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Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School Reviews

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I liked that the entire school is seen as a family all in one. I learned more about the history of African Americans so much at Cardinal Ritter. One CRCP can work on is organization and communication.
I have been going to school here for all my four years and I like it and would recommend it to incoming freshmen.
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is like a family. We stick together when others are down and we seek intelligence and pride.
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I am currently a senior at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. So far I have absolutely enjoyed my experience with this school. Even though we are all doing school behind a computer, the teachers are trying their best to still make it fun. Cardinal Ritter has shaped the young woman I am becoming today.
Cardinal Ritter is overall a great school. It's kind of a mini HBCU. It gets you college ready and it also teaches you a lot about African American history. I have been attending since my freshman year and really can say I earned a lot over the few years I have been attending.
It is a really good school it’s fun, you learn teachers are very helpful , the students are creative and fun to be around,
I love that Cardinal Ritter teaches young black men and women about their roots and how important those roots are in today's society. The only change I would like to see is for administration to make decisions based on the students' needs and wants instead of blindly accommodating to the students' wants and needs.
The school is fun but you also learn a lot. The teacher will stay later than need to make sure you understand your assignments.
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is an all black Catholic private school located in St.Louis, Missouri. This school is perfect for minorities, as it shows a wide range of black culture throughout the school. While teaching about God, teachers also teach us academics that prepares us for College. We have college course and honor/ap classes, as well as different clubs and sports. I like the most about this school is how independent and smart the students are. We have so many young entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, doctors, and etc. One thing I would like to see a change of is to have more classes that teaches about home economics, businesses, and cooking.
I have an incoming freshman for the 2020-2021 school year. I had tons of questions, and everyone went above and beyond to get my questions answered. Shadow day was informative for my scholar, and accepted students day answered the remainder of my questions. The communication is good, and CRCP seems to be a family. We’re looking forward to the school year ahead.
It feels like a family. They picked me up in school when I had a situation with my old school and ever since I've been there it has felt like a very helpful environment and they really care about me.
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is an excellent school. I have attended their since my freshman year and I can definitely say that they prepare you for college. The teachers genuinely care about every students and are willing to help when you ask. They offer free tutoring for the ACT test. The school spirit is amazing and the atmosphere feels like a big family.
If you are looking for a All Black high school this school is for you. The sports teams are to die. If you are looking for a school that directs you towards your major and you major isn’t sports related then you should look further into other schools. CRCP cares a lot about sports.
Over the course of the last 4 years I've attended Cardinal Ritter College Prep in ST. Louis Missouri. While attending that school I was able to blossom into a young women while also learning about and how to love the skin I'm in, grow closer to God and strengthen my faith, as well as make life long friends. The education given to me is like no other and I would recommend my school to adolescents starting the journey of high school.
If your looking for your child to be surrounded by African American students who are driven to succeed then this school is definitely what you are looking for. The school is small but in my opinion that’s great. CRCP treats you like your actually family.
Being at Cardinal Ritter helped me personally become in tune with my culture as an African American woman, and it helped me develop faith as a Christian.
The best thing about my school is that we are a family and we lift each other up. The faculty and staff are preparing the student body for college and the ACT.
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I feel comfortable with the people around me and the things we learn. I know not a lot of people can say that but I honestly have a better learning experience. I have been challenging myself day by day. I rather lose than be defeated. At least if I lose I know i gave my all
This school is a good learning experience. They are very well at teaching students how to be ready for college. They help us to achieve our future goals.
I am currently a senior and one thing I can say is that this school taught me how to be a leader. The cafeteria provides delicious food like burgers, quesadillas, and chicken, they also have a healthy section that contains fruit and salads. Most of the teachers stay after school if students require help. Also, this school provides college credit classes for students that reaching for the sky. The diversity of the school is okay. The majority of the school is black with 2% of Mexicans. In our school, we have a hallway and a stairway dedicated to the art program. Tons of paintings were painted by the students that have graduated. For Mass, we have a choir that sings gospel songs that makes the students want to clap their hands in praise God. Overall I believe that Cardinal Ritter College Prep is a good school.
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