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As a Carmen Allum Carmen prepared me for the next step in life, it prepared me for college. Carmen is a very high discipline and rigorous school. The teachers are dedicated to making sure the students are successful. Carmen is one big family. Once a Eagle always a Eagle!
I liked carmen because they give you chances to be able to pass your classes you are failing. The teachers are very helpful and help you for whatever you need. I want to change some of their rules there because its a bit strict but overall carmen is a great school.
Carmen has prepared me academically to be successful in college. Through the internship program I gained lots of knowledge and experience. Forming part of Carmen has been an honor and one of the best decisions I have taken!
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My experience at this school has been at far-most good. The teaching environment is excelent. Teacher and school staff are very friendly. What should change is probably the food.
The school itself is okay, if you're looking for a place with good teachers who are easy to talk to this is a good place to go. If you just want a place that has a lot of things, I don't recommend it because it has limited resources but it is still a good school.
Carmen is a college preparatory high school with a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes science and engineering and encourages students to intern at local corporations or nonprofit organizations. Carmen's mission is to graduate critical thinkers and self-directed learners prepared for success in college, meaningful careers, community involvement and family life. Carmen envisions students achieving proficiency in scientific inquiry, creative discovery and constructive problem-solving. Students participate in 20 hours of community service each year.
The school Carmen of Science and Technology is a school with many talented students in all categories. The students, teachers and environment its not just any High school one goes to. My experience from Freshman year all the way up to senior year was a movie many good thing and bad things happened along the way which helped me become into the person I am today. In addition, when people say theirs no high school like high school musical trust me there is. Not only is Carmen a place where everyone feels like home, but Carmen is a school where we take the arts into consideration from Music to art and to acting. Not to mention that Carmen is a college readiness High school, that takes academic work into great thought, named top two in best High schools in Wisconsin ranked by The USNews.
Carmen is an extremely unique school. It consists of teachers that push their students hard in a way that eventually pays off and students who really care about their future. It’s rigorous in the best way possible. The only thing that Carmen needs is more art programs that would allow the students to better express themselves whether that may be through art, acting, dancing, etc.
The courses in the school are rigorous and definitely college prep. The teachers in the school absolutely care about students futures.
Carmen high school is an amazing school and it has make to ready for college. I want to see big things done to the school like we need a better school. I think you soundless go to Carmen high School because they Will make you the best
What I like about Carmen is the college readiness that they prepare you for. Throughout your 4 years at Carmen, you take many different tests in order to prepare for the ACT. You also gain a lot of knowledge when it comes to writing a good essay with the help of others.
I liked the staff at Carmen. They were so sweet and caring and always pushed you to try your best. They would not only ask you about how your academics but they would also care about how your life at home is like. The standards that Carmen had for us were really high, but it's very helpful.
From own experience during my first year at Carmen, I noticed all teachers strive to make students succeed by offering additional hours of theirs to help those who are stuck. A change I would like to see at Carmen would be the diverse opportunities offered aside from academics. For example, there are not enough fundings for the arts. Other than that, I enjoy Carmen.
Carmen High School has a great staff that pushes student to reach their max potential. They also have alot of programs that prepare students for college. Their grading rubric is very similar to college so students know what to expect later on during their collegiate experience. The only thing I did not like about CARMEN is their lack of care for the arts. Art in my opinion has a big impact on academic success.
School is a good school but can improve facilities and school lunches but overall it is a good school.
I am currently I a senior at Carmen High School of Science and Technology and overall the school was pretty good. They allow their students to be involve in the community and are very dedicated for their students to succeed. They want their students to push themselves and try their best. However, they're are somethings that the school can change. For example, the school should not make students wear uniform. Students should feel and be able to express themselves in the way they dress. Also, the school should be more diverse, so that we can know more and celebrate other cultures. Lastly, the school should have better technology materials and other resources.
I would like to see a change in administration. The students have no voice. The students are majority Hispanic with a white staff and administration, which is typical in schools in an area like ours.
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Carmen is a great school I dont really have anything bad to say about them, I believe that coming to Carmen was one of the best decisions that I have always done. I dont regret attending
I'm a Senior at Carmen High School. Over the four years I have attended this school, I have been taught so much, not only academically, but also on a personal level. Staff members in this school are amazing, attentive, patient, and caring. There are plenty of credit-recovery resources and afterschool programs where teachers stay and help students who are struggling with their work, that really make a difference. Teachers always know when something is wrong, and to me that is extremely important in a school.
It's my sophomore year at Carmen high school and I really like it even though it's hard at times but they guide us every step of the way and this school is challenging but we have great teachers to help us out and I am glade I go to Carmen high school. I wouldn't change any thing about Carmen because in my eyes it's a great school.
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