a very small school within my community. This was an advantage to me because I have developed a close relationship with my teachers. They know me by my name and not just a number. The teachers, principle, and guidance staff offer extensive learning opportunities for all students. The teachers set aside time and efforts for you for tutoring services as needed. I have learned so much as a student at C.E. Murray High School. I would love for the school to be remodeled and have more classrooms, labs, and activities brought to the school.
I like the location, they somewhat prepare you for college and give different tips, the food could be better but overall it’s a safe place
I don't hate the school, but I'd love to see more work or effort put in by both students and staff in general.
This school is normal. However, the money is limited. But the worst thing about this school is that the lack of interest in academics is because of the gained interest inn athletics.
Some teachers are there only for a check or just to coach sports. They are suppose to teach in their classrooms too, but that is questionable.
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The school puts a lot of effort in athletics.
During my time at this school, some years of learning were better than others. Some teachers made sure we learned everyday. Others were there to just get a check.
There are things to do for students who wish to engage; however, the activities are limited.
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