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CHS is a huge public school, over 5000 students for four grades (9-12). The facilities are necessarily huge, but the school spends a disproportionate amount of its money on sports facilities. Solely by the facts that CHS has so many students and is in an affluent district, the top 1% of academics, clubs, sports, and performance groups are very talented and often undisputed leaders in the state and ranked nationally, like its swimming team, math/science teams, marching band/orchestra, etc. The teaching isn't very great, but the school does offer quite a few AP courses to keep the top students occupied.
Carmel is one of the greatest schools ever. I get exceptional teaching from some of the best teachers in the world, as well as get exceptional guidance. Carmel is not very diverse, but they make up for that with a plethora of sports, activities, and clubs. Carmel is also one of the most successful schools in the country in terms of performing arts, sports, academics, and other clubs. Carmel is a great all-around school and is very successful, despite being the largest in Indiana.
Carmel High School has helped me to find my passions and explore them greatly. They have such a diverse class base that you can find what you excels and are interested in and go for it. I do feel though sometimes they that they push their students too hard with rigorous classes that are much harder than the surrounding schools.
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I came to Carmel Highschool my senior year. Despite, only being here for a couple of months I absolutely love the environment and how the teachers genuinely care about you. One thing that I don’t excatly like is that they don’t have a lot of programs if you’re a new student.
Carmel High School provides many opportunities for it's students. The teachers help to students to succeed and make sure they are on the right track. I like the block schedule because it allows for more flexibility and helps to prepare you for what college is going to be like. Also, Carmel has many clubs that you can get involved in. If there isn't a club that has your interest, you can make your own club. The sporting events are also fun to go to an are very engaging. One thing Carmel could improve on is the teacher to student ratio because some of the classes feel a little too big.
Carmel High School provides students with outstanding opportunities to grow and nurture their education. With over 5000 students, it might seem impossible to an outsider that students actually receive the attention they deserve, however, with such a strong staff, the only reason a student will not succeed is if they do not make use of the abundance of opportunities students are given.
These guys are tough on you when it comes to academics. The teachers here are great, but some are really inconsiderate with the amount of homework they give. As students, we have to balance that along with other time-devoting activities, sports, and clubs. Our health is at stake. On average, we get about 4-7 hours of sleep per night (regardless of how well we balance our time), which is very low for teenagers. The cafeteria offers very little vegetarian options (although pasta and salad are served every day here). As someone who enjoys a variety, I wouldn't find that very appealing. There are too many clubs and activities to create a unique, original one and everyone here is trying to be a club or activity leader in something. We have our customs and traditions in this school (and it's quite easy to learn them) and homecoming used to be more exciting compared to what it is now. Plenty of jocks, preppy kids, and basic girls for the most part. That's it.
overall going to Carmel was a good experience but now that I am in college I look back and see what they didn't teach me and what they didn't do correctly.
CHS is the largest high school in the state of Indiana. The opportunities to succeed at whatever you choose are endless. No other school can rival Carmel in the amount of State Sports Championships they've won. There are sporting opportunities outside of school teams such as intramural teams, Dad's Club teams, Club teams,etc. The Marching Band is also incredible and has won National Awards and marched in the Rose Bowl. In addition to these two activities there is drama, art, singing choirs, and the list of opportunities is amazing. Whatever you want to study you have incredible academic classes offered and the best teachers in the state to back you up. The list of AP classes, IB Classes, and Dual Credit is extensive, and the opportunity provided to gain college credit and shorten your 4 year goal can be attained with your effort in taking these types of classes. Whatever you can imagine you can accomplish at Carmel High School.
I had a lot of opportunities being a student in Carmel High School. I loved the class choices and the teachers there. There's a lot of extracurricular activities, clubs, and programs for the students to get involved!
Carmel has a very rigorous academic profile. It allows you to study what you need to study, and has excellent professionals and staff. Overall, safety and culture here are top-notch, and it would be hard to challenge the school's level. The only areas in which the school is lacking would be diversity and stress, as some students may have TOO rigorous of schedules. Highly recommend regardless.
As a current senior at Carmel High School, I have to say that the quality of the education I received was extremely good. There are some teachers that are really good at what they do and there are others that don't seem to care about the student at all. You can almost always find someone to help you with a problem you are having. It is a very competitive school which makes things a lot more difficult, but the students and the teachers(at least most of them) are there to help you succeed.
Carmel High School has been a exceptional place to attend school. CHS has a variety of clubs, sports, activities, and programs for students to choose from. Everyone can find a place to fit in at Carmel High. Don't let the size scare you. It looks big, but has a small school feel. The administrators, teachers, and counselors put a lot of time and effort into making sure everyone feel that they belong here.
I like that Carmel High School offers a variety of courses, however they do not prioritize matters well. For example, the building ceilings have leaks coming through when it rains, but they decide to spend money on building a new field.
Carmel High School is a fantastic school. Although its size may be intimidating, the students and staff are friendly and always looking for ways to help! The breadth of classes and the extracurricular opportunities offered at Carmel are hallmarks of what makes it a great high school. If you apply yourself at Carmel, you will be well prepared for college.
Nice school, majority of my teachers were excellent. Many opportunities both academically and athletically. Great school spirit and events.
Overall, my experience was a pleasant one. Some hate the large school, but I find that it's cozy. You can find your place easily because there are so many options to choose from, and you see the same familiar faces through the hallways, even if you don't know their names. The teachers are great and very understanding that we live a busy life as high schoolers.
Nothing is perfect. My experience hasn't been stellar, but I found who I am and who I'm supposed to be, and some of that credit can go to Carmel High School.
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Average school with pretty good teachers, there is not a lot of connectivity throughout the school with the staff, but overall it is a great environment to study in.
I loved how engaging the teachers were with the students. As a freshman in college, I feel as though Carmel really prepared me for the workload and provided great insight on how to manage my time.
Amazing school that offers a lot of different classes, activities, clubs and opportunities for students to grow in their knowledge and experiences.
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