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Carroll is a very good school because of the opportunity to gain an education that will provide a very good reference of what college is like. It allows you to gain a work ethic that may not be received at any other school. There's not a lot I would like to see change.
The Academics are amazing, and students learn so many great things they will need throughout life. There is a wide variety of classes that students can choose what they find interesting and what will help them later in life with a career or family. The down side of Carroll High School is there are so many students that it is hard to get to know everyone. Also, the teacher has a harder time getting to learn all the students and trying to connect to each and every one. The athletics at this school are great, they win a lot of the games but when you are on a team they pick favorites. Overall, I would rate Carroll a 4/5 because the great academics and sports teams but the size is the down fall.
Many of the teachers here actually care about their students and if a student puts in the work most teachers will help them achieve their goals. That being said there are some members of the faculty that are too strict to the book. By this, I mean that they refuse to change the way that they teach to help their students learn. However, this is a minority and most of the teachers are willing to help their students.
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Great school, with many great teachers. Athletic teams could be a little better, but academically very top notch, especially since its a public school.
Many of the teachers at the high school are not very good at their job and can't teach. A majority of the issues is with the math department. When you ask for help solving a problem, they do not dumb it down enough for kids to understand.
What's great about Carroll is that there is an excellent staff and a million and one opportunities for students, however the school lacks severely in diversity and general awareness.
Carroll is a pretty good school. They are always trying to improve and looking out for students. Go Chargers!
I was new to Carroll High School my junior year, and it was a pretty easy adjustment. I am doing so much better academically than I did at my old school, and I have so many more opportunities, such as an internship that my old school didn't offer.
Overall a very good school, amazing teachers and academics, although lacks some APs other schools offer. Good school culture and safety, most students are very nice and I have never felt any sort of danger and fights are extremely rare, however the school is not very diverse in the student body. Lots of clubs and activities along with in school activity period once a week to allow for attending clubs. Good sports and food and the building is nice. Guidance does a good job of college preparation and offers some recourses. Administration can be strict about trivial things along with a strict internet filter and the school has internet problems on a daily basis making in school classwork online hard. Overall Carroll is a very good school and I am happy to be attending it rather than other schools nearby.
Carroll High School (CHS) exposed me to an excellent academic education. The teachers were excellent. A diversified staff would make the school even that much better. CHS affords its students a variety of after school activities. However, CHS would serve the community better to have more cultural type activities.
It is a large school with a lot of course offerings. Getting on a sport's team can be difficult. There are several clubs available for students.
Carroll High School is a very welcoming place for everyone! There are extensive opportunities to get involved, whether it is through a sport, club or other extra curricular activity. Each and every teacher is cooperative with each other and their students, as well as doing whatever they can in order to see their students succeed! Carroll's academics are outstanding and it maintains a safe and positive environment.
During the years I was there, it seemed that Carroll valued their image over academics. We had several football players who got full rides to Purdue, and they posted it in the newspaper multiple times for over a month because of how proud they were. Meanwhile, one of my classmates received a full ride with NASA to work in the engineering department there, something that is rarely given to high schools students. However, she only received recognition for 1 day and in a brief sentence during graduation. I found it discouraging.
I liked the teachers as most of them really cared about their students. There is also a wide variety of courses to take to fit your individual needs. I do think they are very strict and could loosen up. The administers will not give much leeway in many different situations.
I attended Carroll High School for all four years of high school, and I am extremely satisfied with my experience. Carroll has a very professional atmosphere and the staff are very attentive to their students' needs.
I believe that Carroll High School employs some of the best teachers in the Northern Indiana area. I loved every second of the sports, music, and academic extracurriculars and liked the fact that Carroll is able to compete against other schools similar in size and abilities.
Carroll High School is full of teachers who genuinely care, not just about your education, but about your personal life. They have impacted me in a positive way, teaching me more about life in many different kinds of ways. Carroll is full of many opportunities, including a wide variety of clubs that are open to all on Wednesdays during activity period. Carroll has many sports, including Champions Together.
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Carroll High School maximized my learning opportunity. It laid the foundation for the mindset and work habits necessary in college. The teachers here ignited my curiosity and personalized their teachings to meet the needs of the students. Although Carroll High School has a dominant white student population, the staff comes from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, including study and training from a wide range of U.S. universities and abroad. Here, students' brains are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, cultures, and pursuits, both in and out of class. Students have a chance to practice leadership by participating in clubs, sports, and fundraising efforts.
I like how a lot of the students are very invested in their students, particularly in our thriving art program. I personally am involved with the photography department but the entire fine arts faculty as a whole are all very professional and very good at what they do. Also, there is a wide variety of the courses offered at Carroll and the custodial staff does a great job at ensuring the cleanliness of our school is maintained.
Carroll has very challenging academic classes that pushes students to work more outside of the classroom. The teachers are very nice and are very flexible in helping out before and after the school hours. The school system keeps the students well disciplined and has at least one cop at the school all day for safety reasons. I would only change the lay out of the lockers for the fact that it feels like we are on top of each other throughout the whole day.
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