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Cato-Meridian Senior High School Reviews

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In cato everyone knows everyone! I love that i wake up every morning knowing I have great friends by my side that i met there. I truly believe it brings people together. It’s also good to have a good relationship with all the teachers.
Cato-Meridian High School is a great small school. I fell in love with the teachers and the staff. They helped me try to succeed and get really high grades. The teachers help you one on one with your homework and etc.
For a small school there's actually quite a few options
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It was a good environment to grow up in
The majority of the teachers seem to really care
We use to have a security police guy. He was everyone's friend but then he lost his position due to budget cuts. We no longer have one.
Sport are very prevalent for all boys and girls. They are fun to go watch and support or fun to play as well.
Student body is just very close. Everyone supports each other and motivates each other to do the very best!
My English teacher goes above and beyond every day to make her class more challenging but makes it very engaging to us students. she is involved in our drama club production and much more. She is the high light of my day and is an inspiration!
I love Cato-Meridian. The teachers are great at their jobs and just are for the most part great at reaching out to the students. There is so much spirit and opportunities there!
There are some great opportunities at this school but it would be beneficial if the students were provided with more course options. I feel that the quality of the staff varies, there are some very well organized teachers and some who I feel need to take a step back and redo some of their planning. My favorite opportunity is the art programs, honestly it provides a sort of relief from the other academics.
It's a very close community and there will be a good chance that everyone one will be related or associated somehow. Very nice teachers and students! .....Just not much diversity
Cato High School is an environment that gives student the opportunity to thrive.
Dress code is a joke.
We live in a small town, not much diversity.
We could always use more funds but we more than make up for it with student interactions during meetings, and outings.
Some teams could use a little more support.
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It could be worse, it could've been uneatable.
Sometimes you can't take the classes you want due to scheduling, but the classes are pretty good.
I loved my high school experience while I attended. I am currently fulfilling required classroom observations for college credit there.
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