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Carolina is a good school. It has a lot of flaws though. Such as organization, Event announcement, Pep rallies are lame. Academics are mediocre but will suffice.
its p okay i guess. school itself is small and student body is even smaller, teachers care abt u tho. so thats good
Carolina High School has been great to me. I have loved all of the staff because they treat you like family, not just another student. The only downside would be the lack of motivation some students feel.
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I like the teachers and Project Base Learning. I love how our school creates our own caps and gowns and us students are trying to create one for our graduating class. I also like that we have magnet courses. What I would like to see change in my school is the school spirit because there is only a few students that try to do stuff for our school and try to increase the involvement in school. Another change that I would like to see is the lunch schedule because there is not enough time to eat our lunch since there is only two lunches each lunch is thirty minutes. Most students complain about not having enough time to eat because there is only two lunch lines and there is a lot of students waiting in both lines and by the time the students in the back get there food they would only have five to ten minutes to eat what they can. They is sometimes even only one check-out counter and that would take even longer for students to be able to eat there food.
I went to Carolina High School from 9th grade to 12th grade. I had the best years there! The principal is the best in Greenville County Schools. It’s so much school spirit all around. It’s some amazing students / children that attend Carolina. The teachers are ALWAYS there if in need of anything. This school shows so much love. I’m a proud CHS Alummi ’18
what I would like to see to change are the events, activities etc. i feel like there are not enough activities in the school and sports.
My experience at Carolina High School has been a roller-coaster. I don't mean this in a bad way at all. Carolina is different from many of the high schools in our district. It is a project-based learning school. I had to adjust to this different way of learning my freshman year. For me, project based learning has helped me get more involved within my education, it truly helps me explore and be active in the learning process. I am a magnet student in the Health Academy at Carolina and it has been one of my favorite experiences. I have had opportunities like attending the mass casualty event at the Greenville Hospital System, volunteering at the Special Olympics and I have heard and learned a lot from different guest speakers. Overall, the school is small meaning almost everyone knows each other and our principal, administrators and teachers bond closely with us as students. I honestly can say I am proud to be a Trojan at Carolina Academy.
This school is pretty good. The teachers are really friendly and since the school is small the teachers get to know you.
I stepped through the doors and there was Mr. Delaney, a nice, genuine, down-to-Earth kind of man who spoke to me everyday and actually meant it. Mr. Delaney is the principal of Carolina Academy, and I believe that there couldn't have been a better choice. He's the type of administrator that will pop up to your house if you've started to miss too many days of school. He tries his best to make sure every single student is accommodated and that we never felt left behind even if all one needed was extra help. My two years were filled with a lot of love and support from the faulty and administrators at Carolina Academy. I love my Carolina family and the administrators because the project started in house and improved the school as a whole that way. I wish that the demographics could change because Carolina Academy doesn't receive the amount of the praise that it deserves because of the location. The faculty truly care about where you'll end up right after graduation.
I love Carolina High School. Graduating from this school was great. They have many opportunities that can lead you in great places.
Carolina High School has the best principal in the entire world, Mr.Delaney. My senior year was honestly the best year that I experienced throughout high school. I really feel that I became part of the family when I joined Carolina in 2016.
I love Carolina Academy. This school offers classes like no other with its integrated classes and new tech system. It also offers a projected based learning experience where the children are allowed to learn more through interactive projects than from the old-fashion textbook. This school and its staff have set me up for success and greatness.
Carolina had great staff who truly care about the students. The classes were challenging and almost all of the teachers were wonderful and helpful.
The principal, Mr Michael Delany, is one of the most encouraging and hardworking principals I have ever know. He has given me the inspiration to go to college using whatever means necessary and to never give up hope. Furthermore, the staff here is incredible, each staff member sees their job as more than just a job, they see it as an opportunity to help a student and that has made my experience here so incredibly fond.
I absolutely love my school! I have had many experiences at this school that I know that I can not get at any other school in my county. The connection the faculty and staff have with the students is indescribable. It feels as though we are all one big happy family of different races and cultures. The environment is very welcoming and everyone is able to express themselves. The academics are great and it is very evident that teachers and administration make sure that each student is on the right path for what they would like to do after high school, whether that is to go straight into the workforce or to go to college.
I like how the staff care for you. They go the extra mile for you. Carolina is a different for the others high schools in Greenville. Everybody is not the same so you get to know people from all over.
It has been great. I received all the help an education I needed.
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The school is the friendliest and most caring
In terms of race, there is not much diversity, but students are ethnically diverse. In terms of sexual orientation, there is a lot of diversity.
In terms of security, there is one armed police officer and that's about it. If there's a fight he doesn't really have to step in because the staff or administration will deal with it, he has put a couple of students in handcuffs before but that's about as involved as you will see him. The school nurse is no help at all, she asks you if you are pregnant whether you are make or female, gives you a peppermint and sends you back to class.
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