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This school is a hidden gem and I cannot stress how much this school has impacted me. I am currently attending USC and this school has impacted me in a way I could never have imagined. It shaped me into a better person. The roommates, teachers, faculty teachers were always by my side and encouraged me in whatever I did. Absolutely the best boarding school in the world.
‘02 - I loved my time as a student at Cate - perhaps among the most rigorous and rewarding experiences of my life. I was exposed to so many new experiences, ideas and people. Most of my extended family attended (East coast) boarding schools and I think they wish they could’ve had a SoCal winter instead of a New Hampshire one! Highest recommendation. Servons
Cate is one of the best places to live, learn and grow. Period. I would not exchange my Cate experience for anything.
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My experience at Cate was nothing short of phenomenal. As a young adult, my ideas and thoughts, still budding and changing, were honored. My own understanding of the world was molded significantly by every unique individual that I met, each having their own values and judgements. I am always proud to be able to tell others that I have friends from at least twenty different states and over fifteen different countries. The teachers at Cate were genuine, kind, intelligent, and dedicated adults. Each and every one of them valued the power of education and gave their undivided attention to every student at any time of the day. I learned some of the most significant lessons in my life, lessons that taught me about hard work, respect, kindness, and most importantly, self-love, something that, as humans, we do not practice enough. I watched myself over four years become the woman I have dreamt of being my entire life and for that, nothing has made me more content.
This school sells itself as diverse but it's really not. Many kids are rich, entitled and exclude others who are don't look like them or have deep pockets. The teachers are the best part because they really care--classes are good. But it's competitive and that super nice act they put on is just an act. You can get just as good an education at a public high school and you won't act as superior as all these kids do.
I love the community aspect of the school. Everyone is encouraged, willing, and glad to help in anything that you may need. After being here for 3.5 years, I have run into problems and every time, someone has been willing to help.
I have loved my time at Cate and highly recommend it to anyone looking at boarding school. Cate has taught me so much in and out of the classroom. I now know how to surf, paddle board, and I am scuba certified! My teachers are some of the most caring interesting people I know. I can't imagine going anywhere else and feel so blessed to have spent my high school years here.
Too high stress for me. Lots of kids are depressed. Bu support is offered, academics are good, setting is beautiful so we can't really complain. This school will prepare you for college.
My experience at Cate school has been quite a rollercoaster of events. I love the tight-knit community and the student-faculty ratio. I feel like my teachers truly care whether I'm learning or not and if any teacher sees a student falling behind they reach out to help. It is a very accepting and beautiful campus overall.
During my time at Cate School, I have grown more than I ever thought possible when I first stepped on campus freshman year. Rigorous academics, interesting and unique electives, and a great arts program really help students find their passions and prepare for college. I started out as a shy freshman who tried to avoid social settings, but after four years of mentorship from my advisor and teachers, I have discovered a love of music, art, and science. We're not really a sports school, but there are still varsity teams for traditional sports like soccer, football, basketball, water polo, and lacrosse. Even if you don't want to play a competitive sport, there are programs like tae kwon do, outdoors, and varsity art. Although the school slides on the wealthy side, there's still a decent amount of financial aid students and the school tries very hard to meet financial needs.
Attending Cate not only opened doors for my future but also fostered a spirit of adventure and curiosity that I will take with me wherever I go. It was my home for high school and still feels like home when I go back to visit. I'm so grateful I could attend Cate and be part of a truly unique and special community
It was the best four years of my life. I graduated class of 2017 and I've never met a more diverse group of people who truly feel like they are part of the community.Because it's such a small school, I'm grateful to graduate and have known everyone's first and last name and at least one thing about them. at this small school, you're friends with people outside your grade level too.Having graduated, I know I met my friends for life at this school. Everyone here is super talented but not just in one area. I've been able to trt new things like surfing in the morning before school starts, I got my scuba diving certification my freshman year through the scuba club. I started three of my own clubs, captain a varsity sports team, I participated in dance shows and even tried my first musical. Also being the number one boarding school in California does attract a lot of people but there isn't that snobby feeling that kids get here. AND if you love dogs Cate is the best school for you.
Incredible school. Although it is difficult to get in, is a little pricey, and is challenging, it is absolutely amazing and worth all of the hard work.
As an alumnus of Cate, I will gladly say that it was the best four years of my life. I had a lot of opportunities there, and I am so grateful for the time that I've spent getting to know a second family. I truly miss it a lot.
I loved the sense of community it had and how accessible all my teachers were since the school is so small.
Going to cate was an experience I will never forget. I was surrounded by people who cared for me, and always felt supported. People are generally kind and very hardworking. Some like to compare/compete for grades, but it is usually collaborative, not competitive.
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The problem here is that there are too many extracurriculars to choose from. Often times a student will have to be told to scale back on everything that they want to do.
The housing system could honestly use a revamp. The system is currently gender segregated, leaving a lot of gray-area for non-cisgender students and creates "blocks" of friends which can be alienating at times. I trust that the administration is hearing the concerns of the students and will work towards a solution.
Faculty here are among the best at any secondary school. They often turned down positions at universities in order to teach here, and the care that they put into their students shows. I've been instructed on how to do stoichiometry with peanut brittle. The school regularly pulls in experts and leading researchers to enrich the classroom experience. I got to talk to an industry mathematician on how calculus has helped her solve HIV medication dosages. It really is a terrific place to learn.