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I liked that you could be yourself. Some changes could be more involvement with the students. More actives to do other than sports. Would like to see more school spirit
The CAS classes are very tough as they should be. the environment isn’t completely safe but the teachers and staff do try to get it to be safe. health tech program is very nice, a great way to get a head start!
I personally had a great experience at Carrick High School. My favorite part is the teachers! There are multiple teachers there who I will never forget, and they worked their hardest to help you learn. They made the environment very comfortable and made it feel like you were family.
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Has a very structured system, so a transition from middle school to high school is relatively easy here. Doesn't have an insane amount of students so you can get to know almost everyone here. Teachers have a very good knowledge of teaching about real life circumstances and can relate to an inner city point of view.
Carrick high school is what you make of it. There are teachers there that will impact your life more than you will know and there are teachers that are there just for their check. If you’re lucky enough to enquire one of those teachers who will do anything to see you succeed you can not take that for granted. When I attended carrick high school 50% of the teachers I had truly cared about me and made my experience overall better than what it would have been like if I was just consumed by the negative energy of other students. Many people that speak of carrick will say poor things of this school and, personally, I believe it’s mostly the students that attend there that makes the school less bearable to other students due to the fact that they just don’t care about their education or anyone else in there. Essentially any high school has their ups and downs but if you want a good experience and you put yourself out there you will get it if it’s at carrick or not.
The teachers are very caring and teach well. They are very passionate about their jobs. Many students at this school are careless and wild, but CAS and AP classes place you in classes where students care.
The teachers are fantastic! The halls are too crowded, but I really like it here. We have a horrible reputation for violence and drugs, but in all honesty, my experience has been really pleasant. We're just based out of a bad neighborhood. The staff really cares about us and about our education: they want us to be successful and happy. We don't deserve all the flak we get.
Teachers are very helpful and kind. It may sound cheesy, but it feels like a big happy family at Carrick.
The teachers are what make Carrick the school as good as it is, they genuinely care about their students and want to see them suceed but the district and the administration make their jobs difficult and the school spirit is crushed.
All the teachers made sure i was always on track. are sport team football and basketball are the most watched. this helps gather students and have school spirit.
Over the 4 years of me attending Carrick I grew to love the school and have pride to call myself a Raider.
Carrick high school has plenty of verity for topics to learn includen culinary, medical feild, carpentry, and etc. Most teachers are respectful and nice to the students also willing to work with them, but some teachers are very boring to the point that you dont even want to engage on your lesson or there just rude so you dont want to listen to them. Thankfully carrick high dosent have much of the bad teachers usually pretty good choices of the district for the teachers that attend the school.
I like how our school has such a diverse group of students. Our school is not like a basic high school from a movie, we don't have cliques. Everyone who attends my school has multiple friends that have very different back rounds. If i could change one thing it would be for the teachers and administration to not pick favorites. The staff often picks there favorite students and decides if they get in trouble for and if they just get to pass through.
My personal experience at Carrick high school has been rather pleasant. Granted my school has a terrible rep, there is a handful of students who steer away from those stereotypes and make good decisions. My friend group and I fall into that category. The same can be said for certain teachers, whom display compassion and interest among the students they teach. I am one of the fortunate students who partake in these teachers classes, and due to the hospitality they provide, my high school career has been rather enjoyable.
The teachers are extremely helpful. They connect with parents to help keep you on the right path and the counselors are almost always available for any and all questions. I would like to see more school oriented activitys.
Carrick High School is quite possibly the reason for my metamorphosis into an aspiring student I am today. The teachers are very involved with their student so much so that it is clear they wish for their students to succeed and pursue their wildest hopes and dreams after High School. Additionally, a handful of teachers set the goal to instruct their class to properly behave in a college environment, which sets my hopes even higher to have a fantastic transition from High School to College. Additionally, the students power the school beyond the likes of what I have ever seen before. Clubs, school spirit, maturity, you name it! I don't think I would have felt more like a family if I had attended another school in the Pittsburgh area. Overall, Carrick has been a very pleasant experience for me to get my feet wet in the real world.
Teachers are great. They need more student diversity. School culture is something that should be worked on. To many students think there owed something. It could be because the color of there skin,there eithentity, there religious beliefs. There's just to much catering .
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As a former Carrick High School student, I've found that attending this school leaves much to be desired educationally. Staff and faculty are lethargic about student success rate. As a student, I noticed Carrick would rather commit and subject students to juvenile incarceration for minuscule acts, instead of actually teaching and nurturing to the needs of the students where allowed.
Despite the kids erratic behavior, You can find and develop Character. From the Teachers , specifically Mrs. Renner, help guide and "hold no tongue" to shaping Young adults . Reaching minds to want to dissect matter meticulously , always result in effectiveness from the classroom to outside environments. I'm thankful to have experienced years of development from Carrick. It may be a public school, but surely can touch minds to think . If you do choose this school, be Involved. You will have four years greatness, if, you do them right. Take advantage.Take Control.
The curriculum could possibly be a little bit better, but the overall experience was great. The sports teams could be more structured and organized. The teachers are great, but the classes can easily becoming boring and repetitive. The environment is safer than most schools as well.
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