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excellent school where students are genuinely cared for. Its the only schools in Bay Area which has good diversity , low student to teacher ratio and excellent academics as well as other activities.
At Castilleja, teachers are always there to support and guide students through academic, social, and mental life. They care about sleep and understand that students may have extra things to do after school. Most teachers assign, per class, 15-30+ minutes of homework over a day-2 day period, and most classes are stretched across a few days, meaning homework isn’t immediately due the next day! The food is absolutely amazing, and the school itself is SO diverse! I’ve made so many true lasting friendships! The presence of only girls makes everyone feel more safe, and we’re all more confident as growing women in a more diverse society.
Overall, super impressed and happy with the experience our daughter (and to a lesser extent, we, the parents) had at Castilleja. Our daughter was there for all 7 years, starting in 6th grade and stayed through till her graduation from high school. We know it gave her the academic and personal skills to succeed in college. The teachers are excellent, with a few rare exceptions, and the small class settings + the all-girl environment ensures the girls can be all they want to be.
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Castilleja is a great school that prepares you well for college. However, they still have some room for improvement in their student body. Although Castilleja promotes the idea of being diverse and being inclusive of all, there is lack of representation of minorities as well as people with different incomes.
Castilleja is an amazing school. The teachers and students are kind and caring, and the community helps create confidence and strength in young girls. The faculty and staff really do their best to create the best possible experience for the students, and I highly recommend. I'm also guessing that all of the reviews are from people who did not get in, or people whose children/other family members didn't get in. Although Castilleja is hated by the neighbors, it's really not their fault and the neighborhood should have known that they were across the street from a school when they moved in, Castilleja's been there for much longer than them. That being said, the academics, sports, environment, and food are all amazing. Castilleja is an amazing school.
This school is really good. I think I'm learning a lot. If you go there, you just need to find the right group of friends, and it's going to be great. Sometimes there is a lot of homework in history though.
Castilleja is an amazing place where anyone is welcome, where everyone can blossom into their best self, and where anyone can pursue anything they want to. There are countless opportunities at Castilleja for people of all kinds and interests. So many new programs are made every year to accommodate the diversity of the student and teacher population. The teachers are Casti and everything you could want and more. Not only are they invested in your learning, but they are invested in you as a person. At Castilleja, you will instantly create long-lasting bonds between you, your classmates, staff, and faculty. Learning is just one aspect of Castilleja, but there are so many things for artists, athletes, performers, and more. You will meet so many other inspiring young women along your journey here and these will be your best friends for life, so matter which path in life you choose to follow.
I am currently a senior at Castilleja, and I would never choose to attend another high school. When I first came, I was a little nervous as I had heard of Casti's reputation as rigorous and competitive. After four years, I have found that the academic rigor has only improved my experience and has never lead to competition between classmates. With sixty girls in one grade, it would seem that competition would be prevalent, especially during the college process. However, the community is one of care, and everyone at the school aims only to celebrate your achievements and encourage you to put forth your best work. Every single one of my classmates will become amazing women when they grow up, and Castilleja has been instrumental in developing our confidence, poise, ability to express ourselves, and compassion for others. Thank you Castilleja! My life is forever changed and I will bring the lessons you have taught me throughout the rest of my life.
This school is not as good as it says it is. They don't care about students as much as making sure people know who they are and that their making money. People who live here talk about how the school doesn't work with the community at all. Castilleja sucks!!!
The school looks great from the outside and based on the impression that you get from the open house but talk to the parents in private and you will know about the incompetency the teachers and school administration. Parents I know and talked to are frustrated with the school. I can't write too much here for Privacy reasons.believe me when I say that most of the stuff you is fake and I urge you to get to the truth. I am glad I got my daughter out after 1st year.
This school's veneer of sophistication doesn't hold up for many of the students, and the school's culture is thoroughly toxic. Students who attend as "charity cases," and are allowed in on a tuition waiver, are treated as second-class students by both the staff and the rest of the student body. Harassment and discrimination are rampant, with a culture of entitlement among the students encouraging the targeting of any students who are "different," whether they are of a different faith, social class, or simply stick out for being different. The fact that this has persisted for many years is indicative of the utter apathy of the administration toward any of the issues facing the student body, especially those who aren't paying full tuition.If you want a school that goes out of it's way to warp and destroy the mental health of it's less privileged students, while reinforcing the entitlement and terrible attitudes of it's wealthy kids, this is it.
This is AMAZING. I recently started as a 6th grader, and so far, my school experience has been..out of this world. I can't describe the wonderfulness of this school in this character limit, but I can tell you that the teachers are so amazing and caring; they really care about your sleep, and don't force you to do homework late in the night. They care about you and your health. Castilleja also has a lot of programs, or C, which are study blocks, or your elective, or grade meetings. During C, you can go to teachers and ask for help, and they help you. There's also something called little C at the end of the day, where the teachers also help you. But, Castilleja has so many fun events and traditions. Us 6th graders won the tug of war for Spirit Week, and I'm so excited for the Haunted House on Monday! I know some people say this is a bad school, but as a 6th grader, trust me, it's the best.
Never in my life have I disliked anything more then I did Casti. Awful awful awful. Being a student there is worse than anything in the world and I, as well as all of my friends who still attend, have never been so disgusted by a school, it's policies, and the way they deal with anything. All I can say is they should be shut down because they are stealing $44,000 annually from every individual that attends.
I’ll try to sum it up. BEST. SCHOOL. IN. THE. WORLD! Castilleja has amazing facilities, kind teachers, scrumptious food, amazing learning systems and classrooms, and many more! I love the sports and love their pool! If I actually wrote a review, I know this one is bad, it would never end. I am going to become a 7th grader, and Casti has been great so far! Can’t wait for the tie ceremony! See all you Gators out there in August!
It was excellent and loved it so much! I am currently a student there, and everyone is so kind and welcoming. I have always loved science, and at Castilleja, I am encouraged to pursue my dream.
Castilleja is comprised of the most supportive community. I've grown so much as a student throughout my time here and the faculty always makes time to check in with me.
I have and thrived here. Castilleja has improved me, not just in one trait, but overall. This school was crucial to me, as I went to the camp and immediately fell in love with the campus. When I entered 5th grade, I got serious about middle school and started researching. I planned to go to a public middle school, but when my mother and father asked if I wanted to go to Casti Camp this year, I remembered. Castilleja. A middle school. All these thoughts swirled in my head like, what if I don’t get in, what if I’m rejected. I wasn’t. The day I found out I screamed and cried with joy. I was going to my dream school. At first, I was nervous, but Casti was a welcome community. I felt safe and happy there. There is not much else to say about this. If I had to write all about it, this review would be very long. When I graduated, I attended Yale. I now work as an oncologist(cancer doctor) at Stanford Health Care. By the way, I still miss the food!I plan to send my girls there when older.
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Phenomenal school. Castilleja has improved our daughters physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. Two of our daughters have graduated, and the other one is a sophomore. The two that have graduated, one goes to Stanford, and my other daughter attends Yale. My kids used to be so shy, even with a speech to performing in a play. When Castilleja admitted them, and once they got settled in the the Casti community, I saw a great deal of change. From the first day to the last, their confidence has enhanced wonderfully. Every day, after school, they are bursting with news. They invite me and my husband/their father to everything. Their aren’t shy to introduce us to their friends either. Castilleja is the best school it can possibly be.
Castilleja has overall improved my academics and my confidence. This school has taught me the necessities I need for my dream job. I recently discovered I am going to Stanford, and have been so happy. First, my dream school, then my dream college. I have to thank Castilleja greatly for the preparation it gave me. I owe Casti a lot. This is an amazing school, and I will remember my title, Class of 2019, forever. I shall miss this school heavily.
Best school ever! Very diverse, friendly environment. There is nothing that I wasn’t to change at Casti. There is excellent food, fun teachers, and amazing facilities, especially the pool and gym. Go Casti!😀
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