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C.E. Byrd High School Reviews

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BYRD has given me everything and more that I expected in having a High SChool experience. Everything at BYRD has been a huge prep for college and I’m grateful for everything that I’ve learned from this school. I have achieved academically from this school as well. I love BYRD!
I loved the experience of being able to spread my wings and participate in many different activities while still being able to focus on my academics and prepare myself for college.
Byrd is a good school with good teachers. The building itself is very old and large, a bit tricky for freshman to navigate. If you want the opportunity to excel, they won't hand it to you. You have to really ask if you want to have the chance to succeed.
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C.E. Byrd has the best school spirit in the state of Louisiana without a doubt. Not only the school spirit, but the staff is amazing as well. They always push and encourage every student to be the best they can. Our principal is also extremely involved in student life and he tries to attend every spirit night or school event possible. The 4 years I have spent at Byrd have been amazing, and I hate that it was cut short by the corona virus.
C.E Byrd was filled with many opportunities and they are only growing. The teachers truly care about preparing for college or whatever you might want to do. C. E Byrd was like one big family. Go Jackets!!
This high school exceptionally prepared me for college in the fall. I have obtained almost ten college credits through college-level courses offered here. The faculty assists me in the process of graduating and beginning college in every aspect possible. This school has outstanding programs, and I would recommend it to all middle school or high schoolers in my area.
This school is not the worst but it is not the best by any means. Teachers are either great or terrible with no in-between.
I really liked the level of intelligence and professionalism that lies within the teachers, students, and other faculty of C. E. Byrd High School. Students here are given plenty of opportunities to receive teaching in AP classrooms without an overflow of requirements to qualify, which makes higher learning much more accessible to ambitious students wanting to better themselves. The campus is very large due to the number of students, but this makes the school much more diverse and seeing anybody without any friends or being in some sort of club/organization is very rare. However, factors such as student parking can be slightly annoying, as there are a limited amount of parking spaces. This can be simply fixed with more parking lots and/or more carpooling. All in all, C. E. Byrd High School is an experience that is truly unlike any other, with a unified and charismatic school spirit, high-level learning with exceptional teachers, and students of whom are all unique in their own right.
i WOULD LOVE to change most of the adminstration there not really diverse .there always attitudes from office workers
My experience at this school has been so fun, exciting, and educating. This school has so much spirit for every activity, and the staff and faculty truly care about their students.
I love the teachers! They are not only great teachers, but they care and love you! There's more to being a teacher than simply teaching and they display that very well! There are so many courses to take! We also have so many clubs and sports to join and play! We have really great school spirit, too! This is a place where you can both learn and have fun! Our security guards are really nice and want to make sure that we're safe while on campus! We also have the Math and Science Magnet program for students who are really good in those areas! We offer band and Talented Arts Programs as courses here and sports can be courses as well. There are many community service and academic clubs to join! There's no way to go to this school and not be involved in something! There's so much to do!
The Administration can be changed. The good thing is i learned everything i need. The campus felt run by the same majority of people. Like social events the same people one every year. You meet a lot of interesting people and most of the teachers go beyond to help you succeed.
This school has gotten me prepared for college and I'm so glad I decided to come here freshman year!
As for education Byrd is amazing at preparing its students for college. I would love to see the diversity and culture become and take on a bigger role at the school. Our sports are amazing and the school spirit is always there.
While the academic curriculum offers plenty of rigorous programs and amazing teachers to guide you, it is overshadowed by the frequent fights and overpopulation.
My experience at Byrd is everything I imagined it would be, if not more. The endless variety of clubs and sports allowed me the opportunity to find myself and my hobbies. This school has led me to discover that I am a hard-working, creative, team leader. To aid this, they have prepared each and every student with the necessary social and team building skills. They host many exciting, after school activities that allow us to make connections that some will hold for life. We have the greatest teachers who are funny, supportive, and dedicated to helping us grow more than as students, but as people. On the academic side, we have many computer labs and carts to provide resources to students that may not be accessible from their home. I appreciate my time here, and would recommend this school to any person who is coming into who they are meant to be.
I have met many new people at Byrd, and made friendships that I know will last for a lifetime. Byrd has not only given me a good academic opportunity, but has taught me many valuable life lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Byrd is both a magnet school, as well as a general school, so students of all levels are able to choose the courses that best fit them. Byrd also has lots of focus on sports, which in turn also means that students have to be on top of their grades in order to play sports or be in spirit groups, which is often lots of the students' motivation to make good grades. Because of our wide range of sports and spirit group opportunities, students have a chance to earn scholarships from colleges as student athletes. The school also has a wide. variety of clubs, which can be used to an advantage in order to get awards such as National Honors Society. Overall, Byrd offers a great learning experience and also a friendly environment to students.
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I enjoyed the activities that Byrd provided to its students, as students are given a true high school experience.
Great school! Nothing is bad about this school. Things like the academics, diversity, teachers, college readiness, clubs and activities, safety, school culture, administration, sports, food, resources, facilities, parent involvement, science, technology, math, and music and arts really shine at this school. Sting em Bois.
C. E. Byrd High School is full of spirit in fun. There is so much to get involved in like clubs,spirit groups and sports. I am personally involved in cheerleading and going to the games standing in front of the Hive (our student section) is the most outstanding experience that I will never forget. All of my teachers are very driven to having me succed and Byrd has many things to offer. It may seem like a big school, but once you get there it starts to feel like home. Everyone wants you to do your best and the faculty really cares for the students.
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