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This school gets their juniors and seniors ready for college. The teachers make us practice for long essays, college simulation classes, etc. I also like how they have six flags field trips for juniors and seniors. It is a nice experience with the teachers and staff. I also like they teachers and staff, sometimes always there for you. I recommend this school for those who want to succeed in college and their future.
My experience at Catalyst maria has been wonderful, ever since I started in freshmen year. With the love and support from the staff and admiration give to the student. Always being on top of their work and giving us support to keep moving forward, to always work hard. With my school being very small everyone gets to know each one another, having very high school spirit, respect for one another, additionally the skills which I have learned will help forward my success onto the real world. Never would I have expected a school to have as much impact on my self. Catalyst has been everything I ever would have wanted but impertinently what i have needed. Lastly I truly believe that I have grown significant due to my schools staff and extraordinary teachers, never in my life would I have expected to have grown this much, thank you catalyst for your immeasurable support.
It was good and the students here are very helpful we gained a lot of people at the school. The staff here helps create an connection with the students here and they help provide things that could help you outside of just school.
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My experience with Catalyst was very different. Going into High School I was not mentally nor physically prepared. But, as a incoming freshman things weren’t that different from elementary. As years went on I could see the profession of myself as a student, a individual, and role model. Catalyst might not be the best school with high technology, amazing updated features, but it’s a place where teachers/ students come to learn and build a bond that they’ll cherish forever.
The staff support the students which is awesome! One on one parent is a plus and assist you when need. I will recommend this school to anyone that need support and to make sure that their child is learning to grow in their education.
What I like about catalyst Maria is the school environment and teacher support. The teachers here they go above and beyond to let The kids know that what ever they need we’ll make it happen
My experience as a student at Catalyst Maria Charter school is terrific. I say that because every teacher and staff treat me with respect and care about education as well. The thing I like about Catalyst Maria Charter School is the activity that the school plan. For example, the science fair. Every year the school hosts a science for students that want to do a science project. Also, the school hosts a talent show every year for students who wish to show their talent. One thing I would like to see change is to have more after school programs. I say that because most students have to stay at school because their parents probably work late. So having more after school programs would keep that student engage in that activity.
Its pretty decent overall i didn't have a problem with my school experience although other students feel as if the school didn't teach them anything but some disagreed or agreed then again I still found it average.
My experience at Catalyst Maria is they really help me prepare for college the teachers are great they really care about the students and want the us to have a successful lifestyle. I encourage any incoming freshman to come to this school because u will get a good education.
It's a really diverse school with a few things that keep it from receiving a five star review. It has great teachers that really care for the students but as of right now the senior class of 2020 does not have a math teacher. Also there were a few instances where the staff won't change their rules to make the lives of students happier
The school was okay. I liked running track last year when the sports teams were actually good, now they're terrible.
Its a very straight forward school, It is very calm and actually listens to there students. In this School i have learned alot, From goo experiences to bad experiences that have shaped me to the senior I am today
Catalyst Maria really helps you. I am absolutely prepared for college. It's like this schools wants the best for its scholars.
My experience at Catalyst Maria was overall a positive one. Although, I had several ups and downs with both the students and faculty and staff, I can honestly say they care about the quality of education that you receive. Things have changed drastically since Iv'e graduated; however, I still believe they hold true to their core values. I was also fortunate enough to receive a full tuition scholarship to a private liberal arts school because of a program offered by Catalyst.
this school is an okay schools but it still has a long way to go before it becomes great. not very organized has a lack of understanding towards minorities. my school needs work this is my last year I hope that they get it together and make this schools somewhere kids love to come too.
When I first got to Catalyst Maria I thought that it would be a terrible school to attend because I didn't know anybody there. Then once months passed by I made so many friends and was I had good grades. I started to take Honors classes, but I thought that I wasn't going to be able to take on the challenge. Throughout my four years of being in Honors classes it is a challenge because your being expected to learn more things at a higher level. Now that I'm a Senior I feel that this school put me through challenges and obstacles to succeed.
I like how the teachers check up on each student individually to see how they are doing in school and how they are feeling. I also like how students encourage each other to do better in school and to not give up and I like how friendly and safe the school is.
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The school is great overall, the teachers really care enough to push you to do better. They really want you to succeed. I am glad I went to this school and not somewhere else
The Things that love about Catalyst Maria Charter School is how each teacher believe in you and they help you in the future of college.This school help to improve,learn and this school it a school that will give the 100% percent on each student.
My experience at catalyst maria was great. The school teachers are good they are understanding. The students in this school are my best friends. At catalyst maria is fun, exciting, quiet. My Senior Seminar teacher she is helping me make sure that I am passing all my classes. And applying to colleges. My teacher helps me a lot. Some of these teachers understand what I through and what i have struggled. this school understands me. When you graduate from this school you might want to come back and visit this school. But this school will change your life, and help you.
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