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Carsonville-Port Sanilac High School Reviews

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I liked the small class sizes, if you ever need help with anything you can just ask. You know everyone in your class. Their National Honors Society offers tutoring for the kids, three times a week. Great teachers, and the secretary is the sweetest person ever.
I've attended Carsonville-Port Sanilac my entire life. The atmosphere was great to learn in because of the relatively small amount of students per class. It allowed the teachers to focus more on the individual's education to help prepare them for college. I've had wonderful experiences growing up here and I'm fortunate to have had all these people support me the entire way.
The school is great. I have attended CPS since Kindergarten and plan to graduate in the spring.
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A lot of bullying takes place. The staff usually doesn't do anything about it
There's not very much food and the price is extremely high for what you get
The rules are sometimes put into action with some students, but not all.
Our school has just purchased iPads for the students and staff. The teachers are doing a great job trying to put them to use in the classrooms.
Our school has cut back to only having varsity teams do to lack of players signed up for the events. The players that do play work very hard but with low numbers are usually unsuccessful. The uniforms are in very poor condition. The school spirit is horrible. Students never are cheering at the games nor are they wearing our school colors. Although, someone always volunteers to wear the mascot.
National Honor Society, YAC, Commerce Club, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Softball, Baseball, Equestrian
The school is very small so everyone knows each other. There is little if any violence, so it is a very safe environment. Bullying does not have a large presence. Gangs have absolutely no presence. There is no school nurse.
Some days are really good. Other days are really not.
The principal does the job required of ensuring that the students follow the rules and being helpful to the students and parents. The guidance counselor does a good job of the actual counseling part of her job, but a terrible job of turning in paperwork and scholarship applications. Office staff is friendly and helpful. Bullying is not as big a problem as in most school. The dress code is pretty average. It is important that students attend school.
The athletic teams at Carsonville-Port Sanilac are competitive. Many of the students play sports and those that do not play, attend the games. The school spirit is something that the students take pride in and try to spread to the few that find it less important. The athletic facilities are up to date and nicer than average, and may even be the nicest in the league.
Carsonville-Port Sanilac has some great teachers on its staff. The English and Science Departments are very successful and beneficial to students looking to further their education.
There is a variety of extracurriculars for students to choose from. There are team sports, academic clubs, a theatre program, as well as a band.
I wasn't sure how prepared I was for college upon my high-school graduation. Attending college, however, turned out to be an easy transition for me. I got more out of my high-school education than I thought I had, making it easier to complete college courses and follow a degree plan. Carsonville-Port Sanilac offers a great educational foundation for the students that are willing to pay attention and put in the work.
Due to the small school, students must pick and choose their activities carefully.
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The extracurricular activities at CPS are mostly centered around sports. There are a few clubs which include equestrian, bowling, and golf. Also CPS offers academic games in which students put their academic knowledge to the test.
It is high school. There are positive and negatives to any high school. While attending high school, it seems to drag. There is, of course, the things all students enjoy. The things we enjoy have less to do with the school itself, but the friends we make and the time we make of our "prison sentence".
The school has a very safe and health environment. It makes sure that the food is cooked well and that everything is kept where it should be.
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