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I liked that they had career classes, which allowed me to discover my passions and the career that I wanted.
It was a good tight-knit high school, not a lot that goes on and not a lot of school spirit. The way they gear kids up to get ready for college and other careers is great! Not a lot of diversity with it being mostly Latino kids from the neighborhood, they really set me up for success!
This school has given me the best memories and developed me into someone who I would have never imagined. Through my years of coming to this school did I imagine that I would have matured and become my own person. The opportunities it raises, from our construction classes to our biomedical. I am thankful to have the many resources given to me to help me succeed throughout my high school life.
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CEC is a very resourceful school, they help you be ready for college and allowed you to get that college life experience. CEC has a variety of careers you are able to choose from and see what career you are interested in for the future. They might not have sports but there is a lot of school spirit.
This school was great to me! I was allowed to learn different careers. I even earned my CNA license. It was an amazing school.
The career classes are a big help with figuring out what you want to do with your life, the classes are small so you can always have one and one conversations with teachers. A lot of the teachers care a lot about you, not just as a student but as another person.
In this high school there are endless opportunities, and possibilities. We have such a supportive staff that work hard to ensure all their students complete their work with 110% effort. No one is given up on, and every student is encouraged to pursue their ideal career path while receiving opportunities to help reach their goal. All in all, this school was the best choice, and every time I tell others about where I attend they always remind me how lucky I am, and how I should take advantage of everything offered at this amazing school.
During my four years at CEC I really enjoyed it because they offer career classes that you can take that can help prepare you for your future career. You can also begin taking college classes Freshman year which is a great opportunity because it can help you prepare for college.
Overall, I love my school, but the lack of communication makes it difficult to learn, and it can become very stressful. Personally, my aim academically is to maintain straight A's, but I want to have resources and opportunities offered to me without me having to ask, because I already stress with studying extra hours or staying after school to seek extra help in order to score well. Also, when we are compared to others, or told our scores aren't at the rate they prefer it really causes a lot of students to become discouraged which affects my mood and the environment.
What I liked about CEC Early College was it wasn’t like any regular high school. It’s more of an hands on type of school and it’s small which was a good thing for me because teachers are more focused on students that need the extra help. Also, I love that we get to experience a real college we go to CCD(Community College of Denver) and actually get to meet real college students and real professions and crazy thing is they don’t even know you’re a high school student so you get no special treatment. I would recommend CEC to anyone who is more of a hands on person and wants a step towards their education.
CEC Middle College of Denver is a great place for all of its students to get involved on current events in their community. With the amazing college classes that are offered for all its students and classes for hands on business practices, it does a great job preparing students for the real world. The only thing I would like to see changes in is the selection of your desired courses to be less complicated in order for its students to focus on their own future.
What I like about Cec is that you are allowed to take career classes that give you college credit which will help out if you are interested in that specific career. It also helps out to see how a field is so you can determine if you are interested in that particular field. Their really is nothing that I would like to see change as I never really had any problems with this school and I can say that its been a fun ride.
I feel really smart going to this school And seeing that’s an am able to do so many things I i did nt believ I would be an be able to do
My personal experience at Cec Middle College was definitely a memorable one. This school is like any other, they have career classes such as Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, Fire Science and many more that allow you to get a head start on your future career. Cec Middle College also gives you the opportunity to begin actual colleges classes at the Community College of Denver. I highly recommend this school to anybody and I’m grateful to be a part of this school. Not only does Cec Middle College help with your education but also helps prepare you for the real world and that’s important.
I believe it is the optimal school for anyone serious about pursuing a career, it gives you first hand experience in the field and has connections to programs and employers that students can use during and after their time there.
CEC Early College has amazing opportunities for young students and allows them to have hands on career experiences. The only thing I would like to see in the future is the expansion of resources for not only the students but the staff as well.
My over all experience of CEC Middle College of Denver has been tremendous. They give you the opportunity to work in the field of your choice and get hands on experience. If I could change one thing it would be to receive more teachers as a resource to other students and myself.
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CEC Middle College of Denver has prepared me to be successful for college. They offer many opportunities to students that not only let them grow academically but as a person. To me CEC has done its job exceptionally well.
It is a very well know for how friendly everyone is and mostly all of the student know each other. It doesn't matter if you a freshman because you will get to know everyone. Also, there are many chances for you to become a leader for your school. I would recommend this school to many others.
CEC middle college of Denver for Me has been an amazing experience. The Teachers are very caring and are always wanting to help you get ready for College. The academics at CEC are great, their are over 22 Career courses offered at CEC. They can give options on what you want to do in life and explore different Careers well your there. The one thing I would change about CEC would have to be adding more clubs after school and the have every in coming Freshman have a mentor to keep them on track and guide them there first you at CEC. It's a smaller school and different environment with lots of homework your first year. But overall CEC changed my life and has prepared me whatever i choose to do in life.
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