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Carson Middle School Reviews

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It was a good and welcoming experience. The school has some really good teachers who are eager to teach. I can say that Carson is one of the best schools I have attended.
Carson was a great experience, the math teachers are all great, it's a safe environment, and prepares the students for high school better than any other middle school in the area. The students are academically very advanced, with most students taking math classes that are two years above their actual grade level, and a few students taking classes up to four years above grade level, all successfully.
The teaching is very good and the teachers are very good and nice but I personally Like Herndon middle school better.
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East or West, Carson is the best!
My both girls graduated from Carson and never have I seen such a perfect school, in terms of diversity, Care and a great principal like Mr. Stokes .
I am a public school teacher myself and in terms of caring staff and lovely community to National level winners, Carson is really a gifted school .
Carson Middle School helped me very much. The teachers were extremely helpful, there we many fun clubs and after school activities. Overall, Carson helped prepare me for high school.
My experience at Rachel Carson Middle School is one I can never forget. I loved just about everything from the plentiful after school clubs offered to the caring staff members. This school has really helped me develop tremendously as a person. I remember walking in to this school on the first day being very introverted and had no passion to learn. I hated the idea of having different classes with different teachers and being seperated from the few friends I had formed over the 7 years I spent in elementary school. Going into high school next year, I can say that I have blossomed into an outgoing individual with a passion of learning that was instilled into me over the course of two years. I have also gotten much better at public speaking and have learned to manage my time wisely. Of course, no school can be perfect. I thought the food served in the cafeteria could be better as well as the strict rules involving technology could be altered. Nonetheless, it is an excellent school.
Really great school. They have many interesting teachers and the students are all pretty nice. You don't have to be popular to have fun at this school. It's filled with nerds and people who don't really care about this stuff.
I learned more any given semester in middle school than I did in my first 2 years of high school, I had amazing teachers, and I absolutely loved the classes I had.
I always felt very safe at the school, but the nurse's office could be redesigned so the beds are not in full view of the door as everyone walked past.
I always had trouble picking which activities to do as there were so many options.
I miss this school so much, it has a lot of problems, including quite a few nut jobs, but it is the best school I have attended.
I miss my middle school teachers years after I finished middle school. They were way better that most if not all of the teachers we have in high school.
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