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Carey High School staff and administration truly care about their students. I am comfortable at school because the teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand and most of the students are friendly. Carey High School transitioned into a newly-built building a few years ago, so the atmosphere is tolerable and positive. I am extremely proud to be a Blue Devil and will always be. Go Blue Devils!
Most of the teachers seem to enjoy their job with a few exceptions here and there. Some of the rulings in the school are over the top, but almost all of the administration makes your time there worthwhile.
I was the 3rd generation to graduate from Carey High School. It is a nice small rural high school, where everyone knows everyone. The teachers were more then willing to work with you when you had a problem.
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Very caring staff who care a lot about their student in school and out. Very supportive principal who you can talk to about almost anything, and is very supportive of all clubs and activities. Students may disagree at times, but at the end of the day we are all Blue Devils.
Some of the assistant coaches on one particular sport bully the younger students to where they are worried if they say anything it will make it worse on them. Certain athletes never get a chance to participate in the sport that they play because there's alot of favoritism. Depends on who you are if you get away with assaulting another student at a school activity most students would be suspended 3 days -& be off team but some only miss one game
The only clubs and extracellular activities that get good funding are band, DECA, and FFA. DECA and FFA are highly ranked in the state. DECA is infact the best chapter in Ohio and has qualified for international's since 2002. The rest of the clubs are small and have raise their own money to do activities.
At Carey parent support isn't the greatest unless it is football or basketball, but the events themselves are great. My favorite times are being in the band and supporting these teams.
The teachers are great and are always trying to make the more complicated material easy to understand with simple words. They all have different teaching styles that cover a very wide spectrum.
I have never felt unsafe at this school. We practice fire drills, level lockdowns, and tornado drills often enough. We also have security cameras and locked doors during school hours. There is nothing to feel uneasy about.
There are many academic opportunities at this school. We offer many different electives for students to take and scheduling these classes is an easy process. The workload for the classes at Carey is not too high, unless you strive to do your best and are taking higher level classes.
There are a variety of clubs at this school from DECA to SADD. We also offer Spanish Club, Drama Club, Play and many more.
The students at this school get very involved in athletic events. We are a football town, if you're not at the game on Friday night there is a good chance the students do not know who you are. They become very spirited when it comes to these kind of events. The athletics facilities are average, they aren't anything spectacular but they suffice. The closest thing to a fitness program is the summer football lifting and workouts that anyone, in any sport is allowed to attend.
The dress code at this school is strict, but I know of worse. However, we get in trouble very quickly if our shorts are not EXACTLY fingertip length. I think that is a ridiculous way to tell if shorts are too short because arm length varies by person. Our bullying tolerance, according to the handbook, is zero. However, when bullying is an issue nothing is done about it.
Some of the teachers at my school tend to let technology do the teaching for them. They think that if technology is implemented in the classroom that they do not have to do anything, it is very irritating. I understand that it is a technological world but they should never completely rely on it to grade tests and teach lessons. Most of the teachers are very knowledgeable in their field but some are not. The same teachers are the ones that are inconsistent graders, have poor knowledge skills, poor teaching styles, and just not good with teaching.
As I stated before, we are in the process of building a new school.
We have DECA, and FFA clubs at our school.
The teachers are very well educated. They care about their students.
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The school is located 2 blocks from the police station. If there is a need for police, they arrive immediately. They school has installed a security system where you need to be "buzzed in " in order to enter the school. And you must sign in once entering the building.
At our school there is a no bullying policy. It is not tolerated at all. The administration all work well together. The principle is very hands on and is aware of what is going on in his school.
We are currently in the process of building a new school in the Village of Carey. Our town is very supportive of all sports. Football and Basketball are a big deal in our town. Through out the year the school runs a variety of fun raisers to be able to purchase equipment that is needed. Our town is very proud of all of our BLUE DEVILS.
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