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Cashmere Middle School Reviews

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There isn't a choice for classes in middle school. There is only a choice between band or choir. All other classes are put in for you. But they are all the required and very well taught classes
Nurses are always there and there is a police officer that rotates between schools. Bullying is in step process depending on the offense
There are all the different sports for any one to participate in. Along with leadership classes and a drama program once a year
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I love the certain teachers who appreciate and work very hard with the students in the classes. My favorite are the teachers who reward you for the good things. And not the bad who just make you feel worse
There are many many teachers in the school that go above and beyond to make things great. But there are a certain few that leave the bad impressions in the students mind's. And those are the ones the students remember. But eventually the good memories and teachers override those.
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