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Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Reviews

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The atmosphere is great and the curriculum is heavy but prepares you for college and real life situations
This school definitely prepares students academically, but there is a nasty, toxic school culture. Save yourself the mental/emotional turmoil and money by not going here.
I love carrollton! It is an incredible environment for young girls to grow and mature, while also learning about the world around us. I owe the woman I am today to my experiences at Carrollton, and I would recommend it to any parent of a girl with a determination to grow and learn.
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I have been at Carrollton for 5 years, and am currently a junior. I think it's an excellent school to prep for college and incredibly challenging. However, the teachers give an excessive amount of busywork and do not always keep their students engaged (mostly long lectures).
I've been at Carrollton for a large portion of my life but went to another school for five years before. I love basically everything about Carrollton except the students. I've found my group of friends, but everyone else in my grade (and most of the high school) could care less about me. Even though our grade acts like it's inclusive all the time, I feel like it's not really true (at least not for everyone). Students can also be extremely rude to teachers and ruin the class experience for others. But other than that (and a few administration errors) I love Carrollton and I wouldn't want to leave.
This is the best school ever!! They help turn young ladies into women of courage and confidence. I am so fortunate to have been able to attend this school. It is truly a blessing.
My experience so far at Carrollton has been amazing. I've made such great lifelong friends and I couldn't ask for better people in my life than them. Most of my teachers are amazing as well and make my learning experience so enjoyable. The school itself is beautiful, with an ocean right by it. I love it!
Love the all girls environment. Great emphasis on values and sisterhood. Amazing teachers that care about the students and opportunities offered outside of school. Has the only nationally competitive all-girls policy debate team in the nation.
Carrollton provides great education, great resources, a gorgeous campus, and a beautiful and supportive tight community. Classes are small and engaging. There is a strong STEM program with pretty good resources. The Arts Program in high school is pretty good too! The workload in high school is challenging and rigorous but with good time management, you can work hard and play hard. You will be well prepared for college!
Our three daughters attend Carrollton and we are grateful beyond measure. Having 3 students there with 3 very different personalities, it is amazing to see how each one is cared for, inspired and motivated at all grade levels. To me, this relatively small community that gets to know each child is what sets Carrollton apart. We know that our girls will be known, heard and taken to new levels with the amazing faculty and resources available to them. In addition, the five goals of the Sacred Heart give the girls and teachers and administration a true direction on what they focus on in all aspects of their lives. This attention to significant spiritual, academic, philanthropic, friendship, and personal joirneys is carried out in everything they do and learn and helps guide the girls to successful and meaningful futures. We look forward to continue to see them grow in this unique and wonderful environment.
Carrollton is a school that nourishes the whole child- Mind, body, spirit. It builds a great sense of community. Offers great opportunities for different interests: science, math, arts, sports
I have attended Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart since first grade. It has shaped me into a courageous and independent woman. The curriculum focuses on motivating students to achieve their highest potential at a grade school level, as well as encourages girls to effectively pursue their dreams after Carrollton.
Although I wasn't sure if an all-girls school would be a good fit for me, I came to realize that I was able to focus on academics, especially on the STEM subjects which I enjoy. The small classes and engaged teachers further helped me understand the more difficult subjects. Highly reccomend.
I have had a great 5 years at Carrollton. The faculty and students are outstanding. It instills values of courage and confidence.
I have been attending Carrollton for the past few years and I can whole-heartedly affirm that it is an incredible environment to learn in. My high school experience thus far has been extremely formative and I cannot thank the school enough for the opportunities that it gives me on a regular basis. I love Carrollton.
As a current senior, I can attest that Carrollton is an amazing option for all girls who feel like this is the environment they can thrive in. It’s not for everyone, but it does try it’s hardest to accommodate all.
I've been here my whole life and I could not have asked for a better experience! Carrollton's not for everyone; it's small and not super diverse so it's hard for them to achieve diversity in classes and in people. However, Carrollton is good at what they do, providing skilled and passionate teachers that instill you with the skills to be successful in life. You'll receive a deep, enriching education that will help you find your passion in an empowering environment for girls.
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Carrollton was absolutely hands down the best experience I could have ever asked for. It is such an accepting, open-minded and empowering environment. Being an all girls school, there was a very feminist message and the very core of their values. Almost all the books we read for middle and high school literature were feminist novels. Aside from the academic curriculum, Carrollton does a phenomenal job in growing the mind and heart. Sacred Heart values are intertwined in the day-to-day. Each morning starts with "Espacio," five minutes of quiet time to pray, reflect, or just be still. Each afternoon there is assembly where the school gathers to either learn from a guest speaker, participate in an activity, or just hear school announcements. Everything about Carrollton was incredible and it truly felt like home.
Carrollton has given me the opportunity to create life-long friendships and introduced me to the Sacred Heart Network. I was able to grow in a positive and collaborative atmosphere which stimulated my curiosity and allowed me to feel comfortable being who I am. Incredibly grateful and blessed to have been a part of this school.
I've been at Carrollton since I was four years old and I know it was meant to be. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Sometimes I take for granted the stunning beauty of the campus, the incredibly supportive community, the strong foundational values, the range of academic, extracurricular, service, competitive, and athletic opportunities, the amazing faculty, and the love I receive every day from my Carrollton family. I know for a fact that I'll never find a place like Carrollton and I will be very sad to leave, but I know I will always be welcome home with numerous alumni events. I also am confident that Carrollton has prepared me extremely well for college; I know this from to students at other schools around the nation and Carrollton graduates. I thank Carrollton for shaping me into who I am spiritually, intellectually, and socially.