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Cattaraugus-Little Valley High School Reviews

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Cattaraugus-Little Valley High school was a pleasure to be at. Overall the staff was amazing and helpful in so many ways. My high school experience was not great, but the things that made it less great were always handled quickly and efficiently. I thoroughly enjoyed going to school here.
There are quite a few teachers that are very rude. But the school is wonderfully taken care of and a warm atmosphere. The janitors do an amazing job.
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The teachers in my school are mostly extremely good at their job. To describe most, I would say they care about the students, and make sure that we understand what they are teaching at all times. Besides a few, they are always happy and trying to make our day better. My school has a great teaching staff, that is on task and are caring beyond imagination. Anyone would and should be greatful for the staff we are blessed with.
I love the staff and the students at this school. Mostly everyone got a long and the teachers were like friends. School was somewhere that I wanted to be and because of this it better prepared me for college. I love the way the staff cares for each person.
The food progressively got better while I was in school. Sure it wasn't home cooked but it was good enough to eat. Certain days were better than others but for the most part we didn't complain too much. The menu for the whole month was always posted throughout the school so if there was something you did not like you could prepare for it. We were even given the option to order food if we wanted. there was always two or three different things you could choose from and there were always sandwiches and subs that were fresh made.
I believe that our school policies were pretty good. There were always those kids that got in trouble all the time but they were dealt with appropriately. Our principles were always laid back but strict when they needed to be so talking to them wasn't a problem. The guidance counselors were some of the best people I have ever met and I still keep in contact with them now.
The sports facilities at my school were fairly poor until my senior year in 2012 when they rebuilt the school. They added a new track and a turf field that most of the teams could use. Before that we had a gravel track and a grass football/soccer field. They also rebuilt our gymnasium and outdoor basket ball courts.
The teachers at this school are amazing and I have yet to meet any other teachers like them. These teachers cared about each student and wanted to help and see them succeed. They were always available when someone needed help, even after school. If students missed a lot of school they tried to solve the issue instead of letting it go. These teachers were very understanding and helpful throughout high school and I had very good relationships with all of my teachers.
For the size of our school the different options available to students was okay. Most times the clubs or sports were not funded very well and this resulted in a lot of programs being cut. I remember a sports team that I was on, we had to fundraise to get new uniforms because the women did not have uniforms, they wore the men's. There were also various programs that our students fought for that the school had to turn down because of our low budget. Classes, programs, sports, and teachers were being cut. The administration at my school was amazing. You could go to anyone for help and they would do their best to help. There wasn't a teacher in the building that all the students weren't familiar with.
I feel that my school did an okay job of preparing me for life after high school. The education aspect was great but for the real world aspect if could have been better. Leaving high school was a reality shock and I had to catch on real quick.
The 10-15 page papers required in 10th-12th grade make the college-level papers (length) very easy.
We have really great teachers and some not so great. Some are really willing to help and want to teach. To other, I think it is just a job and perhaps they should think about changing careers. I believe the Common Core Curriculum has made it very difficult for teachers to "teach". They are too busy trying to fulfill Common Core requirements.
Most teachers are willing to make arrangements to meet with you it you need help. All you have to do is ask.
We have a brand new turf field which is awesome to play football or soccer on. Alot of area school ask to use our turf field at times for special games.
My school has several policies in place, such as anti-bullying, no tolerance, academic eligibility to play sports, dress code. The administration is very active in school functions and are know personally by all students.
My school offers the typical sports programs, music and drama clubs. We also have environmental clubs.
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I personally do not like our school lunches. Most of the food tastes like cardboard. It used to be better, but since they started trying to make it healthier, the options have reduced and the taste and quality has gone down.
Let's be honest - school is school - no matter where you go. There are really great things and then, not so great things. I love the size of my school. It is small enough that everyone know you. You can get help from any teacher despite what grade they teach. They all know you and are willing to help. My circle of closest friends include kids from 9th grade through 12th grade. It is great!
There are many activities and organization to belong to. Everyone is accepted. Everyone is encouraged to join.
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