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Carmel High School has pretty high-level academics and it's very rigorous. It strives to make their students the best students, so everybody is very competitive. The rigor of the courses cause a lot of stress and leads to lack of adequate sleep for many students. However, the challenging courses prepare students better for college and the workload that is likely to come from it. Also, a lot of the teachers are very good at teaching the material to students.
I graduate Carmel High School in may 2018. I had a great four years and I will never regret going there.
Carmel gave me unique experiences, by being able to take classes at the school that most students don’t experience. Such as a high ranking news station and an award winning choir program. I was able to decipher my passions through taking these electives and joining unique clubs. My teachers were receptive to my feedback mostly, and all were very accessible through email and apps like canvas, I have a great, and very patient counselor, Mrs. Cool, who made scheduling and college apps easy and less stressful. In some areas I felt more unwanted pressure. Pressure that often put me in panic mode when studying, or even taking a test. These might be due to some teachers that we’re more aloof, or straightforward and weren’t as apt to answer questions. Overall, I have had many great experiences at Carmel, and I feel very blessed as to have been able to attend this school. This is a place I would send my kids.
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Although some people might disagree, I loved how big the school was, which allowed them to offer various programs and clubs!
The academics in Carmel were great and I feel that it really prepared me for College. The food also had variety which you don't see much in other schools. The school spirit in Carmel was also excellent and they really seem to be involved in their sports. Something that I would like to see change is the diversity in the school and maybe the school's culture involvement. I also think that they should have an activity fair to share all the clubs that are offered at the school. I know that there were clubs there but I was never sure what they were or how many there actually are.
I like Carmel High School, they have great teachers who are kind and always make themselves available to help when it is needed. The staff works very hard to keep the school organized and safe, and although sometimes students interfere and ruin things, the administration works very hard to get things on the right track. Many clubs are offered and highly praised and several sports are offered. Although there is not much parent involvement, (at least that is what I believe), there is not much parent involvement needed.
Carmel has an amazing academic program, but to be honest everything else about it really sucks. The only thing the school cares about is money, and sports
CHS has ≈5,400 students and operates like a small college and provides an excellent program of studies across a broad range of different subjects including fine arts, performing arts, sciences, math, English, and a huge offering of clubs and extracurriculars.
Carmel High School always made me feel so welcome and it really prepared me for the rigorous courses I am taking currently! It’s easy to make friends here and majority of the teachers are really nice!
Amazing experience, the teachers and staff are extremely helpful. When it comes to academics carmel is definitely top tier, some of the best teachers work here and it definetly shows. Even though their are 5000+ kids attending CHS it still feels like a nice tight knit community because of the wonderful culture of the school and overall how the school for example, sporting events, charity events, convocations and many more. Overall, I am excited to call myself a greyhound.
My daughter came to Carmel High School going into her Junior year. That for any teenager, is scary. The staff made sure she could come to them for anything. My only wish, she could have gone all 12 years to Carmel Clay school.
The rigor presented by teachers and support staff is top notch. Sadly, there is little diversity or talk of diverse topics / issues. If we are living in a global economy, we should be more inclusive either in our student population or at the very least in our studies.
Carmel High School was your typical white suburban, teenage movie experience. If you were in a club/sport, you were the star of the movie. If not, you were just an extra, living your life on the sidelines.
It was such a large school that there is a club or activity for everyone, and therefore a place for everyone in the school.
Some will say the school is too big and you can get lost. What I have found is that the school has something for everyone. You can't get lost, because there is always a group to hang with. Add to that inclusion a top notch education, numerous prep courses for college and a dynamic sports program, and what else could you need?
Carmel High School is pretty awesome. Most of the teachers genuinely care about the success of their students and are willing to meet before school, after school and during srt(study hall) to help their students.
School doesn't care about bullying, administration uses favoritism. If you don't play sports you don't matter. The only reason I'm thankful I went to Carmel is because of the many opportunities that were available to me. Classes were super hard
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We have had a wonderful experience with our High School. From the teachers, to the academics to the huge number of clubs, wonderful sports teams and for us in particular an amazing arts program. I know at times, the academics have been challenging, but I am confident my girls will be prepped for college.
Carmel High School is terrible, all they care about is football. They pay little attention to their girls swim/dive team that is the best in the nation, and has been for the last 30 years or so.
I was homeschooled through high school, but Carmel High School allowed me to take two classes a year there. I would highly recommend this for other homeschoolers. Also, take fashion and textiles with Mrs. Fisher. She’s the best!
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