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Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School & Academy Reviews

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i am currently a sophomore at this school. i would say this school is entirely based on popularity and cliques. my mother had to take my sister out of this school because of how badly she was being bullied and no one was doing anything about it. i was being bullied here, and still am. no one does anything. the counselor is horrible. some teachers are better than others but obviously choose favorites. this school is near entirely based on money.
Not a college ready school as they claim to be. This is not a academically superior highschool, better education can be found elsewhere.
All 4 of my children went to the HS. All took college prep classes and AP courses. They also participated in sports, art, music, theater and student government. They did 28 -32 on the ACT. Like any high school you get back what you put in. Loved the Catholic atmosphere and values!
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We have loved our children’s experience at Cardinal Stritch. It really is a family and the teachers really care. There are lots of sports and activities to be involved in, including an amazing robotics team. Stritch is so welcoming and supportive a community. They provide a comprehensive Catholic education for all students. They currently have one student with Down Syndrome and have 2 great intervention specialists who assist students who have IEPs, and they also have AP and honors classes and a lot of students who take College Credit Plus courses.

Also relevant for Catholic parents considering this school - there is weekly Mass, even at the high school level. We didn’t see that in the other Toledo-area high schools.

We love Stritch!
I loved the small community/family the school had at Cardinal Stritch Catholic high school. The bond the school had was like no other. They offered almost every sport with fun, easy-going coaches. The teachers were almost like a parent to everyone. One of the best learning opportunities were here in their classrooms. The school also stuck close to its religion and had weekly mass and adoration. Overall this is an amazing school.
My experience at Kateri Schools, specifically Cardinal Stritch, was less than perfect. This is a small school,, so sure you get some benefits, but you also get a lack of class opportunities and very obvious favoritism by many staff members. Also being a Catholic school, the educators are not consistently well rounded. The pay is less and this may mean the experience is less.
It will give you the diverse experience and all the preparation you need for college! The staff is caring and you will always feel a sense of family and home when entering the building! From Pre-K to 12th grade, all staff will know your name and when your time is up, it will be hard to leave!
Individualized assistance and small class sizes. Teachers willing to help students and are genuinely concerned about the students
I feel it is pretty fair all around
Not too hard; just a normal process
I love the school for all it is sports; teacher ;priest; classmates; spirit very family oriented
Review of all safety measure and scenario s
Would like to see more clubs, like science club.
A placement test is given so you are aced in the appropriate class. Not a whole lot of electives are offered.
Very knowledgable. Helpful outside of class
Principal and president are very active in the school. Know all the kids and show interest in their lives in and out of school.
Doors are locked. There is a school nurse on staff. Everyone feels safe.
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The school is a family atmosphere and I feel excited to go everyday and I feel like I am welcome no matter where I am going in my school
There are a variety of sports to do and the locations for practices and weight lifting days are very good.
I usually pack my lunch but the options and portions are favorable
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