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The staff were all very friendly. Everyone was willing to help each other out. Overall, it was a very good experience.
I graduated from carter high in 2020. Everyone is so amazing. My favorite class was anatomy even though it was cut short i enjoyed it.
I have been in the Carter School system since the third grade through 12th grade. It is a pretty tightknit community as most rural public schools. It is definantly not the picture of diversity, especially in the elementary school. As a person of color myself I found the change from a more diverse elementary school to a predominantly white school pretty jarring at first. As a kid I struggled with reading and school and general, so I was put in remedial classes until I tested out of it in the 5th grade. From middle school I actually tested high enough to be put in honors classes, though I do not think that was the doing of the remedial course I had to do, more of that I was a little more motivated to do my work. I took Ap classes all throughout highschool and I did choir and musical theater all of my four years. In short, Carter is definantly not a perfect school, but it will give you just enough to help you take the next steps in life, whether it is college, a trade, or a job.
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I loved the experience of making friends and creating memories while at school. They offer plenty of classes and allow us to have freedom of choosing classes while still making sure we reach the criteria upon graduation. They take to recognize each part of what makes the school as well as it is. They thrive to have a positive learning environment while striving for outstanding school spirit. The staff is made up of some of the best people you will meet and create bonds with the students they will never forget. This school is home to many current and former students.
They are very welcoming, and are motivating to get you to do your best and make the highest scores you can.
Carter was a very nice school. In every school, there are good and bad teachers and also the way they discipline people but an overall very good experience. They have a great way of engaging their students. There are many diverse students there and even teachers! College preparations are getting better over the years but overall decent. They also have a wide diversity of clubs and sports.
I did not think Carter was a good school overall. The teachers and all faculty did not seem to care about the students and their lives very much. Academics were poor and not the best educated. I went to Carter from kindergarten till graduation.
My experience at Carter High School was great! They have done a phenomenal job on preparing me for college.
Carter High School was definitely an experience I won't forget. I lost some friends, but then I made some. Those Friday nights under the lights were probably the best nights. My teachers are pretty great, and they have helped me get to where I am trying to go and meet my academic goals. High school has taught me life lessons that will be forever stuck with me.
I am involved and overall enjoy the atmosphere. They have trouble with teacher student relationships and do not offer a broad spectrum of languages, only the required.
The school is an amazing learning environment. The Choir and Theatre programs are amazing and I really enjoyed being in both.
I liked my high school experience. I enjoyed the band and opportunities I was given. I would like to see better food.
Carter High School believes every child deserves the opportunity to learn in a safe, technology driven, school with opportunities for each to grow and express themselves freely.
Carter High has not received the same funding for elaborate buildings, new tech software or sports facilities- but Carter’s administration staff and teachers has made the very best of what they have been given to work with.
Encouraging students to express freely as individuals and reach their potential at graduation is the schools motto-
It is my hope this school will be recognized as a leader in school faculty
harmony and student excellence.
Just imagine, if a school like this can thrive on little to no facility advances -
What it could become if it too had access to the very best -
One of the main attributes of carter is the excellent teaching staff. It should be mentioned that these want to push you to work your hardest and so it should reasonable to think that college readiness is very good, and possibly too good.
While there are times I get frustrated with other students and faculty, I truly feel as if I have joined a family in my four years at Carter High School. There are some truly phenomenal teachers and students there. As an avid lover of the performing arts, I have definitely found a home in the Carter choir room. Even though it get stressful, I always find myself drawn to that room and those amazing people. Our choirs may not have won many award in the past few years, but we have a bond stronger than any other choir in Knox County, and you can take my word for that.
This is my alma motern and if you wanna be understood this is the school you wanna go to because they strive to help everyone who walks through the doors of the school to do their best and help them get there
The academic programs are fine but the teachers, for the most part aren’t great. Also the environment there is terrible in my opinion. I really dread going there everyday.
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I like my school because the teachers care about my success as a student now and for the future. I really wish we had more ap classes and advanced classes like Latin.
The only decent thing about this school is some of the teachers, note me saying some. The few that actually try and change a student's way of thinking, or just simply teaching them in ways that venture outside the standard textbook and note-taking. Major improvements are needed with the interior and exterior maintenance as well as the way students are being taught. In fact, three stars may be a bit generous. While I can tell this school is slowly getting better, it still has a long way to go.
I have enjoyed all 4 years at Carter High School. We have always had a great deal of Community support in our Athletics Programs.
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