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I have grown up in Carney so it is home to me. I love how we are a small community, everyone knows everyone. I would like to see more organizations brought to the school.
I like how it is a small school and you can create personal relationships with all of the students and teachers. One change is that we need better technology and also need to make more use of the technology that we have. Technology is a big part of this generation.
The teachers are really great. You can get help from them whenever you can. They will most of the time help you out with your grades. If you are having trouble with something in your class they will help you out. Most of the time they are involved in school activities.
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This school has a great environment. Everyone is very close. Many leaders in the school, most everyone gets along. Its a good place if you don't want to be in a school with a lot of people. If you are new at the school everyone welcomes you. The people that work at the schools are very helpful. You get to know your coaches and teachers better than you would at a big school.
The teachers are willing to work with the students to achieve success. The teachers are able to spend a lot of time with the students to help them because of the small size of Carney. The teachers and the staff are helpful because they really do care about the kids.
For the size of school Carney has a lot of extracurricular activities for students.
Carney is a small school but no one really excludes anyone. Everyone always talks to everyone.
The teachers really love their jobs and love their students. They like the small classes and the level of discussion and activity we can have with such small classes.
The education is good but it is in the nature of kids from Carney to tend to go straight into work, the army, or remain in Carney for the rest of their lives.
My school was a very safe place. The only kind of violence we had was if two boys got into a little tiff during gym and then got over it quickly.
High school taught me how to be myself no matter what anyone else thought. There were some struggles but I loved it in the end.
There is always a well balanced selection with many different options for any diet or allergy a student may have. The food is always of good quality and never feels like "cafeteria food."
The Colvin is an excellent place for students to work out at. There are so many fitness opportunities like rock climbing, swimming, vertual golf, basketball, volleyball, racketball, racquetball, and so much more. The Colvin is well kept and ran by a friendly staff.
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