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I've been at Cascade High School for 10 years. I came to this school in second grade and I have has a pretty good experience. The friends I made made my experience unforgettable. Some of the teachers helped me extremely. I came from a one room school house and didn't know very much, but I got help at Cascade that made me excel in throughout the years. I have noticed a lot of things have changed over the years. We have had to learn lots of new curriculums throughout the years, but we have managed. One thing about Cascade that I have noticed is out students aren't bullies. I haven't witness or dealt with bullying. We are a small school that gets along with one another. Over all I have had a great experience at Cascade High School.
I really enjoy the small community which allows students to get the help they may need as well as the ability to get to know the administrators. Cascade High School also offers FFA, BPA, National Honor Society, etc which allows students to grow as an individual.
It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to. It is not a school you want to bring your kids to.
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It was very bad and there were about 5 minutes of it that I have enjoyed. The people are mean and the teachers are close minded. We have no school spirit because the administration does not allow pep assemblies or any happiness at all. No one enjoys it here. Help us.
Cascade is a small school with little variety in the student population. The teachers vary from class to class, but they are all compitent in what they do.
Cascade High School is in the small town of Cascade MT. There aren't a lot of students so you get more one on one with your teachers. We have a lot of pep rallies and they teach you a lot about the real world. Not only that but we have a lot of fun, we have clubs like BPA, FFA, and Jobs for Montana Graduates or JMG. BPA teaches you how to have great work ethic and how to run a business and JMG teaches you the importance of a job and what it means to be a great employee.
I have been going to Cascade since I was in Kindergarten. Over the thirteen years I've gone here there have definitely been some rough spots. Recently we've had some problems with administration and having parents getting involved with the arguments. I'm glad that I'm graduating this year but I hope the environment of the school increases in years to come!
I like how it is a k-12 school. The atmosphere of the school is good. The administration is really friendly.
My high school experience at Cascade High School is one I will remember forever. The atmosphere when you walk through the doors makes it feel like home. All the teachers and students are welcoming and friendly making Cascade High School a good school for students. The high school offers several college courses in order to prepare students for their future endeavors. However, there is not many aspects about the Cascade that need to be changed; however, I believe our school could have more school spirit.
Bullying is a big issue at this school, especially toward students of different orientations. The security measures are very good.
The BPA and FFA organizations are awesome, and teachers are very supportive.
Cascade is a good school if you stick to the straight and narrow. The teachers will work with you to get a good education if you really make an effort, but if you don't it's easy to fall into the cracks and be forgotten. There are some drug and behavior problems, but there are also some great people here.
These teachers are not allowed to have an opinion of their own. Rumor has it that they sign a contract when they're hired to not speak against the administration.
My student has not been allowed in school long enough to answer this fully.
Sadly they do not care about my son's education as much as they care about their statistics.
We have had the worst experience with this school than any other in all the years we've been going to school. And we have no other choices as the nearest schools are 40 miles away. Very, very disappointed.
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