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It was such a large school that there is a club or activity for everyone, and therefore a place for everyone in the school.
Some will say the school is too big and you can get lost. What I have found is that the school has something for everyone. You can't get lost, because there is always a group to hang with. Add to that inclusion a top notch education, numerous prep courses for college and a dynamic sports program, and what else could you need?
Carmel High School is pretty awesome. Most of the teachers genuinely care about the success of their students and are willing to meet before school, after school and during srt(study hall) to help their students.
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School doesn't care about bullying, administration uses favoritism. If you don't play sports you don't matter. The only reason I'm thankful I went to Carmel is because of the many opportunities that were available to me. Classes were super hard
We have had a wonderful experience with our High School. From the teachers, to the academics to the huge number of clubs, wonderful sports teams and for us in particular an amazing arts program. I know at times, the academics have been challenging, but I am confident my girls will be prepped for college.
Carmel High School is terrible, all they care about is football. They pay little attention to their girls swim/dive team that is the best in the nation, and has been for the last 30 years or so.
I was homeschooled through high school, but Carmel High School allowed me to take two classes a year there. I would highly recommend this for other homeschoolers. Also, take fashion and textiles with Mrs. Fisher. She’s the best!
Carmel high school can be very rewarding at great costs. Most students that achieve highly academically struggle immensely with the other portions of their life, including personal happiness. Also many of the students that don’t choose to strain themselves with rigorous courseloads end up having a far lower quality education while still having to put in uncomfortable amounts of work. Finding the right balance between fun, school, and sports/extra curriculars seems to be one of the hardest things every student their has to go through. That considered, CHS does truly give you the opportunity achieve any goal you choose as long as you put the work in.
Achedemically, Carmel was amazing. The staff was wonderful...however when it came to creating a “family” without our school, carmel lacked majorly.
While the school is large, how it is set up and how classes are scheduled make it very manageable. My teachers were great and cared about me as a student as well as a person.
The educational opportunities were numerous and, most of the time, the courses engaging. Unfortunately, the school is ran by a strict set of bureaucratic-like rules that do not allow them to help students in many ways. In my experience, I had teachers that explicitly stated they hated their jobs and teachers that did not teach at all and had class averages of C's and D's. When discussing these issues with counselors and administrators, they would not reassign a class for a student nor would the teacher behave any differently-leading myself and many other students to understand the lack of communication between faculty.
It is a very nice school and I had a pleasant experience. There were many clubs and a plethora of different activities for all grades. I also enjoyed having a vast variety of elective classes.
This is a very good school for preparing for college due to its size and academic rigor. There are always things to do within the school between a variety of clubs and classes.
My teachers were very knowledgeable, they cared a lot, and I had amazing opportunities. There were many types of advanced classes which could contribute to college credits. They had varying honor classes, AP, IB (International Baccalaureate), and classes which Indiana University gave equal credit for.
CHS also has an amazing number of clubs and organizations as well as high achieving fine arts.
The teachers are great and do a good job preparing students for AP Exams. There are so many different activities and events to get involved in.
Our school recently received school shooting threats from students as a prank. To prevent anything from getting out of hand, the school's administration and police force worked together with students to keep the situation under control. Action was immediately taken with no hesitation to prevent anything bad from happening. I really appreciate the effort that our school puts into keeping the students safe.
I love all aspects of Carmel. It was a great place to spend high school, and prepared me greatly for the challenges awaiting me in college.
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This is a high school where we are granted more opportunity that otherwise some people may not get. Carmel High School offers more than 300 staff serving 140 programs offered. It has been a fun and rewarding four years.
Located in central Indiana, Carmel High School encompasses a variety of programs and enriching academic opportunities that differentiate it from neighboring schools. The administration work with discipline to ensure that students enrolled at CHS are provided the resources and staffing to optimize the high school experience and education. Outstanding educational achievements demonstrated in extracurriculars like DECA and FCCLA, holding numerous consecutive state titles in sports, and the spirit demonstrated by the student body stands to speak for the culture and value of education that Carmel High School presents.
There's definitely a lot of pressure on students to do well. In some ways this can really pay off, but in other ways it can add a lot of extra stress
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