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The school provided a lot of information, which helped their students to obtain scholarship and college information. The administration is also very supportive of their students in terms of applying for colleges and gaining enough knowledge.
the school is meh. teachers are meh. counselors meh :/. we do have activities for the students every now and then that are somewhat enjoyable. i don't like how the 11th grade teachers are repeated for seniors.
My experience at Carson High school was good. We had many activities and were seen as a family. I feel by attending Carson High you were able to receive help when needed and knew there was always someone there for you. The one thing I would change would be to promote more than colleges in California broaden the students horizon to HBCUs.
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I been here for one year and going on to my second year and this school really shows how they care about our safety as students they take precautions all the time etc .they always believe in us and i would absolutely bring my kids here in the near future
What I like about Carson is its a very clean friendly environment. The teachers their are very caring for the students well being and education and their future.
Amazing memories can be made, academies do divided people but it is still fun with lots of fun activities based on academy you choose
I love that Carson High School has multiple campuses that have emphasis on different academic programs. This allows for smaller class sizes and more one on one attention to the students. In the AEE program the administration is extremely helpful and offers ample assistance to both the students and parents.
it’s very boring and makes me not want to attend. The teachers give our way too much work without an complete explanation.
Carson Senior High School was a diverse school. However, there were many fights during lunch and recess breaks among students. The college counselor was very helpful with taking SAT, ACT, and AP exams. She informed students about which colleges to apply and what majors to take.
The main thing I loved about Carson Senior High School was the involvement of the students. For example, many clubs are at Carson and many students are involved including me.
In my 4 years at CHS I had an amazing experience. Despite some issues, which many other high schools have, I wouldn't trade my time there for anything else in the world. I meet some amazing people, both teachers and students, and was able to take advantage of many opportunities that the school offered.
Having attended Carson High for all 4 years of my high school career, I must admit that I feel I have always overcome each struggle with appropriate help. Many teachers take the time to sit down with you and help. I am currently in Pre-Calculus and I found myself having difficulty understanding the math being taught to me. So I went to Mr. Torres; an algebra 2 teacher, and he was kind enough to sit down with me during lunch to teach me how to remember the unit circle which helped me earn a 450/500 on my final unit test. One of the most amazing parts about our school are it's extra curricular clubs. Currently I am in 3 school clubs and take leadership positions in 2 of the 3, these include; rubix cube club, ComedySportz, and Thespians. Apart from these 3 clubs I participate in, there are also clubs relating to science and technology like Robotics, or Agriculture. Plus there are even clubs for business that include internships with outside companies that many students love to apply to.
I've actually have had the best 4 years of high school. I know people will say bad thi hs about the school and some have a bad high school experience but I am quite the opposite. It's been amazing and I'm so sad to be leaving soon
My experience was pretty fun, I learned a lot from 9th grade to 12th grade. The only thing I want Carson to change is the fights and the alarm systems. There are too many fights in Carson High and the fire alarm always goes off, us students won’t know if there will ever be a real one.
Carson High School is a very diverse school. teachers here don't really care about your academic success. very few teachers are caring about the way you want to learn. most students here could care less too they think only in high school terms and never that far ahead when teachers give them the mentality of failure.
My time here at Carson Senior High School had many interesting twists and turns, and has shaped me into who I am today. All of the adults on this campus encourage every student to try their best. There is a vast amount of diversity in our school, from the pacific islanders, to hispanic ethnic backgrounds. We have some amazing staff that will assist us with any questions we have about college, and will even help us with our college applications themselves. We finally got a music program going again, and we have an amazing marching band, string orchestra band, and even a choir. Our campus, is always being cleaned, so it is always nice and tidy and a suitable work place for all of the students here. Overall, Carson High School may seem like a bad school, it really isn't and you should definitely look into our wonderful school.
Carson high school is a very diverse school that tries its best to include every student from different races. Staff are very dedicated and genuinely care for their student's futures. I'd like for Carson to try harder in keeping the campus clean. There are very few janitorial staff and the few I see are of older age. It's sad to see those older janitors clean in the heat. I think the school should enforce strict rules and punish students who litter.
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It was a fun experience learned very much during my time here. If anything had to change I would say making more extracurricular activities available for tehe students.
Overall, Carson Senior High School is very average Some teachers actually care about the students' education while others are less enthusiastic about their job. Granted, there are various teaching styles so most students will feel comfortable . There are tons of extra-curricular activities such as sports, clubs and more. Athletics are a large focus of the student body and there are many multiple-sport athletes who also keep their grades in check. The large student-body ensures that there is always something happening.
I’m still a senior at Carson high, class of 2020. I really enjoyed my years there since 9th grade. There is a big diversity and very nice people and the staff there really care about you and your future. I’ve have learned a lot of stuff in my high school experience so far and this will always be my home.
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