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I've been a student at Carolina Friends school since I was a freshman, I am now a senior. The teachers are amazing but students of color tend to struggle with the lack of diversity.
I love, love, love Carolina Friends School! It has been truly life-changing for me. Many say that it's an "easy" school--I entirely disagree. To outsiders, it may seem hard to fail, but that is only because the staff is so loving and supportive of their students.
Great teacher-student relationship. Been here for my whole high school career and the college counsler is amazing!
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CFS taught me to develop critical thinking skills that could be applied to any discipline. They suggested a moral and ethical approach to all subjects and created globally minded alumni.
I started at CFS as a freshman, coming straight from public school. When I was in public school, everything was about competition and GPA, racing to the top and stepping on others as you went. At CFS people actually help each other out and are nice to one another. One can really tell how strong the community is at this school. Originally my main concern with the school was that it was too good to be true and that their slower pace of learning would impede my chances of getting into a good college. Now I can see that the opposite is true; instead of memorizing material for a test we actually were able to LEARN. My time at CFS has also given me the insight to challenge others' opinions and go to my teachers for help outside of the class period, both of which are necessary college skills. Overall, my experience at CFS has been amazing and I do not think I would be following my dreams as a screenwriter if I had attended any other school.
I love CFS. It's nothing like one of the public schools I could've gone to and alien to the private schools we play in sports. It's somewhere that's unique and I'm so happy this is where I've gone to school.
CFS fulfilled its mission in the day-to-day life of the school. Teachers gave me opportunities to think critically, put ideas into action, and gave me tools to change the world for the better!
CFS has amazing teachers, motivated students and beautiful campus! I feel so lucky to be a student here. The teachers really work with you one-on-one to ensure you're reaching your own individual potential. Class sizes are small to ensure individuated attention. The school feels like a true community with each student, staff person, teacher, etc. all playing a vital role in its stewardship.
This is my 4th year at CFS, and have never loved going to school more than I do now. I feel like I can really engage closely with my classwork, have deep conversations with my teachers and be my best self here. I also love how diverse the student body and staff are...there are all kinds of people here and their unique identities are truly celebrated. Also, at my other schools teachers seemed stressed and too busy to actually help us grow, while at CFS it seems like it's the most important part of the learning environment.
I feel supported by my teachers, loved by my fellow students and cared for by the larger community. I get everything I need as a trans person of color at CFS.
Despite feeling the typical stress and anxiety around college admissions, I feel prepared and supported to submit my applications, graduate and attend university next year. The staff and administration have been incredibly supportive throughout the year, helping with essays, college interviews, testing and college visits. I'm going to miss this place!
We couldn't be happier with our school choice. Our children have now graduated from CFS, having attended from Early Childhood through Grade 12. Following CFS, they have excelled at their competitive colleges and graduate schools and still attribute their successful transition to their experiences at CFS. The community fostered here is exceptional and the teachers excel in their given fields of study.
We could not have been more pleased with our family's experience here. Our three children graduated from CFS and attended from Early School through high school. Two of them ended up at the most competitive universities in the country, while our youngest matriculated into a music college. CFS prepared our kids to be curious, worldly, intentional and peaceful. It's amazing watching our children enjoying their learning, supporting the development of others and caring about people and our planet. CFS did a great job at educating the entire child through music, dance, academics and practical real life skills. I recommend CFS without reservation.
Our kids love their school. They are given the opportunity to speak their minds, think critically and problem solve. They are treated as individuals while also being taught about the value and importance of our roles within our communities. We love that there is an abundance of outside time and mulyiple recessed. Our kids are learning so much and in a way that that feels real and meaningful.
My brother and I attended CFS from early school though high school graduation. I can't imagine a better experience for either of us. We often talk about how CFS cultivated our love for learning and importantly, the love for ourselves. CFS' support of the whole child was instrumental in our success at later colleges (Yale and Brown). My brother and I are both in graduate school and still fondly look back at our time at CFS.
Fantastic school experience with a focus on educating the whole child. There's a rich history at the school built on values and principles. I can't imagine a better school in the Triangle that truly exemplifies the values they embody. The administration, teachers, groundskeepers all play a special role in shaping the community and everyone is treated as a valuable member of the community. Every child deserves this kind of school experience.
I love CFS! I have been a student since I was 4 years old and all the teachers and students are like family. The quaker values really hit home for me even though I am not a quaker myself.
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I first of all want to say that I totally agree with the core values of this school. At my time at CFS they always taught students about love, tolerance, and all of the other Quaker principles. I'm extremely grateful that I was able to spend 10 years in a such an accepting community. Although there are still definite problems within the school, such as how sometimes decisions made would not reflect what they claimed their values to be. An example would be how they would frequently criticize the school to prison pipeline and zero tolerance policies, but CFS has very recently used a zero tolerance policy. There were also a lot of teachers that showed obvious favoritism. Overall I had a good experience at this school but they definitely have some things to work on.
We get to go out with our advisee groups. Food trucks come on campus occasionally, but other than that, we have to bring lunches from home. Every now and then, we have potluck events.
Racial diversity is limited. Sexual orientation, surprisingly is not an issue. There is a club for LGBT.
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