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I have been studying at Cats Academy Boston for 3 years. Cats was a diverse community where I had a chance to meet different students from around the world. Besides, the teachers were nice and friendly. They were always smiling and all answering my questions.
Very much like the school diversity and academic approach. It has a lot of international students from different countries, and a strong sense of community between all the people. As for academics, you can choose from a variety of different classes of different difficulty levels, which is very good for international students willing to stay in United States. College counseling service is great, even though they have a lot of students, they are doing a great job
As an"Day Student" as it is called in my school meaning that I dont board at the school rather I live near by and commute every day, I wouldnt rate the school as amazing from my perspective. The school pays no attention to students who live outside school. The school provides no help for us to get accustomed to the school atmosphere. Its hard to make friends with foreigners because since your kind of considered an outsider and not fully emerged and intermingled with the other countries in this school its hard to break through the language barrier and the school provides little to no way for us day students connect with all these people from other countries which is why I attended this school to become more culturally diverse by being around and making friends from different countries, however its hard to do so when the school provides little opportunities to connect with them.
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Well, I'd like to recommend this wonderful school to parents who are most interested in sending their kids to study in the United States.
It is one of the worst boarding school.
School schdule takes 3 weeks after the start of the semester to get settled and dorm door opens without any alarms after 11 pm.
They are just trying to build new dorms and without any educational buildings extantion. And also they get one month fewer school period compare to public school but they are still running AP program which don’t have enough hours to teach everything else. It really affect students gpa and their college applications. In extracurricular activity, they don’t have any kind of teams or works for students. They just create certain clubs which is nothing to do inside. So don’t have any delusion of achieving to your “impressive dream” of extra works. But you can have good time if you are not focusing on study.
Good college preparation, many academic opportunities, lots of clubs, opinions are heard, easily keep in touch to the administrator of the school
I believe the best thing about CATS Boston is its diverse student body! It is really nice to meet people from all over the world and exchange experiences. Moreover, I love our teachers — they are always there for us. Lastly, we have a great student government that is working hard on improving our school and satisfying the students!
This school taught me how to be an adult and cope with all the challenges the life gives us. I am impressed how many outstanding friends from different countries I could find. The atmosphere at school is truly inspiring and supportive. I love how everyone has their own room, their own personal space. The city of Boston is amazing and I'm thankful to live near it.
The rate of international students in Cats Academy Boston is more than 85%. During these students, Asian student can take up 70%, which are from China and Vietnam. And then Mexican students and Brazil students. American local students is less than 10%. The turnover rate in this school is very high and they always changes the teachers, which is good for study and development of the students. The management in the school is very bad and chaos. The teacher always pick the wrong classes for the students. The school charges very expensive fees, especially for the Chinese students-About 65000 dollars. They charge different fees for different countries. In China, they always enrolls many bad students without any language requirement. What is worse, they gave high commission for Chinese agents in order to let agent to lead the parents and students to choose this school.Most of students are not studying. They smokes, play games and watch the porns.
Diversity is the best thing about it. Students who attend CATS are intersting and ambitious young people. I had an amazing time making friends. Some of the teachers are truly great, they are ready to go above and beyond to help students achieve their goals. On the other hand, there are some teachers who are really unkind and unhelpful. The principle and the student affairs departnment, as well as most of other saff including dorm parents is horrific. They are people who are having personal issues and are not healthy for school environment. Of course, there are exceptions. I personaly had a great dorm parent, and I wish other students can get the same experience.
My Junior year was horrible. My Senior year is much much much better. There are 3 dorms on campus, with all single bedrooms and private bathrooms inside. The academic building is a little bit small for 400 students, though.
Teachers here are well qualified and very dedicated.
Students from over 35 countries.
Ap and Honors classes have the best quality teachers and students.
College Counselling: For someone who has no idea about how American colleges work until Junior year, they did a pretty good job. I got into Northeastern University with a decent scholarship.
Clubs & Activites: Many are student-run: the culture fair, day of silence, book Club, and Dance Team. There are a lot of trips, like Red Sox game, King and I musical, Paintball, etc. which are included in your activities fee.
Safety: Security on campus 24/7
CATS Academy has many ups and downs. It is great academic wise but in my opinion the science department should try to implement more hands on action. It is a long school day where you are required to participate in a sport and/or club . The sports are improving somewhat but they are no where near good. CATS has improved their organization but it is till lacking since its sometimes hard to get in contact with some of the people in administration. They are very generous with their financial aide but be very careful with your payments because they will claim they never received. The art program is really good here as they offer Fashion/AP, Art history, Actor studio and different levels of drawings. I always recommend to visit the school to get a feel.