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We have a lot of opportunities here. Our community supports us through it all.
Castlewood School is very safe; I have never felt unsafe while in school. Law enforcement makes unexpected visits to the school, there are security cameras, and the doors are always locked. In case of emergencies, we have performed drills so we will know the correct procedures. Our school nurse is great; she is readily available and can help you with anything you may need.
There are a variety of extracurricular activities and organizations including sports, chess, NHS, TEAMS, all-school play, one act play, band, choir, and yearbook. There is a lot of support for each activity. People that are involved usually show commitment. The activities are fun, and there is a lot of staff involvement as well.
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I love that Castlewood is small. I get a lot of one-on-one help from the teachers, and I have made really great friends. In a small school, you get to know everybody in every grade. There are a variety of activities and classes for students with every interest, including NHS, chess club, band, choir, art, yearbook, sports, play, etc. If I had to do it all over again, I could still choose Castlewood. I have received a quality education, but I have also had fun and have made great friends along the way.
Castlewood High School has great teachers that show interest in each of their students. They genuinely care about the students' success and push students to do their best. They are always willing to help students outside of class. The teachers are also involved in extra-curricular activities and clubs. My teachers have provided me with a great education. I feel that I am prepared for college, because I know that I have received a quality education.
There is plenty of extracurricular activities for students to attend. It would be easy to if you were interested in starting your own club, the office and administration would be interested if you had good reasoning.
The teachers are extremely friendly, they all love what they do and they are always there for students that need help. Even if it isn't for anything to do with school, if you just want to come in and talk their doors are always open.
Our facilities are pretty good, the coaches are great. They are friendly, they help kids that cant grasp the concept of teamwork. There aren't as many options for sports as there is at bigger schools, but there is plenty for the student body.
There are many classes offered, anything from AP/honors courses, down to regular English electives. Teachers are very friendly, their doors are always open to students who may need a bit of help, or just want to come in to talk. Its very much so a small town atmosphere, and I value that extensively.
Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, or shirts without sleeves. Though this isn't a very big deal, there are some other not very serious restrictions also: I.e no shorts after October 31st.
It seems like the claims of cafeteria food being unpleasant now that cuts have been made in the food department haven't been lost at my school. Before all the health changes in school so feel like the lunches used to be much better.
This school has the same peer pressure and situations that you would expect to encounter at any high school.
Our school has never really had a bomb threat or anything of that nature, our front office does make sure to cancel classes if the roads o or form school are impassable. Where I live that is about the closest thing to danger like that that we have.
The students in this school are very similar. A lot of them have the same beliefs which can be a good and bad thing if someone comes along with different beliefs. Overall, our school is pretty accepting of everyone.
Most of the teachers here are fairly young and new to teaching. They bring a lot of fresh ideas and new teaching methods that make learning fun and easy.
The teachers here truly care about their students, any of the teachers will gladly stay after school and help a stuggling student. Their classrooms are always open for kids to come in and ask questions. It truly feels like our teachers care about us and our frutures.
For the size of our schoolm the facilities that we are offered are amazing. There are many teams that students can be a part of, and it is a great atmosphere. The community supports the teams with great attendance and loud cheering. Overall, being a part of a sports team here is a great experience.
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The food is okay, with all the changes to what is allowed andnot allowed in school now thye have had to change the menu from what it used to be. Like most schools, there are some lunches that are just awful but it is the best that our school can provide for us with the new guidelines. Many students complain about the food, but it really isn't that bad.
I love this school, iver made so many friends and memories, from academic clubs to athletic teams, everyone you meet is friendly and uplifting. The teachers are great, they really do care. The size of our school may be small, but the experience that you get from a small closeknit enviroment is something that wilkl stay with you forever.
There is really no racial diversity here, that being said though i know my frineds and fellow students and they would be accepting of someone of a different race. Just like any other school, there is going to be peer pressure and small amounts of bullying going on, but that is normal...and it deffinately isn't of an excessive amount here.
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