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I loved the environment that is created here as well as the commitment and love that the faculty and staff provide to support you. I was in the band and it was the best experience ever.
The school itself had excellent and caring teachers who actually wanted you to succeed, but the reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the people that run the school (school board) are very unpleasant and unprofessional when something doesn’t go their way.
Teachers are okay, but if you have questions they will make you stay after school or before school. To some that might be a little frustrating, but for others it allows them to fully understand what they may need help with. The students are awful tho and are very judgmental... something I wish Carroll ISD would really emphasize on how we should be more kind.
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Carroll High School is a super competitive school which is great because it helps you prepare for college-level courses. You make great friends and are challenged together and honestly, competing with your classmates on who got the highest test score really motivates you to do the best you possibly can.
To be honest 98% of the teachers here are good. that 2% is every single math teacher at Carroll. They don't understand that in their job it requires actual teaching. As for bullying, if your child is in relations to a faculty member or is the son or daughter of a faculty member, they can get away with pretty much any horrible actions you can think of. If their not in relations to a faculty member then they either 1. wont deal with the situation and do their best to hide it from the public. or 2. unfairly deal with it. Maybe like 2 out of 10 times it's properly handled. For an educational review, only send your child here if they are willing to teach themselves in math. The rest of the classes are great.
I attended Carroll ISD Kindergarten-12th grade. Aside from having the occasional clueless coach for a math teacher, I have few to no complaints about the academics of Carroll. It can be rigorous, but thanks to this I graduated feeling well educated and prepared for my next steps in life (which I was). However, the people are mean and the social expectations are demanding. If you have a cofident, mean, take-what-I-want personality, you may excel here. If you are shy in the slightest or lack confidence, it's a very sad an scary place to be. The negative environment is enough to keep me from ever allowing my own children to attend here.
I'm being 100% honest. If you're not great at making new friends, and you are not involved in sports/clubs then this school isn't for you. Half of the people here are so rude, for ex. if you aren't wearing the trendiest clothes. The teachers really show you how they would much rather do other stuff. This school is okay, but it's more about the people and enviorment that make it so much more difficult. I have had girls tell me that I need to wear makeup to actually not look so bad. It's so sad. I hope you fit in tho.... cuz if you do, you will love this school. But if you are more shy/humble good luck. you are beautiful no matter what anyone tells you. At least I learned how to accept myself cause those girls were mean to me. Everything happens for a reason. Overall the school is good education wise so I guess it's good if you just want to study and be done with highschool because same.
As a senior, Carroll has given me friends and memories to last a lifetime. There is always something to do and it is super easy to become involved. Your student will never be bored. Teachers are easy to work with and the office staff is always ready to help with smiling faces!
I do not really know how to describe my freshman year at this school. ALL the teachers I have are the absolute worse and do not even teach. It is honestly so stressful and I hate it. The teachers have such a bad attitude and can not even give an effort to anything. The school is okay, but the teachers make it 10,000x worse. The bathrooms are so filthy and half the doors do not lock. The cafeteria food is also unhealthy and they serve almost everything the same everyday. The only healthy food they have is the salad bar and fruit in a cup. Honestly the people in my grade are pretty racist but i got me some friends lmao. If you do not have friends and are bad at making them this school is not for you. You will hate this school. The only reason I have survived to this point is because of my friends smh. - bye
I like that the teachers are dedicated and try to help students master all content. Furthermore, they are interesting people, which helps to engage students. The technology is cutting-edge and sports are of utmost quality as well.
The teachers and administrators really care about the students. The students and school environment is very positive.
At my school there are a variety of challenging courses available. Every year I have more and more AP courses to choose from and for the majority of the time I really enjoy those classes and learning. The teachers are really great and along with preparing the students for the AP exam, they truly embed a sense of learning and thinking beyond what is simply on the page and taking the material one step further.
There isn't really anything wrong or good about the security or health measures.
Eh the biggest problem is how obsessed everyone is with football. This keeps funding away from other activities that are arguable just as if not more successful that football.
I have mixed feelings about this school and the entire Carroll school district... On one hand, it gave me many opportunities and experiences, but on the other, the entire atmosphere and social structure seems to revolve around sports (specifically football). About 15% of the teachers are extraordinary but that leaves the majority lacking, not necessarily from a teaching aspect but with their interactions with the children. Some of the teachers genuinely seem like they would rather be doing anything other than teaching and when any issue comes up the staff refuse to listen or respect the opinions of students or even their parents. There are many other things I dislike about this school but to summarize, the entire experience seems like a necessary evil... which is definitely not what highschool should be.
Only of the teachers really try to educate their students. Most of the staff seem to just kinda be there for the job and don't do anything above the least amount of effort required.
Our football program is one of the best in our region and division.
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There are plenty of things to choose from.
Our school district has one mascot for all of the schools.
The dress code is not enforced as much as it should. Attendance and tardies are relatively kept track of for exemption purposes.
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