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C.E. King High School Reviews

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My experience at C E King the school safety is under control. The academics is very good teachers really teacher instead of just getting work they really teach. The pep rally's be very fun and we have different people at the school. I want them to give all senior students early release.
The teachers are good, but the school likes to focus on Athletics than Academics. The bell schedule was changed because the coaches were complaining about the on hour 1st and 8th period athletic class, and now we have 5th and 8th everyday. Then they changed the 5th period hour and added more time to that, taking away class time for other classes.
c.e king is and has been a very amazing experience , I love all my teammates teachers and faculty the students are very helpful and full of joy . I appreciate all the love and support i have received over the 4 years
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I attend early college high school and i liked it. Rather than being in the main building, it was terrible. But early college was like a family my freshman and sophomore year we did events with our houses. The teachers made The environment fun and enjoyable.
I am a current senior at C.E. King High School and can't wait for the the new high School to open its doors for the spring semester. The teachers here are amazing people who genuinely care for their students but some of the students can get bit rowdy at times.
My experience with C.E. King High school overall was pretty okay. They really care about your safety hence the metal detectors and taking days off when the weather becomes bad. The hallways are always crowded though and getting to class can become hard. The teachers here are nice and provide a nice environment. One of the things about this school is that they care way too much about football and not so much any other activities. I'm saying this because they changed the bell schedule just to make more time for football which in my opinion is a little absurd. When looking back at all the years I've been here, people are so supportive and only want the best for you no matter what you decide to do.
What i like about CE King high school is the counselors that help out with seniors with their fafsa.
In general good school you will find great teachers here. There are lots of cool organizations and clubs. The college preparation is good if you are in early college. And I'm really excited about the new school next year.
my experience at c e king high school has been a great experience i learned a lot of life skills and i learned how to make it through tuff situations
During the almost 4 years that I have attended this high school has been such an experience. Before, I came from a whole different school district so I feared that I wouldn't be able to get along with others, but I was wrong. I was able to make great amazing friends in this school that I now treasure so much! Not only did I make new friends, I also enjoyed being able to part-take in their extracurricular activities and school events, with how much fun they made it!
The Experience that I have was very decent and the reason that I say that is because it has it ups and it down but overall a Good school.
What C.E. King can improve on is that the food can be a lot better . We can have much better resources. The safety of our school is good but the checking of metal detectors isn’t good because sometimes they don’t work and sound for nothing . The administration is okay but they sometimes are extra. What I like about C.E. King is that their sports teams are pretty good and hardworking , but they mainly focus on football , and male sports. The district funds male sports more than female sports and that is not fair, for example the girls soccer team went to play offs many more times than the football team.
C.E King High School is alright . It's a lot unorganized needs some of improvement. The cafeteria is packed during lunch and the food is not so great. Then there is people that are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and they still have to pay for there lunch if not they don't eat.They worry a lot of unnecessary things when they should worry about other major problems.
C.E King has a wonderful school environment were everyone gets where there going and works.This school has one of the best discipline that you will see in most highschool's . The don't tolerate tardiness or any other inhibitedness .
Attending C.E King high school was something I enjoyed. I was involved in cheerleading for two years and cross country and soccer my senior year. I loved each of my teachers and loved the faculty in general.
Like many schools in the state of Texas, they focus on the wrong things to make their school "great". While the district has plenty of money to aid the students they much rather have their sports programs be mediocre at best. This type of environment made students who want to go to four year universities feel alienated and discouraged to even attempt these "dreams".
I’m still a student. I like this school this is my last year.We getting a new school so it’s good we good to have something better.
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My experience in High school was just like any normal students; I was in the band, had a moderate amount of friends, and actually graduated. Something that I would love to see change though is how the administration that was new to the district treated us like prisoners. They installed metal detectors and put in place some very strict rules. Now if they actually knew anything about us teenagers its the more strict they are the more it'll make us want to rebel. Other than that, it was fine.
C.E. King High is pretty much an average school. Not to terrible but not the best in certain departments. However, there is no denying that this school holds potential to grow and that was very much seen after Hurricane Harvey, and the build of the new high school. If I can say one thing I love about the school was the close community among a diverse class of students. Majority of the school is filled with minorities and first-generation students, so each and everyone understands each other in where we are coming from. I will say their is much room of improvement on their education department. There are passionate teachers involve in this school but there are some who give the bare minimum towards their students. Sports may not be the best, but the school spirit at a football season or soccer are always there. Overall the school has room for improvement and the potential to do it. Hopefully, with the new high school this potential will be able to be reach.
I was in the Early College program, and it really helped me save both time and money. I am really grateful for that program and to the teachers who make it a great program.
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