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There's definitely a lot of pressure on students to do well. In some ways this can really pay off, but in other ways it can add a lot of extra stress
Carmel High School employs excellent educators who deliver information in multiple ways, allowing students of all learning styles to have an opportunity to understand the material. The various courses offered makes constructing a schedule a difficult task, as there are so many desirable options. In addition, the atmosphere is centered around the students' best interests.
Carmel High School is a great school. The school is really diverse and everyone feels welcome at the school. Carmel has an excellent academic program, that is offered to every student. Students have the chance to challenge themselves and prepare themselves for college. Carmel High School is also placed in a nice community, which makes it even better. Lastly, the administration at Carmel High School is exceptional. They are very understanding and will help you get through anything.
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Carmel High School is a school that prepares students well for College. However, Carmel High School's academics are challenging but they pay off in the long run. The administration is excellent and very understanding.
Carmel High School was a very unique experience that I won’t ever forget. The academics and extracurricular activities they provide are very benificial to me as a student. Making me work hard and find time to interacting with my other classmates.
I love the diversity at Carmel High School. To some the idea of a really big school may sound scary but for me I love it. You see a new face everyday and since there are so many different people you can find a group that share the same interests as you do.
I graduated from Carmel High School in 2017 and I can honestly say that I'm going to miss it tremendously. Not only did it help prepare me for college with rigorous coursework, the faculty there inspired and help guide me throughout my journey. I wouldn't be the person I am today without CHS.
Carmel high school was overall a good experience. They take academics very seriously and coming to college I have felt well prepared for my college classes. Carmel High School also gave me the opportunity to start college with 12 credit hours, so I was able to skip a lot of the gen ed. requirements. Some teachers did not care about their students, some were very new to the subject, but a vast majority really did know what they are taking about. In particular, the math department needs help a lot of students struggled with the curriculum with poor teachers.
Carmel High School allowed me to take advantage of so many opportunities. They prided themselves on knowing that if a student didn't see an opportunity that they would create one. I was able to know my teachers and feel a close relationship with almost all of them. The competition with grades and athletics only helped me grow and push myself to new heights. I am truly grateful that I got the opportunity to attend this high school.
I enjoyed the strict learning environment- as cliche as that sounds- because it has helped me advance in many ways throughout my experience in the work force. I also have been pleased by the amount of school spirit that all of the students express; it makes Carmel High School feel like a second home where you are surrounded by friends and laughter. The only thing that I would change about Carmel High School is that, in most serious safety situations which are rare but they do occur, administrators continuously fail to address the gravity of the situation and they just brush it off since they have the constant mindset that "Carmel is always safe", which is simply not true.
I have had great teachers that encourage me to do my best and will be available to help. I have been able to participate in clubs, choir, academic diplomas, and take classes that I never thought I would be able to do. Huge schools can be overwhelming but I was taught that all you need is to find a small group of friends to make something large manageable. My friends and school have dealt with situations that were not ideal, but I knew if I needed help then Carmel High School would provide it for me. I was able to prepare myself for college by using their resources. As long as they support new opportunities then Carmel High School will continue to take students to new levels.
Carmel High School is amazing! The teachers are super helpful and the classes are challenging. There is a wide variety of clubs and activities and so there is something for everyone.
Carmel High School has many opportunities because of the huge student body; I guarantee that anyone can find a place there. Many of the teachers are very kind and for the most part teach really well. They are always open to helping students and make an effort to help every student succeed.
I love the teachers that were there to help me in school. Yes, some of the classes are hard, but the teachers there want all of their students to do well in their class and beyond high school. If you get involved in the school like a club or sport, it then makes the school so much smaller. The kids who hate it at Carmel never really do anything other than just show up torclass. If you do that then going to Carmel High School will be a terrible experince. As long as you try to do things it will make the fours go by very fast. With it being a big school it can be easy to get lost, but once you find your own group of people it's really not that bad.
Carmel High School is a challenging school. The school prepares you well for college due to the coursework and the assignments that are given.
Carmel High School is a very diverse school with excellent academics. This school has opened many doorways for me and led me through my high school years like it was a breeze. All of the staff are wonderful people and very supportive.
Carmel High School made me very prepared for college by having rigorous courses available for students to take.
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Carmel has so many electives for me, so I can really focus on the specific aspects of my future career! They have lots of VAPA classes and the school is very passionate about sports as well. There are cliques in the social life, but I'm used to it. I can talk to my teachers when I need help and I feel entirely welcome.
Carmel High School offers a lot of opportunities open to all students. The classes offered are endless and the teachers make majority of them fun. The sports are excellent because they are made of very good players, the football games and basketball games are fun for students to go and support the Greyhounds. One thing that could be better is the food. The food makes me not hungry anymore because its kind of gross, but every high school has gross food.
Its Carmel. The best school anyone could attend. Carmel High School (CHS) is a public high school in Carmel, Indiana, United States. The high school is part of the Carmel Clay School District and has an enrollment of 5,010 students as of 2015–16, making it the largest high school in the state of Indiana by number of students.
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