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I loved how they always stay connected with the student and parents. Anybody that goes to this school will have the best high school experience ever. From the teachers to the administrators, c e king high school faculty makes you feel welcomed.
I am part of the Early College Program so I had more accessibility to resources and I am closer to the teachers. There were a lot of dangerous fights in the hallways and the metal detectors were a slight problem, especially since I needed my laptop for my college classes and my water bottle for my sports after school. I was stressed most of the time but would have been more if I was not part of the program that I am in. The school is very diverse but there is not a lot of Asians that I can talk to. The pep rallies hype everyone up and make people feel excited for the football games. However, the other sports are heavily neglected.
Overall I would give C.E. King High School a 4/5 stars because I think it could be better academic wise.
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I enjoyed doing the extra curricular activities but what I think can be improved is how they try to prepare us for college.
Best High School to attend for a great experience. I made a lot of life long friends and am truly proud to be an alum. GO PANTHERS!
Overall, I feel like this school is good. I am in a program called Early College which is kind of like dual credit. Being allowed to take college courses and potentially graduate with an associates degree is what I love about this school the most. Moving into the new campus was very strange. It is very big, kind of like a mall. Many great extra curricular activities and plenty of opportunities to make your high school years memorable. The staff and administration all all friendly but strict. Maybe because they want every single one of us to succeed. I do enjoy going to this school and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
The School gets you ready for college environment. It has a good Early college organization. Avid also prepares you for College.
I will be a freshman but my sister tells me all about it, and I've never been this excited to go to school.
I am about to be a senior at C.E. King High School, and so far, I've had a great experience there. I'm in the Early College program which allows me to earn college credits so that I could get my Associate's with my diploma. This is a diverse school with plenty of opportunities to pursue a better future.
The school district does an amazing job of putting the students first. This year 2020 was my graduation and due to COVID our senior year got cut short, but C.E. King went out of their way to ensure we still had graduation. For the past 4 years, King was my home and it was the best time. Everyone is supportive and cares for the students. Sheldon ISD and KHS took immediate action when it came to our safety. The past two years the school implemented metal detectors to keep us safe and thanks to that we all felt safer. COVID is a good example of how quickly the school was to provide information to keep us safe. My senior year was hard due to the pandemic but thankfully we have an amazing support group. We had college advisors that helped us understand how to apply to scholarships and how to send documents. Our counselor was also amazing and made sure to check upon us. Needless to say, my four years at King High School was the best. I went to school and had an amazing experience overall.
C.E. King is not a well equipped school. It is an unsafe environment in which students may struggle to excel in their classes. Although AP classes are offered they are not as challenging or work-based.
The new high school has really uplifted the school culture within the school. The new stadium is amazing and the new facilities. It’s easy to find your fit in this school depending on who you hang out with. Average classes have some teachers that don’t care or teach well but if you enroll in AP classes you will have an awesome experience. AP teachers put a lot of effort in their work and does a good job to prepare you for the exams. When it comes to activities, CE King gives you a variety of choices to choose from which is pretty good. Some activities and clubs receive more funding than others but most of them are pretty decent. The school also offers tremendous amounts of CTE classes to prepare you for a career your interested in no matter the field. I’d say that CE King is now an above average school that’s underrated and has greatly improved over the years.
My experience at C.E King was great! It could be some altercations between students, but what i would like to see change is more security patrolling halls , more after school activities for students to keep them on the right track.
I can say that the most that have marked my school experience have been the teachers who gave me the unconditional support that led me to achieve the highest expectations in my education
C.E King High School is a good school there barley any trouble there its a have nice facility and a safe environment. The teachers are a great help there and overall a well learning place.
its a very good place to meet new people very welcoming school and is very determined to prepare us for college
My experience in this school were great. Never had any issues and teachers are around to help. Schedule and classes and great as well. Many people to meet with different personalities and likings. Hallway rules are a bit bad when involving stairs. Lunch hours are great to hang with friends without msny issues.
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I like the opportunities and some of the staff support. They offer dual credit, AP courses, early college, and technical school support. The administration was a complete pain most of the time though. Most teachers are unqualified to teach their subjects and students are not college-ready. Counselors do not help with college readiness either - but college advisors are helpful if you look for help.
My overall experience with this is school is somewhat mixed. I really like the way my school offers many activities and clubs for students to join and the camaraderie one makes with when you are a part of a team. Having these extracurricular activities gives us students choices and helps form social skills. However, the school does not make much effort to aid it's students when it comes to career planning and college readiness. The school counselors do not truly take in consideration the well being of the students and most often have their favorites. This does not make it fair for other students who struggle on their own. In addition, there are many under qualified teachers teaching subjects they do not have the certification for teaching. This make students even more confused when the teacher themselves can not explain or help, especially when the subject is an AP course.
I like C. E. King High School, it's good although the students there are sometimes disrespectful, it's a good environment
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