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Teachers for the most part actually care and are willing to help and work with students. Some leave much to be desired but very few exhibit this. Well kept facilities. Dual credit opportunities with local DMACC campus but little to no AP credit opportunities.
There is not very much diversity, way too strict dress code, school issued water bottles that leak, chromebooks for all students.
Carroll High is a nice High school, they offer a good variety of activities. Sports are very popular and I am on the dance team. The teachers there are great, and really care about their students. The office staff is wonderful, very helpful and organized. The school is safe and always clean. There is a program with DMACC that you can earn college credits, the program is free and I have already earned over 20 college credits that will all transfer to my college next year.
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I loved how everyone was kind and caring. No matter what you needed the staff would help. Students were kindly and outgoing. The food was great and the activities the school had were fun and amazing
I like Carroll High because of the many classes they offer and how well they prepare students for the future. The teachers do a great job of connecting with the students and pushing them to do better.
Carroll High School has been an amazing experience for me. It gave me many opportunities in extracurriculars, class options, and a community with a very diverse and caring outlook. The only change I wish for Carroll High School to have is not such a strong importance on athletics. I agree that these team-building programs are essential for some high school students to grow and learn as people, but when other programs suffer (such as the drama department or even sports that are not as popular), it becomes a problem.
Carroll High School is filled with some of the most dedicated teachers and staff in the country. This school provided me with an education that prepared me for college and experiences that prepared me for life.
Carroll High School really prepares you for continuing your education in college, especially with the help of offering many different college courses. The teachers are always there to answer questions and are super nice.
As a student who attended Carroll High School in Iowa, I found it to be a great place to learn academically and meet new friends. The children there are for the most part very friendly and helpful and the faculty was very nice and cared about your learning experience. There were many things to get involved with and many people would encourage you to go out of your comfort zone to create fun and new experiences. I would definitely recommend Carroll High School to anyone who has any interest of becoming a tiger.
I thought most of the teachers were great. Generally everyone at the school was very nice. I wish they had more classes offered. I wish they had more school assemblies at school. I would have liked to see the school have clubs for students.
Carroll Community School district is great in terms of academics and sports and the student and teacher diversity, but lacks some things like student freedoms and rules that mostly don't make any sense. The secretaries are also very rude to anyone that comes through their doors.
Extracurriculars are great at this school. In the last couple of years we've had new additions such as the following: hay straight alliance, student newspaper, and tiger vision which a daily news update about Carroll high by Marketing class students. There's a wide variety of sports as well.
My experience at this school has been different than at my previous high school. It's much smaller in size which can be a bug adjustment. The community involvment is tremendous. Everyone shows their Tiger Pride.
The staff at CHS devote their time and effort into every school day. The teaching style overall has one common goal with many ways that they all approach it. Their knowledge extends from not only inside the classroom but also beyond. Relationships can be formed with teachers that create a great bond between students.
I have enjoyed Carroll High, Carroll is like any other typical high school, except the teachers are very caring and understanding of the problems students face in everyday life, and almost all the students and teachers seem to have a level of respect for one another.
For the most part, I really loved Carroll High School. Most of the teachers genuinely care about you and your grades and that's the kind of teachers that students need! I had a pretty good time in high school and that's all thanks to my favorite teachers who helped me to get to where I am now.
Need trap shooting added for a sport
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We have had a couple of instances where it hasn't been the best with out principle switching out, but it went all right and things are back on track now!
I don't have much to say about sports equipment other than it's a great facility and all of it gets used at some point.
I felt I got a very well lead education from the teachers put into the school district! Very encouraging and reasonable when it came to homework/ tests.
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