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Carnegie High School Reviews

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The school is fairly safe. Sign ins are required.
The most popular extracurricular activities are sports, but the band also has many members.
Sports are the most important thing to most parents and even some teachers. They care more about having a good player be eligible than the student having to learn.
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Most of the teachers are good, but they sometimes play favorites.
i feel safe at the school
I enojoyed going to school here!
They are all hard working and go above and beyond to help.
Although the school has some flaws, and may not offer everything i would like, i love the fact that you know everyone, and how personable the teachers are.
In our school, there are not very many clubs and organizations. Our school has proximately around 300 students. In clubs and other organizations are limited. Between fifteen and twenty students may be selected into the club. The clubs we have are Student Council, Spanish Club, FFA, TSA, and the Academic team. Many people goof off in Student Council. Most hispanics join Spanish Club, and the high educated students who have the intellegience are in the Academic team. The most fun options we have are the sports. Most students enjoy watching students vs. faculty. The administration here are very nice. The most after-school activites are usually sports.
Its not the best or worst but atleast they teach a student on what they need in the future.
The food is not bad or good but atleast we get served and fed.
The policies are some-what strict. The principal does give consequences to the students.
The teachers here are excellent! They like to help the students who are lost or who needs help.
The whole school is really involved with sports. Everyone shows great spirit when it comes to rival games! The facilities may not be the best but with the enthusiasm of students make every single thing look good.
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