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Carlin High School is a small school where each student is individually connected with the teachers and the administration. The clubs and extra curricular activities are a positive in this school. The citizen of this town bring out the great environment that Carlin High school has.
Carlin is a pretty good school. Some might not think so, but its really not that bad. As long as you do what is expect like any other school. If you ask for help either a student or a teacher will help. Sports is fun there are a lot of expectations before you join, but ever school is like that. Overall I feel that I like this school better than any other school I've went to. Believe me I've went to a lot of schools.
My expierence at this school was Fantastic! This school has helped me through so much to get me this far in my life. What I would like to see change would be the students attitudes and choices they choose to make.
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My experience as a senior at Carlin High School has been very interesting. In the three years that I've been here, I've made a lot of friends and the teachers have been very helpful. The school isn't very big, so you can get all the help you ask for. The teachers here are always willing to help if you're willing to try. The school offers extra help for students who need the extra help and a push.
There is large involvement in STEM club.
This school is unique because of its small size.
Teachers make the teaching environment comfortable
Fun, Memorable, Exciting, and Competitive
Kind, Caring, Smart, Adventurous, Memorable
I love this school and I have been here since the beginning. I love my class, because I grew up with them. Our school is like a big family and we all get along with each other. My classes they offer are fantastic. My favorite class is my art class, since I can express myself freely. My favorite year was my freshman year, because I loved the seniors and track. My freshman year of track our small track team made it all the way to state. I had so much fun that year making it in the 4 by 1 relay and high jump. I have never been so close to my class as I have been now. I am counting down the days until graduation, but I'm absorbing every memory with my classmates. I can never get enough of our debates on politics with our history teacher or when we bet on who's going to get hurt first in our chemistry class. The best time we all get together as a class is Homecoming. We got the spirit stick!!! The competition with floats, doors, and crowns were the best. Our theme this year is Disney, which us seniors got the Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We had our momenst when we fought and walked to school and saw our senior rock was tagged. At the end when we won the game and announced royalty it all ended. The next day we came and set up for the dance at 7 in the morning and came back later looking classy dancing the night away. I will never forget my high school career for as long as I live. I would chose to do this school all over again if I could, but there is a point where I'm ready to jump into a big pond of fish and experience my life. I wouldn't trade my high school memories good or bad for anything. High school and the people in it made me who I am today.
We have very supportive teachers but since Carlin High School is on the smaller side, we don't get a lot of options in classes that we would like to take.
I play volleyball, basketball, and softball. I love every second of it. Our school is very kind and has very good sportsmanship. Our weight room is not very new, but it is usable and we use it all of the time!
Our sports program is usually very good. Students don't respond to other extracurricular clubs.
I attend Carlin High School in Nevada. I adore my teachers, my principle, and my guidance councilor. I personally have been having a rough time lately. I am a senior in high school with a lot on my plate. My guidance councilor has helped me stay on task and helped me believe that I can achieve anything that I put my mind into. My principle is caring and helpful. My teachers are extremely helpful and always willing to help. I'm very lucky to have such supportive role models that are helping me build the foundation to my future.
Every week my school participates in a bullying class. Every Thursday after our 2nd hour class we go to another classroom with the rest of our class and learn how to avoid and stand up to bullying. I have noticed a change in behavior around Carlin High School since we have started bullying classes. Our teachers, principle, and students take bullying very seriously and it is in no way acceptable. Carlin High School is strict and does not support any type of unacceptable behavior. Being a senior I now realize that it helped make me a better person and I wouldn't have it any other way.
The school has taken a big role on trying to stop bullying by participating in the olweous bullying program every week.
My school provides very few extra curricular activities, so it's very hard to find a class that you can relate to or be interested in.the school doesn't even have a cross country team which is a sport that doesn't need very much funding. Our counselor only really helps us if we want to join the military. He is not that great with scholarships and college.
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