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Overall a good experience, good staff including administration and teachers. If I could change anything it would for it to be diversity in its administration.
Carl Albert is a decent school with good things to offer. The athletics department is great. Improvements definitely need to be made.
In my first year in the school as a Junior, I felt welcomed from the first day. My XC team became instant friends, and helped me learn the ropes. The staff was helpful, and tried to give us activities to build school spirit and fundraise for a good cause. As Titans we tried to dominate in sports and academics, and were pretty successful. The teachers are good at their jobs, and try to help the students in any way they can so long as the put in effort. Overall, Carl Albert is one of the best schools I have been at since I started school in Pre-K. I am excited to hopefully go back in the fall for one last year. I am proud to say I will graduate a Titan.
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It is a good high school in the Midwest city-Del city school district. They give everyone plenty of opportunities to get involved. They also give back to the people in the community. Every year they have a huge fundraiser to raise money for a special someone dealing with disabilities in the community.
Overall the teachers were ok as some seemed to really have a drive and passion for education and others seemed unenthusiastic. The band program changed my life and set me on my path to my career and I am so grateful for the mentors I had through that program but overall the rest of the schools environment was just ok.
I loved Carl Albert. All of the teachers were so different so it gave students a different way to learn in each class and had a lot of structure for our futures. The students there were also so different and you got to make a lot of friends in different grades; it was not weird at all. Changing Carl Albert would be hard, there are so many great things about that school and it would not be the same if changes were made.
I liked Carl Albert because there were a lot of oppurtunities for you to get involved in clubs sports and other activities. The down fall however is that the teachers and coaches have favorites and if that weren't a thing I believe it would give the "quiet and shy" kids a chance to shine and actually wanna be apart of something.
I received a great education at Carl Albert HS. The teachers were all focused on seeing us succeed. It is a great environment for students and it's in a safe area. There are tons of extra curricular activities to do here.
Carl Albert is a great school located in the Mid-Del school district. It offers engaging courses and plenty of opportunities to advance academically.
I like my teachers and how they always cared about our education and also about our futures after High School.
I have really enjoyed my time at Carl Albert High School. All of the fun student events, amazing teachers, and staff that go out of their way to ensure all students have what they need. I would like to see Carl Albert improve in being more open to diversity and different types of people, events, and things that do not happen everyday.
I loved the music department and getting to preform with them. I think our administration is not involved and doesn’t care about their students. I also believe they favor certain students and disregard the rest.
My teachers were very passionate with their career. They always went above and beyond. The school also did a lot for people in the community by raising money for those that needed assistance with medical and living expenses.
The school is a great place to go, the teachers are nice and are willing to work with students to make sure they will succeed and be ready for the next step. Honestly I wouldn’t change a thing
Carl Albert High School has an amazing staff and student body, however, it could improve on its resources. In my experience at Carl Albert, the vast majority of the student body have been extremely kind. I vividly remember rushing from the bathroom to my english class freshman year. Skipping steps I flew up the stairs. On the last two steps my feet had gotten ahead of me and, boom, I had fallen. Embarrassment filled my body. I looked up to see a junior. To my surprise she helped me up instead of laughing at me. Although I believe my high school was the best high school for me I also believe that there's always room for improvement. I strongly believe my high school should improve on where they spend their money. Last year we received a grant and my school decided to spend the money on ID covers instead of classroom materials.The lack of resources at Carl Albert are in no doubt hindering Carl Albert High School students from receiving the best education possible.
Well Carl albert is an average High School. Great teachers and great students who don't exercise their full potiential. Many student are ok with being Mediocre and the teachers don't really know how to motivate students to learn. But other than that Carl Albert is great.
I liked the close knit atmosphere the most about the school. The student morale and school spirit may have been the most enjoyable beyond athletics. I also liked the efforts of the faculty to properly advise students on planning their next steps after receiving a high school diploma.
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I felt that the teachers really cared about our education, but I also felt that some improvements could be made. The building, for example is very old and worn down, the air conditioners could be updated at the very least, and the sports department was very clearly king there. They had a brand new fieldhouse and we were required to go to a bunch of pep rallies for their programs. I digress, the teachers and faculty were great overall.
Carl Albert is a very fun school. You’ll meet lots of nice people and make great friends. You’ll also get to see our school spirit!
People are wonderful and kind, I’ve made loving friends that help me always. The teachers are even wonderful and actually easy to talk to and so helpful. They never turn a student down and make everyone feel individually cared for .
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