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My experience at Cascade High school has been absolutely wonderful. I transferred schools during my sophomore year and have felt at home ever since. The student body is so kind and welcoming. The teachers are helpful and always striving to do their best to help their students. One thing I would like to see at Cascade is more diverse clubs and opportunities for students.
It's a small school so everyone is included and feels welcome. I am a student and have seen new students make friends in 2 hours of their arrival. It may be small but there's still a lot of diversity.
I love the band program and how tight knit the community is. However, I feel that we were limited by our resources and that sometimes the teachers didn't challenge us enough.
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It was a very small school and felt close to home. The people were very nice and supportive. It will always hold a place in my heart.
I will be a 13 year graduate in 2019 and I am very proud student soon to be graduate and strong supporter of my school. I stand behind Cascade School and support my school proudly.
The academic choices are amazing! Many extra curricular activities as well. The school is well held up and amazing teachers! I first started going to the school my sophomore year and it is now my senior year. they have helped me through so much stress and future work!
The school itself is ran down and there are too many students for the building size but overall the teachers and education system is amazing. We are really one big family and you can talk to any teacher about family issues and they are all there to help and support you in any way.
Cascade is the best school in the county. We have the best students, teachers, and faculty. We have the highest test scores in our county. Our teachers prepare us for college and the real world. We all respect one another and get along; we have an amazing school community. Unfortunately, Cascade always gets the short end of the stick. We never get the funding for new books or technology, over half of our classrooms are in portables, and we constantly struggle because of our lack of funding. Despite these shortcomings, our school is the best it can be, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
Nice small (but growing) school with friendly teachers and a small town feel. I attended all four years at CHS and participated in a few clubs and extracurricular activities which I found to be fun. The school seems like it's getting more and diverse as the years go by. The food could use an improvement and it could use to be updated but otherwise I can't complain. The teachers are helpful, thoughtful, and always willing to reach out when you're struggling. Football is a big deal here and for good reason! The team is great and the guys really have a passion for the game.
Great school! I wish that there were more AP classes and foreign language options in Spanish because I did not have the opportunity to take Spanish 3 while I was a senior. This caused me to be rusty with my Spanish in college because I did not use it for a year.
I loved Cascade. Everyday I came I felt like I was part of one big family. Not only were the students there for you, but the teachers and faculty were always there to help you with whatever you needed. Some of my best memories were from Cascade.
Cascade High School was my second home! I absolutely loved going to school because of the teachers and how family oriented all of us students were. I've only been graduated for a short time and already miss going to school. The teachers absolutely love their jobs and you can tell that. High school was not a easy journey for me due to many issues at home ,but my teachers made sure to go above and beyond. They helped me not only graduate but prepare for my future.
As a thirteen year senior at Cascade, I can easily say I love Cascade. Considering I am there more than I am at home, it is my home away from home. It is the best school in our county in both academics and environment. The only downfall is, it is over crowded. A new building is supposed to be built in a couple years. The new building will definitely improve the safety, resources, and facilities of the school.
Our security is an issue right now because our school is so overpopulated that we have many portables and classes outside the building. Due to this, we have to keep all doors into the school unlocked or open. We do have an officer on campus, but there's only so much one man can do. It's not our school's fault our security is off–we do all we can do. We just desperately need a new school.
We have extracurricular activities for everyone. We have band, sports, art club, video game club, board game club, Key club, Interact, and many many more. We are just very diverse and open to new clubs and ideas.
The parents at Cascade are awesome! They all love their kids and the school so things run pretty smoothly around our campus. Like everywhere else, there are a few parents that aren't the best, but the great parents strongly outnumber the not so good parents.
Most teachers are awesome. They are very friendly and approachable and I love that about my school. Of course though, there are some teachers who aren't very nice or approachable, but no school is perfect. I love my school and I'm so happy that I go there!
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Our academics are pretty good, but because of common core and TN ready the are getting worse.
Our school is pretty old and our town is working on rebuilding it. Once it is rebuilt I'm sure there will be more security. However, as of now I do feel safer than other schools because we are all so close.
We have lots of clubs at this school and all have very dedicated students and supervisors. They all get equal representation and recognition for their accomplishments.
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