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Carondelet has an amazing staff that wants their students to succeed. The environment is extremely positive and helps students pursue their education and become better people.
Carondelet High School has its strengths and weaknesses. It offered great course options. It has prepped me well in becoming a more confident and empowered woman in today's society. However, one of its downfalls is the poor connection with the school across the street. Although classes can be offered on both campuses, there should be more ways to build a relationship with the boys across the street. Overall it is a good school with great opportunities.
I love everything about Carondelet. I love how committed the teachers are to each of their students.
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Though the school isn’t perfect, it is very safe and welcoming. I always feel safe there and I am an openly queer student. Even with its religious undertones, the LGBTQA+ community is accepted by most students and faculty. The teachers are extremely kind and almost all of them are extremely well educated. There are some cliques, but every high school has them. If you find the right people, this school will be an amazing experience.
I am a rising senior at Carondelet and I can truly say it changed my life. I entered Carondelet and immediately felt a sense of community. The staff and students were warm, caring, and welcoming. The faculty is always there to lend a helping hand with student needs. All of the young women at Carondelet High School are intelligent, caring, and compassionate. This school has given me a strong support system and engaging learning environment. It has not only given me the opportunity to grow as a student, but also as a person. Carondelet gives their students the ability to not only do well academically, but also socially and emotionally. I am able to be my authentic self and explore academically. Carondelet gives their girls the ability to engage and explore in a caring and encouraging environment. Carondelet has truly helped me become a better student and a well rounded person due to their compassionate and encouraging community.
I had a good overall experience and some of the teachers are great. In my 4 years, the teaching staff changed tremendously.
Carondelet High School is a great school, and I feel like it has prepared me well for college. I look forward to continuing my remaining two years there.
The teachers, faculty, and staff are all very supportive and want the best for you. They are there to help their students through thick and thin. The school provides a well rounded education that nourishes your mind, heart, and sole. It provides you with a community that is supportive and stands for social justice, ethics, helping ones community, and making a difference in the world.
Carondelet made me feel at home like no other school I’ve been to before. The teachers care and there’s an atmosphere of support.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Carondelet. Coming from a feeder K-8 school, I arrived with a good group of friends, but I have made so many more great friendships over the years. I have also had great relationships with teachers who have become mentors and friends to me. Administration was difficult to deal with at times, as most administration is, but I truly feel like everyone at the school had the wellbeing and success of the students as a top priority.
Good social environment but below average education. Main focus is sports and academics come second. Negative administration cooperation with DLS. Prioritize their image over students
I like Carondelet High School because of the support from students and teachers. I would like to see more school rallies (spirit).
The sisterhood is very strong, as well as positive messages about female empowerment. There is an emphasis on pushing forward to be your best.
Overall, I'm glad I came to Carondelet. I've grown a lot as a person and it's a great school academically. Carondelet really challenges its students and for that reason, I feel prepared for college.
Carondelet has been nothing except a great experience for me. The teachers are all so caring, and the academics are tough but they prepare us for college. This school is great at preparing students for life after high school, and I am so excited to enter college with a good foundation from Carondelet.
My experience at Carondelet was and good. I did a lot of growing up. I came from a very small elementary school and feel I was sheltered the entire time I was there. Carondelet taught me to be a a more assertive young woman and at the same time get a very good education.
People at Carondelet are really nice and care about academics. The teachers are very helpful and good at explaining concepts. There are a lot of classes to choose from depending on your unique interests. There are lots of clubs and sports after school to participate in.
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Like most schools there were pros and cons. The acedemics were pretty good, I felt challenged but also knew I had the support of most of my teachers if it became too much. Also the school’s encouragement of volunteer work is nice. My main issue with the school was the way of thinking was very traditional and “old school”, which I can understand to a certain degree. But it is 2019 and the world’s way of thinking is changing and I believe that the school should start to evolve with it, not stay stuck in the 1900’s way of thinking. I also found that the administration was very hypocritical, they would preach one thing but not actually allow it. It was very frustrating when all I wanted to do was be myself but had that taken away from me and suppressed. It probably didn’t help that I am a minority. But food was pretty fire!
It is an excellent school that prepares students to take on a vigorous college curriculum. However, some of the staff seem to lack some material in their lesson plans, and it seems more like a study hall at times.
Carondelet prepared me very well for college - the work load, the work/life balance, and the diversity of classes/assignments/etc. As an all girls school (even though it's directly across the street from an all boys school) I really did feel the sisterhood and make lifelong friends through classes and extracurriculars. There are definitely some tough-to-love teachers, rules that I don't think mattered or impacted my college and adult life, and issues with keeping girls and boys separate, but overall it was a decent high school experience.
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