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Cathedral School is an amazing school. Everyone there treats you as if your were their own family. It is a great community were I have come to make many friends and colleagues of the future.
I entered Cathedral when I was in the 8th grade and loved it from day one. The teachers, faculty and students welcomed me like I had been a student at Cathedral since PreK. I would not change a thing. My school experience this far has been nothing but amazing.
Cathedral provides one of the best academic educations in the local area, and does not neglect giving students opportunities to get involved with sports and the community. However, there is some disparity between the students and administration, and the faculties are subpar for the amount of finance that the school receives.
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Cathedral was a good school but that could improve on their teaching staff and the should change some of the rules that are not necessary. They have a good sports program. I feel they should also redo the high school building.
I liked that the teacher instruction. It helped my child easily transition from high school to college. I wasn’t pleased with some of the administrative decisions and fairness for all students.
Cathedral has been a great school to get my child prepared for college. It’s a good, well rounded atmosphere where kids can learn
I have been at cathedral since 2nd grade. The academics at cathedral are top notch. The school is like a close knit family.
I have been a student at cathedral since 5th grade and i have made several friends. The academics at cathedral are very good and the teachers are very helpful and supportive of all the students.
I like the small class size and teacher student relationships. I also love RenWeb, the schools online site, which offers a school directory, view of homework, grades, and lesson plans. The only thing I would change is the number of dress down days.
Best small town school in the area for education. Small classes gave me the one on one attention I needed at times, especially in Algebra. I’m a soon proud graduate and would recommend Cathedral to all.
Cathedral is a great school. The people are great and the atmosphere is welcoming. I recommend anyone wanting to prepare for college and feel like you are welcome to go to cathedral. The people here are always nice and will assist you with everything.
cathedral is a school where kids can flourish in their religion and be able to fully learn and become apart of their community
Well rounded Catholic education.. Good foundation to prepare me for achieving future goals of college graduation.
The teachers at the time were caring and really made an effort to help you learn. On the other hand, some of the rules were constricting and almost detracted from the education experience. Some teachers showed favoritism occasionally and one or two even actively hated some students.
I like how Cathedral is ac college prep school. I have learned many things. This is the best option in my town to get a good education. My teachers have helped me with school as well as other things.
My overall experience with Cathedral over the span of the twelve years I have been here have been great. The curriculum is geared to prepare us for college and the teachers have been very helpful over the years. The one on one guidance from the faculty and coaches inspired and encouraged me to always perform and do my best at academics and athletics. Due to the closeness of the students and teachers, we always felt like one big family.
The teachers are very helpful and want to help you succeed and achieve your goals. The classes are small and we also have dual enrollment that allows us to graduate from high school with up to 20 college credit hours.
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They have cameras outside all of the entrance doors and in the parking lots. The doors are locked after the tardy bell rings so no one can just walk in to school. They can only enter school through the front door after being buzzed in.
The Key Club is very active and the choir performs at church and other events around town.
The fact that I can learn in a Catholic faith environment makes this school unique to this area and very nurturing.
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