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I loved my experience at Carlsbad High School because of the healthy student atmosphere and dedicated teachers. The students of CHS and our student body devote themselves to ensure every student of every grade enjoys themselves, whether it be at basketball games, during pep rallies, or in another way. As for the teachers, each and every one is very accommodating and truly dedicated to making the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.
I loved the school spirit at Carlsbad High School. If you are looking for a traditional high school experience with Friday Night Lights, pep rallies, marching bands, and everything related, then Carlsbad is the place for you. The teachers are mostly good, especially the ones who teach AP classes. However, being a big school, it is easy to get lonely at Carlsbad, so make sure you involve yourself in activities in and out of the classroom so you can make friends. I do not have a lot of complaints about my 4 years at CHS.
I've gone to Carlsbad all four years of my high school experience. All in all, I've enjoyed it mainly because of the culture. Everyone is mainly focused on hanging out with their friends and just having fun while also striving for a good education. The sports program (I've heard) is amazing and people really enjoy the sports they're in. The performing arts program really needs help, though, and is so insanely underfunded we were unable to do a lot of stuff simply because of money limits. We were provided absolutely no money from the district to fund ourselves and were entirely based on donations from families. The teachers throughout the whole school were either very new or very experienced and had different levels of expertise, some being very well versed in the subject they taught and others... not so much. school is also HUGE and despite being there for almost 4 years now, there are people in my own grade who I had no idea existed until this year.
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What I like about Carlsbad High School is the students' involvement in all the activities and the school spirit shown as well as the way that teachers encourage this. Everyone who is part of the staff always want the best for every single one of the students and make school a fun and safe environment. The way that teachers and staff create bonds and interact with students makes the school feel like a welcoming place.
I think the resources at this high school are amazing and most of the teachers there actually liked their job so they made class more enjoyable. The California lifestyle was definitely why this school was also amazing.
I loved going to Carlsbad High School. I am so glad I choose to attend the school. Carlsbad helped me prepare for my future and decide what I wanted to do with my life. Carlsbad helped me get my first job and realize my passion for the law, so I will be going to law school. The teachers, for the most part, are very kind and helpful. They care about the well-being of their students and support them all. The school has great resources for anything and everything you could ever need. The school spirit there is amazing, we didn't get the title of Most Spirited School In America for nothing. The students there make it such a welcoming and happy environment for all who come to the school. Also, there is a club for everything and anything, there is something for everyone to love.
Most of the teachers are motivated, and some go way above and beyond. The AP courses offered are all taught passionately with details, and the students taking them are hardworking and enjoy learning. People really try hard to fit in but also try really hard to be different which is interesting. Carlsbad High School is probably 70% white, 20% Hispanic, and 10% other. Athletics are well rounded; in fact, everything is well rounded and not extremely lacking. The only annoying thing would be being able to enter and exit only through the main gate. The "prowlers" stand by the side doors during lunch hours JUST to make sure we don't enter through, which doesn't make sense because we're obviously students (and we could show them our ID otherwise), and it takes an extra 10 minutes walking to/from class by being forced to use the main entrance. All in all though, we have pretty solid school spirit and a great group of students and staff.
The school has for the most part great teachers, an awesome student body, and helps foster a great sense of learning.
My high school experience was incredible! The school spirit and culture here are amazing. There is so much student involvement and support.
I like Carlsbad High School because it gives every student a safe, quality learning environment and many opportunities to those who wish to take them. It offers a wide range of courses and excels in arts, sciences, math and sports.
I loved the atmosphere of the high school and the proximity to the beach. The choice of classes provided an outlet for several different passions, but the development of the sports department was a tad lack luster at the end of the day.
I had a great time at Carlsbad. It was a nice high school experience and I was lucky to make amazing friends, join fun activities, and have some pretty cool teachers.
I've never really been a fan of this school or district in general. I feel I had too many teachers who lacked to prepare me for my future and lacked interest in the topics they taught. I constantly struggled with feeling successful at this school. I started off with doing poorly as I was so unhappy with the education I received and the things I endured at this school. It took me to realize how important school is to me to snap out of the lack of motivation I had during this time.
The experience at Carlsbad High school is second to none. my senior year, I was in ASB, associated student body, and we completely flipped the school around in terms of moral and unified the different cliques within the school along with bringing together the community of Carlsbad.
What I like about Carlsbad High School is the desire toward getting students to be involved in every school activity. Carlsbad strives to get every single person to participate in school events whether it be football games, clubs, or even video game tournaments. Its a very accepting environment and easy to get along with about everyone. The only thing I believe the school should change is the tardy system. The tardy system is designed to make students who are even a split second late to return back to the administrators which disrupts educational time .
Carlsbad High School was average in my experience. My high school helped me get into college but you definitely need your own motivation go get the things you want done. I'm not saying it wasn't a good school but there are a lot of students so you can get lost in the numbers.
Impeccable school spirit, helpful teachers, award winning programs. I followed the 4-year broadcast journalism path and decided it would forever be the career I will pursue because of Carlsbad High's program. The teachers always pushed me to do my absolute best and wouldn't let me settle for less.
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Carlsbad is a great place to grow up and the high school is a facet of this. It provides a small town feel with a close knit community. The high school football games are a community event and everyone is very involved in the school. The teachers are hit or miss. Some have been there for very long and are no longer interested in teaching, but others are genuinely interested in providing a quality education to their students. Facilities are also so-so. Some part of the school are updated and new while others are quite run down.
I liked the overall experience of this high school. Some of the teachers were exceptional, and others not so much. Likewise with the Faculty in the office. Some of them are cooperative and helpful, and others not so much. Overall this school prepared me well for college level classes.
I loved Carlsbad High School. So many opportunities that created an amazing foundation for me. CHS prepared me for college and beyond.
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