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I have been at Career Academy South Bend since 7th grade. I am currently a junior. My experience so far has been pretty great. The staff are very attentive. They not only care about you grade they care about how you are doing emotionally. The only negative thing would be some of the student behavior problems not being taken care of. Sometimes people get away with serious things and other people go down for minor infractions.
Career Academy allows for students to wonder what they want to do after high school, and helps to lead them on the path to success. Teachers and staff know the students by name, and are always ready to help when needed. Opportunities are given here that no other school in the area offers.
I enjoy many of the students at the school, however many teachers teach poorly or are very rude to students. There are really good teachers here, but the bad outnumber them easily. There are next to no rewards for hard work and little insentive to work harder than necessary. Overall, the school matches my expirences with other schools.
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At career academy we are hands on and our activities and study's are based on career and college readiness. The environment is diverse and friendly. Teachers are always happy to help assist the students with anything that they need. The students here are friendly.
Personally Career Academy has been the best high school as far academics. This school has some of the best teachers that I've ever had and the staff actually cares about the students grades and well being.
I have been at Career Academy since in 7th grade. The school opened the year before I attended there has been a major growth I first since joined the Career Academy school community. The school has had major changes becoming a 1:1 school this past year and they are always ready to help different kinds of students with different backgrounds. The teachers here make sure you are doing what you need to so that you can succeed here. They also are open to listening to students and to learning new ideas of how we can learn. Overall, the experience I've had here would be nothing to what you would get at a public school and I'm glad that my parents and I made the decision to further my high school education here.
I've had an amazing experience with Career Academy. I have been attending the school for four years and it has been a really phenomenal experience. The teachers are extremely supportive and strive to help the students succeed. They have also done a great job to promote and grow all of their programs including band, art, robotics, and choir. I being a fellow player in the jazz band and a member of the robotics team, I have never been more impressed and delighted to be a part of these programs and watch them flourish. I have learned so much from the school and have never gotten so much support from my teachers students and mentors. Overall this is a really good school and I definitely recommend this to anybody who is thinking about going.
Career academy is a great school especially for someone who enjoys the arts. They also have an amazing basketball team and volleyball for the girls. The bullying is also so much better than most schools.
Career Academy South Bend is a high school with many opportunities. This is not your "normal" school. This school has so much to give and helps opens the minds of students to different resources. Your classes will be direct in the pathway you want to achieve in the future. I truly love this school so much and I have never dreaded coming to school.
Although I am on my last year, I saw the overall development, because in 7th grade, was my first year there, and that just happened to be the year it first opened. I loved how much the teachers cared about the students, and everything seemed to mainly be hands on. I have a feeling all the needs required to be met for the education standards definitely can be met. Lately, though, although I do appreciate it not being normal, and not requiring a strict uniform policy, to give us freedom, I do wish there was some way we could get back the feeling of every single one being cared for, along with doing as many fun things as it did when it started. Although that would be fun, I do have a feeling we could make that work along with having students meet Indiana state requirements for education, along with having us more than prepared for college.
My experience at Career Academy has been very fun and educational. I like the overall layout of the school, the small class sizes, hands on projects, students, and staff. Although there are certain things that could be better, overall the school is very good, and I would only change minor things. For example, I would change the food offered, so it would account for the calories burned during school. Lastly, Career Academy is a very good school that has allowed me to further my education and make new friendships along the way.
This school needs better a principle and better teachers.
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