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I loved the sense of community I felt there, and the faculty who were always eager to teach students
Best High School in the county. I don’t think I would’ve had the same education and experience if I went somewhere else.
I liked the teachers, and all of the staff at Cave Spring. I also loved the colors and the education from the school given. The teachers made my high school experience, I never had anything to complain about from them. The only problem I had was organization for seniors and some other events wasn't the best, for being an area with a lot of involved parents and staff. Certain events and situations cave spring wasn't the best at handling. We went to school in a trailers and they needed to make the bathrooms and certain parts more tolerable.
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Good school, great teachers, and education. A new school is currently being built and will be ready in about a few months. The school is going to have new equipment that will improve the education of the students. All the teachers are nice and very helpful, school sports are also very good. Man of the students have school spirit and take part in after school activities. Cave Spring High School really prepares you for the real world due to their wide range of classes that one can take for instance, personal finance. There are also numerous amounts of AP classes that one can take at the school or online.
Academics wise and faculty wise, this school is mostly wonderful. I have not met a teacher there I did not enjoy, however, AP/upper level science's are not taught as well as they can be. The students, they are a wide range from terrible and uncontrollable to very intelligent and put together. There really is not an in between in the students.
I like how Cave Spring is a interactive school. The teachers are always holding events for students. We are currently in trailers because our school is being reconstructed. Everyone has adjusted to the new environment and it has become our new temporary home. We have resource officers on campus that makes a lot of students feel safer. I would like to see the School spirit get better because a lot of student don't have school spirit and it seems to hurt us sometimes.
Cave Spring High School is an amazing school, full of dedicated teachers and staff and packed with amazing, kind, and inclusive students. It was the best 4 years I've had at school.
At Cave Spring High School all of the faculty and staff do everything in their power to help us students advance in our pursuit of knowledge. Cave Spring has entrusted the students with our own personal school laptops. Cave Spring allows us, the students, the ability to choose from in classroom courses and online courses for a well-rounded educational experience. For example in my junior year I took personal finance online and got one of the highest scores on the WISE Exam. Cave Spring's courses include general studies as well as AP and Duel Enrollment courses.
It is a great school with very good teachers and staff. It is a community where everyone looks out for each other and we are excited about our new school being built to make the campus even better!!
The teachers take their time out to make sure you understand the topics, and they teach very well. Great Environment
Going here is great because the teachers actually care about your success and it’s the best in the county for music education and the arts. The academics are very successful
cave spring is okay, some teachers here like to pick favorites and/or treat other students as if they do not matter. Although i have had some rough teachers, i have also had some very good ones that i love very much.
Cave Spring High was a good school and offered many great opportunities for learning. There are a variety of teachers ranging from great to not so great so it comes down to luck on occasion in how your learning experience goes.
The teachers at Cave Spring High are passionate about their students and jobs. Unfortunately, we are not in the best learning environment because of the rebuilding of our building. We are temporarily in outdoor trailers that can be compact and difficult to move around. The situation certainly puts a damper on our school spirit but the Knights will fight!
Teachers can do anything since the admin can't risk firing them and not being able to get new ones since the trailer park we are in (the main school is being renovated) was built by a company hired dirt cheap and the place is literally rotting from rain.

Go to Hidden Valley if you can, the admin make baffling and borderline intentionally daft decisions such as blocking YouTube videos which are considered not family friendly, but instead block teachers' videos, and they can't show them in class.

Teachers are allowed to violate state regulations about what they are allowed to teach, and the Computer Depot takes upwards of several months to fix tiny issues like missing keys, which I can do myself in an hour.

During SOLs, they took the old schedule which worked perfectly and replaced it with a system which caused over 50 students to miss their first (or first few) SOLs since they didn't know where and when to be.
At Cave Spring, the teachers are amazing. They care about you personally and want you to succeed, both in the classroom and out.
The teachers were great. I never had a time where i could not go to teachers for help. Also, I felt like everyone wanted to see me succeed and making something of my life, and that they were constantly encouraging me to be the best version of me. Faculty and students were friendly and welcoming. Of course, every school has its flaws, but the majority of my time at Cave Spring was positive.
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I enjoy the atmosphere, but I'm ready to leave. I've been here for four years, and it's just my time.
Cave spring is lucky to have such bright students that earn them such a high ranking academic wise. They also have a number of talented athletes that do a great job representing the school. But lately i feel like they put those qualities at a higher point of urgency than the mental health and safety of their students. The school has problems with bullying and harassment that they don't address in anyway,
It's a nice school academically but the building is in terrible condition. The teachers actually help you out if you're struggling. Some classes are large in size, which makes it difficult to get help from the teacher during class time.
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