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We have been at CCS for six years - kindergarten through fifth. We love the teachers, administrators, and students. Our daughters have been encouraged to work hard, pursue Christ and love their friends well. I cannot imagine sending my children anywhere else!
We are with CCS for the past 3 years. I strongly agree that both my children are getting strong Biblical foundation through their education. I hear from them every day that their teachers prayed for them which makes my heart smile.
My second grader was able to memorize all of 1Corinthians 13, Psalm 23, Exodus 20, Psalm 100 along with many more memory verses with ease. Thanks to his wonderful teachers!

Students are encouraged to share in front of their peers. Spelling bee has been a great experience for us, past 2 years and so is the Plague play and the Animal report.
Teachers at CCS are real friendly and open to conferences any time. They even respond to text messages super quick and sometimes even later at night.
We love our breaks that come every 8 weeks to ease off our stress. Administration and after school care have been really helpful too especially with both me and my husband working.
We are looking forward to many more wonderful years at CCS ~ Swarna Hamsa
This school by far exceeds our expectations and we truly feel so blessed to be part of such a great community. Our daughter has learned so much and made some great friends. The teachers and administration truly love education and the children and want to teach them about Jesus.
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I would highly recommend this school. Each year, I am increasingly thankful for this school. The leadership truly cares for the hearts of these children. We love the classical education and the biblical worldview.
We have been at CCS since 2014. We love CCS because the focus in the classrooms is not just about academics but the emphasis is also about the spiritual well being of the students, which is very important to us. It's hard to find a balance of both of those components in a Christian school but CCS has met those needs for our family. Excellent Christian school.
We have all 6 kids at CCS. Academically, super strong. Teachers and staff work hard to love and nurture each of my kids in the ways they will beat be successful. The athletics are very competitive and always striving to get better! My firstborn will be going D1 in soccer next year!!! As a public school teacher, I can see where CCS really differs The teachers and administration master a strong attention to pursing each child, showing them how details can make a difference, giving grace and showing direction, and trying to get the students to think logically through any situation.
It is impossible to list all of the benefits associated with sending your children to Cary Christian School. However, for us, the classical method of teaching is what drew us to this school. I’ve seen it over and over again ... the incredible fruit of HOW to learn. These children are able to skillfully learn anything they are presented with. This is why they not only thrive in college and beyond but graciously excel throughout life.

We love the community, the teachers’ investment in their pupils and the parent-like love and attention given to all children.
CCS is a great fit for our family. Amazing and loving teachers. Strong and engaging academics. Thoughtful leadership. Our boys have all thrived in the classroom and in their knowledge, learned through a biblical worldview.
We are new to CCS but not to classical education and our experience has been an outstanding one so far! Challenging, rewarding, developing our children into thoughtful, respectful, articulate individuals. A classical education is an investment like no other and we see the fruit of it in our children. The dedicated teachers, volunteers and administrators are highly motivated and a blessing to our family. Thank you for your good and Godly work!
Cary Christian School made a tremendous impact on my accomplishments. Their courses fine-tuned my communication, speaking, and literary skills. I love Cary Christian because of their vision of academic excellence, which prepares students for college and the outside world. Cary Christian provided an atmosphere to excel in as well as grow. In pushing a student to reach their potential, they develop the character and work ethic of the student to their maximum potential. While building a student's moral ethics through Biblical principles and truths, this school develops work ethic by offering Advanced Placement Courses, including AP Bio, AP Calculus, and AP Physics. Distinct from the honor classes that constitute most of the learning system, Advanced Placement classes provide increased academic rigor that stretches the student's stamina and learning ability. These classes require a student to push themselves and learn the meaning of hard work.
The academics at Cary Christian School are very good. The teachers are devoted to their work and actively participate in the lives of students. However, the rules and general requirements are often restricting and extreme and can make the school's environment feel very confining.
I loved my time at Cary Christian. Since it was such a small school, I was able to create special bonds with my teachers and classmates. I had the same teachers my brother had before me, and my sister had after us. I would walk through the halls on a typical day in high school and see my kindergarten teacher. The teachers were able to know what we struggled with and what we strived in. This made for an adequate learning experience.
This has been an experience with a lot of up and downs. I have learned a lot and academics are pretty good but the overall experience with academics and people have been a little rocky throughout this and I always excited to graduate it.
Cary Christian School is a private, K-12 school that provides a wonderful classical education based on a Christian worldview. Every student that passes through the hallways is enriched by the diversity of knowledge imparted to them by every single caring teacher. Studying both the classics of Greece and Rome as well as modern works, the Literature department is unmatched. Parent involvement and the administration have created an atmosphere conducive to learning.
Cary Christian School was a good choice for elementary school but when it came to middle and high school, there could've been a better option for school. The teachers aren't always qualified in there professions and the diversity is very very poor.
This school has great Academics and adequately prepares students for college. The teachers and administration, however, it very poorly organized and teachers are often not qualified for their jobs.
The kindergarten and elementary grades are excellent so far. Very solid Christian principals they follow, and they teach good behavior. They learn a scripture 1 x a week, and the school work and academics are absolutely excellent. We are very impressed with the school, and happy the kids are going here. They can pray, they can learn the Bible, and they are taught the very best with their education. I looked at the results of SAT scores with the students here, compared to the other school, and their SAT tests results are far above the other schools in the Raleigh area. I like their school system, and the buildings, land, and facilities, but I want to see the bottom line results once the children go through. Their testing results are excellent. It gave me a lot of peace, knowing that if the students apply themselves, they will do very well. It is all a truly great blessing, thank you Jesus!
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My experience at Cary Christian School has been great overall. Most of the students and teachers are welcoming and kind. Some of the classes are challenging, and they teach a lot of information without high demands of homework. One thing I would change is making the uniform rules less strict. For instance, I would allow students to wear any brand of khaki shorts or pants.
I am glad I started attending CCS this year! I have grown closer to Jesus and my teachers are very helpful. The classes are all honors which also makes it great for college prep.
The teachers at CCS genuinely care for their students and work very hard to make classes interesting and challenging.
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