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Carnegie used to has some good teachers. They had good sports teams but bad staff and no gym. It is not safe. Very diverse. They used to have some good art teachers. If Carnegie had a good campus and have old both domestic and international student profit it would be a nice school. International student ratio is over domestic students. They don't have a good international student program. Same as well for domestic students.
Poor management and they don’t care about academics. They overemphasize sports, but at the cost of the academics.
Started out amazing but then the owner stopped paying teachers and they slowly started to leave. Middle school ended 2 weeks early and the previous 3 were a waste of time with no teachers. My child lost 5 weeks of school.
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The teachers are generally wonderful. However, the school has been less than transparent in their handling of finances. Teachers and vendors haven't been paid. Meanwhile, they've been promising a new campus for almost two years. The site has not been touched since it was announced that the land had been purchased 9 months ago.
Worst worst school-company. Staff does not get paid to teach your students. If your child goes there keep that in mind. Horrible owners, some of the best employees treated terrible. I would know because I was one of them. Words can’t describe the how this place is. WOULD NEVER SEND MY KIDS HERE. Very disfunctional place to work at. Sick and twisted company
The people are great! The academics are okay but not incredible, and there are a lot of international students.
Enjoy the school environment. Being there makes everyone seem like family. Teachers/factuality and staff are so friendly and always willing to assist you. No matter what the situation is you will always have someone by your side to help you get through it. At Carnegie you receive great a great education as well as college readiness.
This school has been amazing for our son!
Best in California. Truly great academics. Great Drama and Music program. Championship sports teams, both boys and girls. Dedicated and talented teachers.
Teachers are amazing
Coaches are phenomenal
Facilities are average, but I can not wait for the new campus!
They do offer fresh meals each day which is awesome and definitely an improvement
Does abybody else find it telling that the majority of these reviews were made sequentially on the same days? That pretty much sums up the Carnegie Experience for students, parents and staff alike. This school is all hype, their own hype, and no substance. The admin is diceptive, dysfunctional, and quite possibly dillusuonal. They hide behind good people (staff) who lack the courage to either stand up to bully bosses or find a better employer. The school is so unbelievably cheap that they don't even provide water cups in the break room. You'll swear you're paying to work for them, and you may actually be.
The teaching staff at this school has the children's success in mind at all times. They care for the children in the classroom and are always willing to help them after class as needed. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their subject areas. I am very satisfied with my child's education so far.
I have never heard of any bullying at this school. The school has an armed security guard to protect the children. This is a closed campus and I am verify satisfied with the security the school has.
The only activity I can rate would be the swim team, as my child is on the swim team. While it is very small my child loves it. One of the teachers took it upon herself to start a sewing club, and my child is also involved with that.
The school is currently going through a change as Carnegie has taken over the school. The new changes they are bringing for education sounds awesome. In the years past the students have been challenged and to achieve what my child has achieved is the results of hard work and dedication by both her and the teachers at the school
Everybody has iPads! It's where we keep the books and Write all our notes.
The absolutely love to school. I have time to be the person that I am today. I wouldn't be the person that IM today if you want some for the help with my teachers in the and my classmates.
Bullying is not allowed and actually never happens that I know of.
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Teachers have a teaching degree and they are pretty Young like younger. They know what you're teaching and how to teacher for people who don't understand and didn't treat you like you're dumb they treat you like they're trying to help you and I hope you understand what's going on. Do you really dedicated to the work that they do.
Our principle is one of the most awesomeness person ever. He used to be our Bible teacher and he is just awesome. The teachers are there not because you're making a lot of money but because actually care about the students and they're pretty chill. We don't really have a problem with bullying because everyone knows eachother. You look good in trouble for your dress could at least once a week down dust what sucks about it.
The school is known for the volleyball. But, we have other clubs and Sports. Because the school is so small, there is more opportunity for the kids to join more sports and clubs. We have a abolitionists club where we breed and talk about all of the world in justice that's going on around the world, Minaj is that we talk about how it's happening in California and how we can help. There is also a club where girls go on Tuesdays where girls spend time with God as they learn to become a more godly women.
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