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I am a senior at CD Hylton. Its a great school, good location but it needs development. The teachers should be better. And the counselors and other faculties. Other than that, everything is great.
All in all a great school, with great teachers who care about the well-being and future of the students. Most classes are easy to get to, although some are difficult to find as there's plenty of classrooms. Activities are plentiful, with clubs and sports for everyone.
I'm a sophomore, but graduating 2022 and my guidance counselor is so nice and helpful and great they all are. The teachers I've had are great and they help as long as you ask and they see you struggling. Everyone I've interacted with is polite and nice they help me around.
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An incredibly diverse school. Progressive, yet full of many different perspectives. Great, caring teachers who are truly interested in seeing you progress. Just wish there was a proper Drama program.
The school is good. The ratings are good. But some teachers are not that good as the ratings. They should put emphasis on the teachers more. And the school is not that big but its good.
C.D. Hylton High School is a very regular and average high school, you go there to get your education, make friends, play sports, stress about your grades, and upcoming tests, but overall it has been a pretty decent experience. There are extremely pleasant teachers at this school and honestly is a truly good place in general. I am actually a transfer student and i wouldn't have it any other way. I've really enjoyed my time at this school and i hope my experience doesn't change throughout the years as i'm getting closer and closer to college, because it's been spectacular this far.
I am currently a senior at Hylton. What you want from high school is what you will get. Admin likes to see student involvement. You must put in effort into them. The teachers here are amazing. They genially care about students and really help them out.
The school is overall really diverse and the students together are a pretty good group, it is the administration that causes the problems. The admin handle situations poorly and look down on the students. They only focus on students that have gotten high rankings. Not much cooperation between the students and staff and there is drama within the staff and teacher departments.
Some teachers are absolutely wonderful while others don't know what they're doing and shouldn't be working with kids. The guidance counselors suck as they dont do anything except for make you sign things to prove they "helped". They dont listen to what you want especially when signing up for classes. All the specialty programs have no idea what they're really doing and just confuse everyone, even teachers. Not a good school. Avoid if at all possible.
What I like about C.D Hilton High School is the program called C ISL which stands for Center for International Studies and Languages. And I also like how they work with academics. The changes I will like to see a little bit is corporate with emails when I am sending to teachers meaning that they need to respond when I send emails in office 365.
I liked attending hylton. It was very diverse and the education was pretty decent. We had good sports team and it in a good area. Some of the teachers could do a better job at actually teaching though. The school is what you make of it. Some may struggle because it tends to have a common pattern of student not caring about the work.
average school, not terrible but definitely not the best. staff especially counselors and admin tend to waste time rather than learn and figure out how to make the school the best it could be. lunches were ok. students were very diverse and divided.
I really think Hylton is a great school, my dad and uncle went to hylton, both of my brothers are now graduated from hylton, and now its my turn. This upcoming year Im going to be a sophomore and Im excited to see what this school year has in store for me but I don’t know if there is a school year yet due to COVID-19. I love the activities at hylton, I am part of the marching band at hylton, I play trumpet, I am also trying to into Lacrosse after watching my two brothers play while they were still in high school and it influenced me to play, and so i was like why not, and now I like the sport. I really love playing in the marching band as well, I am a music lover and I love all the events and competitions we go to, its really amazing. But overall, I really love the school and I plan on staying there for all my years
My experience was overall good. The school is an average high school. It did have an overcrowding problem, but it was fixed with trailers. The school focused on football the other sports were not as popular.
Hylton high school has a great staff who not only are great teachers, but they also care about your mental health. It is very important to be able to talk to your teachers and get a good education as well. The diversity is amazing and that is needed in a school.
My experience attending C.D. Hylton High was both extremely exciting and a bit disappointing. As a student who loved to get involved there weren’t many opportunities to be found. The clubs were inconsistent and a bit bland. However, throughout my years as a student the staff was great and passionate about their teaching. I have never had a teacher who I would be wishing to avoid. Hylton ensures that their staff is fit for the job and has the right mindset to create an environment students would want to be in. Excellent school, I am very proud of being a BullDawg!
I loved it and everything went perfectly for me. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go there!
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Hylton is a very diverse school with many different ethic groups. It’s a predominantly international school with amazing languages to learn. I like the Russian and Korean program and how immersed the culture is within it.
Hylton High School has been my home for the past three years. They are the most diverse school in Prince William county which shows just how versatile they truly are. The faculty and staff not only are amazing at what they personally teach but they go out of their way to individually get to know each of there own students and many who aren't theirs. It's always been a "we thing" at Hylton and continues to show through out the student and faculty leadership. With all of these great things, there are some downsides to the wonderful school. Over the years and many years before I attended, the security of our school hasn't been the greatest. Many school fights have gone on and there was even a school shooting last year that took way to long and had students in the buliding for an extra 6 hours without any knowledge as to what was happening. I thunk if Hylton was more safe and had more security percautions in place, these things wouldn't have happened.
Its a very diverse school and they have very good teachers that care about your education, although the school is very small its still pretty nice
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