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Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School Reviews

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I feel comfortable with the people around me and the things we learn. I know not a lot of people can say that but I honestly have a better learning experience. I have been challenging myself day by day. I rather lose than be defeated. At least if I lose I know i gave my all
This school is a good learning experience. They are very well at teaching students how to be ready for college. They help us to achieve our future goals.
I am currently a senior and one thing I can say is that this school taught me how to be a leader. The cafeteria provides delicious food like burgers, quesadillas, and chicken, they also have a healthy section that contains fruit and salads. Most of the teachers stay after school if students require help. Also, this school provides college credit classes for students that reaching for the sky. The diversity of the school is okay. The majority of the school is black with 2% of Mexicans. In our school, we have a hallway and a stairway dedicated to the art program. Tons of paintings were painted by the students that have graduated. For Mass, we have a choir that sings gospel songs that makes the students want to clap their hands in praise God. Overall I believe that Cardinal Ritter College Prep is a good school.
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Cardinal Ritter is a very good high school. It is excellent on college readiness and athletics. The school is small with approximately no more than 300 students. There is a three fold mission of faith development, academic excellence, and leadership t at
Cardinal Ritter College Prep is an amazing institution with many different opportunities for the students . It is very impossible not to be involved in any activity . Cardinal Ritter does their very best to make everyone feel welcomed and at home. College is a big thing at Cardinal Ritter and the students and staff members make it their business to work with us to insure that by the time it is our time to graduate we are up and ready for college and we get all the love and support that we need. They also make sure to stay in contact through out the next four or more years of your life and they make sure everyone gets accepted
Cardinal Ritter College Prep (CRCP) is a small school with a big heart. CRCP has given me the tools to be prepared for college by having a variety of college credit courses, the ability to take college course while attending high school, and test preparation courses. Also, CRCP makes provision to expose students to college as early as freshman year. Since CRCP is a small school, expect some things to not be a prevalent as if it were a large school. For example, CRCP is just now implementing a musical instrument program. Also, CRCP does not have a designated STEM Lab. These are just a few things that are in the works. However, I feel that I have not missed out on anything as it relates to preparing for college and the world.
I enjoy that at Cardinal Ritter, we are one big famiy. We are always there for each other. I like that at Cardinal Ritter, our teacher are dedicated to help us at all times.
Cardinal Ritter College prep is a great school for college readiness and diversity. Not only is it a Catholic school but there are different types of people in the school. Everyone knows everyone because we are all family in our own way. Everyone in Cardinal Ritter is working to accomplish the same thing. We all want to go to college rather it's with a scholarship or just getting accepted into any school you want.
It is a great experience for anyone but it is a school mainly geared towards African American students. Homecomings are the best in St. Louis. It is a family atmosphere, everyone help each other rather its academic or athletic.
I love how cardinal ritter connects with every one of it's students. They always bring them up when they're down or find ways to make student's lives better (ex.teachers, principle, counselers). I would like them to be more involved with college readiness and give the students multiple tips on scholarships, ACT, and what to look for in a college.
To me personally, Cardinal Ritter will always have a very special place in my heart. The environment is very family-like. The teachers often form unbreakable bonds with their students and usually wants what's best for us. Students and teachers at Cardinal Ritter may have disagreements as any student and teacher does, but we know in the end it's always going to work out for the better of our future. There are not many schools like Cardinal Ritter, where you can just come and be loved and helped genuinely by the faculty, administration as well as peers like you do here. The atmosphere makes us suitable for success.
I love how everyone is really involved in different issues in our community. The teachers' number 1 goal is to get us to and through college. Their academic curriculum gives you a challenge as well as prepares you for what to expect when you go to college. They also offer many different clubs and programs that help you with real life situations such as the Intern Leadership Program or ILP.
The teachers here are helpful they are caring and very involved with the students.But school is going down hill this bathrooms hallways in general are horrible they don’t clean anything it seems like the like the filth and the students are disrespectful and have or show any type of home training I would recommend any child attend this school
The school is amazing if you are looking for a good catholic, family orientated school. Their focus are really centered on preparing your students for college. I am giving them four stars because they do lack in the training of the money aspect of college.
cool school, but can use improvement in several areas. I just graduated in May hopefully the new principal will change things next year
What I like about Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School is that the teachers and faculty wants you to succeed and do your best and want you to do best in your career and graduate.
I currently attend Cardinal Ritter, it is a very good school. When I come to school every morning I feel as if I'm home. I know my teachers care about me, and love me, and want to see me do my very best. All of the classes they have for us helps us to become college ready. I transferred in my sophomore year so when I got here it was very different, but everyone helped me settle in. I feel as though transferring to this school was a great choice. I can actually say that I am college ready.
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I am currently enrolled into Cardinal Ritter College Prep. The students and faculty members are very welcoming and informative. I personally am very excited to be attending CRCP, and I really do recommend others to send their kids to this amazing high school.
Cardinal Ritter has change my life as a young man. The teachers, counselors and the principal really do care about the students education and future.
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School was a very unique experience for me. It fostered a love of myself and well-rounded knowledge about my culture and people as an African-American student.
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