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They care about academics and many of the teachers there are very good at their jobs, encouraging learning in a fun and engaging way, and caring about the education and well-being of their students.
C. D. Hylton has it’s strengths and its weaknesses. On the academic side you will find that you will encounter quite a few very good teachers whom actually care that you retain the knowledge and do well but the there aren’t those who are extremely unorganized and tend to think it’s on the students when deciding where the work has gone or that they should be able to teach themselves. Counseling is the same, I have experienced good counselors who will get to the bottom of things get there are those who just tell you to wait it out. Overall, counting academics, extracurriculars and diversity, Hylton is not the worse school though it could improve on little aspects.
The teachers are very helpful. The school makes learning more interactive and fun. The school is very diverse and there are people from all over and all different back rounds.
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I love the diversity at Hylton. Everyday you experience something new and just think “Wow I love this school”
What I appreciated about C.D. Hylton High School was the quantity of languages the school offered. Languages such as Russian (which I took for 3 years), Arabic, Korean and others can be found here. What the school could see changes is the number of languages the school offers with new languages, in order to offer more linguistic opportunities to the diverse population of our county. At the current moment, I am studying German and wish to pursue my linguistic career in the future primarily in Slavic languages such as Russian and Ukrainian. If you wish to learn a new language, C.D. Hylton is the destination you must seek towards.
It’s been a great 3.5 years at this school. The communication with the principal and staff is top notch. I’m proud my son will be a CD Hylton graduate class of 2020
Hylton is a very good high school that I enjoy going to. Some things that Hylton has to offer is their amazing teachers, variety of classes, and diversity. Overall, the teachers here are very good. Most teachers present information to students in a way that students can easily comprehend and retain. The teachers also work well together to ensure that the students are receiving the best education and opportunities. This school also offers a wide variety of classes that can be taken. These classes include advanced placement, dual enrollment, pre-advanced placement, advances, and regular classes. The student body is very diverse and open-minded. The students often express individuality and embrace their differences. Overall, this school, as does every other school, does have its flaws, but is very enjoyable to be able to attend.
It’s an amazing school, with a plethora of students from different backgrounds and clubs that are just right for any type of kid. The music program is one of the best in the state of Virginia. There’s also a number of different languages at Hylton that are available to learn. Hylton is an amazing school to enroll your child in, so they are set up for the future.
They have excellent programs and really care about the well being of their students. They have concussion training and will help you manage your schedule and classes if you do have a concussion. Their counselors do everything they can to make students have a good year, and the teachers will always go the extra limit to help out students in need.
Hylton is a great school at making you feel welcome. The first day was overwhelming for sure but once you actually start to talk to people, you'll make some good friends. The hallways are my least favorite park however because it's so crowded.
I like that they offer a lot of ways to be involved, but at the same time, they can be restricting on activities due to bad past behavior of students. I don't always like the people there, but I suppose that's not entirely the school's fault. Oh, and some classes have teachers that give ridiculous amounts of homework they can't even keep up with which I think is counterproductive and unnecessary.
Although the community is very diverse, it is easy to feel excluded. The administration and teachers are quick to turn a blind eye to some of the most prevalent issues concerning student issues.
I am glad to have attended C.D. Hylton High School. As a student who took AP classes, the courses prepared for college level courses that I would encounter. The teachers were willing and helpful to any student in need. As well as Academics, the many clubs I was involved when I was student, allowed to meet more of classmates and improve my craft in whatever club I was a member of. Hylton also has many volunteer opportunities for students to be able to get involved with their community.
I loved Hylton! Had such a good high school experience there. The teachers there are able to be great mentors to help you get ready for college. Very clean and fun atmosphere. Recommend this school in Prince William County to any student looking for a great high school!
What I like about C. D. Hylton is our languages offered, our specialty program is CISL or Center for International Studies and Languages. We have several languages offered that are very diverse.
My experience at Hylton was very good. My high school career was very good I felt well prepared going into my first year to college. Hylton prepared my for all different types of people I would meet of different ethnicities. I was also academically prepared, I got accepted into my program of choice early and all my college credits that I took in high school transferred over. Overall I had a very good experience at Hylton
My experience at C.D. Hylton High was definitely your typical high school experience. One of the many things I enjoyed about Hylton was the plethora of clubs and activities offered there! It made me feel like I had the option to any new craft or build on to one I already had. I also really enjoyed the diversity there, I was able to see people like me and get different perspectives from people who were different from me. I can thank my high school for being an inclusive place for all students to feel comfortable without facing any sort of engraved discrimination.
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This is a relatively large school. The experience was much as you would expect from a large High School, there is however a fair amount of diversity both ethnically and culturally. Friendly neighborhoods and local communities.
This school is so diverse! Everyone is great. Food not the best but I mean hey, what's high school without the "okay" food. Overall I have gotten a great experience here, staff is always on top of things and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
A few things that I enjoy while I attend C.D. Hylton High School, are the diversity and the student involvement. We as a class are overwhelmingly grateful for the many opportunities to connect with many different cultures and races.
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