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Carondelet has been nothing except a great experience for me. The teachers are all so caring, and the academics are tough but they prepare us for college. This school is great at preparing students for life after high school, and I am so excited to enter college with a good foundation from Carondelet.
My experience at Carondelet was and good. I did a lot of growing up. I came from a very small elementary school and feel I was sheltered the entire time I was there. Carondelet taught me to be a a more assertive young woman and at the same time get a very good education.
People at Carondelet are really nice and care about academics. The teachers are very helpful and good at explaining concepts. There are a lot of classes to choose from depending on your unique interests. There are lots of clubs and sports after school to participate in.
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Like most schools there were pros and cons. The acedemics were pretty good, I felt challenged but also knew I had the support of most of my teachers if it became too much. Also the school’s encouragement of volunteer work is nice. My main issue with the school was the way of thinking was very traditional and “old school”, which I can understand to a certain degree. But it is 2019 and the world’s way of thinking is changing and I believe that the school should start to evolve with it, not stay stuck in the 1900’s way of thinking. I also found that the administration was very hypocritical, they would preach one thing but not actually allow it. It was very frustrating when all I wanted to do was be myself but had that taken away from me and suppressed. It probably didn’t help that I am a minority. But food was pretty fire!
It is an excellent school that prepares students to take on a vigorous college curriculum. However, some of the staff seem to lack some material in their lesson plans, and it seems more like a study hall at times.
Carondelet prepared me very well for college - the work load, the work/life balance, and the diversity of classes/assignments/etc. As an all girls school (even though it's directly across the street from an all boys school) I really did feel the sisterhood and make lifelong friends through classes and extracurriculars. There are definitely some tough-to-love teachers, rules that I don't think mattered or impacted my college and adult life, and issues with keeping girls and boys separate, but overall it was a decent high school experience.
I loved my experience at Carondelet. The students are what make it great. The teachers really care about you and want to see you learn and succeed. The only star off is due to how sometimes, students with money or “personal connections” to the school have an advantage over those without. This is well known amongst the students. However, the students are all so welcoming and warm.
Carondelet High School prepares students for the future; a successful college experience and job opportunities. They provide a supportive faculty and staff and an environment that supports students. I am a proud graduate of Carondelet High School and support it all the way. The academics are a priority followed by an excellent sports department all while being grounded in the faith and spirituality of the Catholic religion. It raises girls to all of which women are capable. By the end of the four years at Carondelet we are bonded in the sisterhood and are young women of hear, faith, and courage.
Great school. The teachers really care about the girls. Academics are top notch. The school spirit is amazing, truly a sisterhood. The teachers are doing some innovative things with their curriculum.
I enjoyed my experience at Carondelet. Like every school not all teachers are the best but at Carondelet, each teacher takes the time to understand your needs. My junior year I struggled a lot but the next semester I devoted myself in my school work and my teachers were a large factor of my success. They took the time to understand my limited time and responsibilities outside of school and helped me achieve the highest GPA. As a student leader, I was constantly disappointed in the administration. I was always shut down. They rarely strayed from tradition and it was very hard for me to voice my opinion even as the class president. In the beginning of my senior year I was placed in a room with my 2 moderators and activities director while they repeatedly told me I wasn't good enough for my job and threatened to take my position away from me. There is also a huge lack of minorities or appreciation for different ethnicities. As a minority, I have felt under represented and inferior.
Carondelet is a very cliquey environment, the girls are very fake and even the staff play into this as they favor the richer more popular girls. Some girls get reprimanded for minute things while other girls get away with everything. The academics are at best middle school level and they make a big show of their school on open house and interview day but in reality it’s a very terrible environment. I really want to transfer schools but i’m staying for the school’s “brand name”.
The sisterhood that was present on a day to day basis was great and the support that everyone gave was amazing. The academics and extra support (especially for applying to college and mental health) were amazing. I am not a huge fan of how they are changing the curriculum and do not think that it will be beneficial.
It's a quality education with some minor flaws. It is a great school to send your young daughter for her to grow in her faith and academic studies.
The Principal is very approachable and receptive to ideas. There is not always an attitude of "empowering" young women with some of the teachers/ staff.
Carondelet is the definition of community. From the initial freshman family picnic day where you are whisked away from your parents at the start to learn the dance steps to a “todays hits” number to the showcase of school clubs and activity booths surrounding the quad while you enjoy lunch in the sun. “Sisterhood” is heard everywhere. Support and guidance are present in every teacher and every student surrounding you through your wonderful four year adventure at Carondelet HighSchool.
It’s the type of school where making friends is very easy. The academics might be rigorous, but the teachers are always ready and available if a student is struggling and needs help.
Carondelet was a great experience. I love the community and sisterhood at this school. I love the giving and kind nature of all of the students you will encounter here. The teachers are helpful and geniunely want to help you not only learn, but also thrive. The school is focused on giving back to the community and there are many community service opportunities too. Overall, I highly reccomend Carondelet to anyone who is looking to be in a positive, kind, and loving learning environment.
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I like the rigorous academics. This school puts a lot of responsibility on the student and not the parent, which leads to a responsible, independent student. The teachers are generally very involved and there are a few who have really helped me and I have connected with. The athletics are a little sketchy. There is always drama going on with the sports, but it only seems to be with certain sports. I took off one star because of the social situation. This isnt really the school's fault, but the girls at the school feel very exclusive. It feels like once freshmen year is over, the oppurtunity of making new friends is shut down. I like to call it the "Two Week Oppurtunity Window." I think that this is just the result of such a prestigious, small school, but it did affect me and my self esteem.
Carondelet was a rather interesting place. On one hand, there is so much support and love from the girls there it's sometimes hard not to smile throughout the halls. On the other, everyone is separated into their own groups and don't really try to be close friends with girls from other groups. We had many activities at the school, but there were always some restrictions since it is a Catholic school that did not allow us to be our true, authentic selves.
Carondelet was a great college prep school for my two girls. Both came out ready for college level classes. They were fully prepared for college. The School needs to stop putting such an importance on hiring alumni and hire qualified teachers -- there are several teachers who really do not teach the core subject and play favorites. The sports program is improving with a beautiful new complex, but, again, favorites are played when the teams are picked. Overall it was a good experience for my girls.
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