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Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School Reviews

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I loved my teachers and still am in contact with them today. There have been many improvements to the school since I attended. They added several more buildings, and a chapel. There was not much diversity in the school when I went. There were only two POC in the whole school and they were siblings.
Starting a new cycle in a different school is not always easy. First year is adaptation, everything is new. But teachers, employees always willing to help. It was 4 years of learning, as if it were my second family. I met new people and made great friends that I will take with me for life. Cardinal Mooney made me a better person, I can express better and deal with problems easier, because I had someone to help there. Now start another stage and I am prepared for it because I had all the support I needed and I'm very grateful to pass by this family called Cardinal Mooney.
I love the sense of community that Cardinal Mooney provides as well as the extensive amount of resources available to students and parents. The teachers and administration staff do their best to help the students reach their potential and succeed. They are focused on the safety of everyone as well and take the necessary measures to keep everyone in the school safe. Cardinal Mooney also offers numerous extracurricular activities for students to become a part of and enjoy themselves as well as make a difference in the school community.
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Cardinal Mooney is a great school that inspires you to learn and encourages the Catholic faith. I love attending this school because it's easy to make life-long friends with both students and teachers. I recommend this school to anyone and everyone!
Cardinal Mooney is a very good private school in Sarasota. Recently, they have made multiple changes to the older buildings, but I think more renovations are definitely needed.
Cardinal Mooney provided a fantastic education, while allowing me to make close friends. I have enjoyed all four years of high school. Most of my complaints were fixed when the buildings were remodeled over the past summer.
I loved the low student to teacher ratio, the college prep, and the community. The teachers made the school and easy transition to high school for my son.
Cardinal Mooney is a great school that prepares you for college. Love the administration and love the school’s mission.
Overall an incredible school with some great teachers. The community and support at Mooney is better than you would get anywhere. I, however, have an issue with how a most of the teachers expect the students to teach themselves a lot of the material. A lot won’t directly answer your questions in class or if you take the time to come in after school. It is incredibly frustrating and shows in your grades.
Cardinal Mooney has offered me an education centered around the Catholic faith which has created a safe and friendly atmosphere. The teacher and faculty are very understanding and before class they say a prayer to remind us that God is always with us and guding is throughout our lives. Overall Cardinal Mooney has given me the chance to get closer to God with the help of others who share in my same beliefs.
I love the teachers attention to every student as well as staff members. They push you outside your comfort zone and let you try new things if you are willing to. They spend their after school time to help you on assignments or lessons you did not understand during the day. It is well appreciated thank you.
I liked Mooney's close nit and supportive community style. Teachers are decent. During Junior and Senior year you must either take an AP course or a regular course as they do not provide Honors these years. The school is getting better with making more courses available to the students though. Atmosphere is friendly.
I like the small family type atmosphere our school provides. Teachers and administrators show great care to us as students. Range of class types is also nice because you can excel in areas you learn best. Lots of on campus activities that are open to all students.
We have spent the last year without a principle. The campus is old & small, & the technology is not updated. Cafeteria is an old, smelly gym & the lunch served is anything but quality or healthy. They have very few options not only in food but in classes, teachers, sports, & flexibility. The track is as old and not safe. Majority of the classes I want to take for my interests or anything I have to do online because its either not offered at CMHS or the teacher is not equipped. The academics are only focused on students who can excel everywhere & require little help. There is one 3-foot fence that surrounds the entire campus offering little security. There is only one entrance into the school causing unnecessary traffic getting in & out of the campus. Despite complaints & unaccepted donations to the school, there has been no sign of improvements & no future of any either.
I’d learn so many new things here and I’ve also opened myself more to the people. I love everthing about this school. I love my friends, my teachers, my classes, and my lunch at school.
I enjoyed attending Cardinal Mooney, the school in itself was a small Close knit school where all the teachers knew the students by name. The academics were excellent and really got me motivated and prepared to start my college career. The high school is for sure a college prepatory school. The principal and vice principal are excellent and made time to meet every student and their family including remembering all names. My four years there were definitely memorable and highly educational. My brother later attended the school and as well had a excellent experience. A lot of teachers were also sports coaches, so they not only coached the students but prepared us for the hard hits that life would throw at us.
I highly recommend Cardinal Mooney High School.
Cardinal Mooney is a college prep high school that has good academics and athletic program. Some of the teachers (especially science and math) are not very experienced and are not good at reaching all students.
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I was fortunate enough to have some of the few excellent teachers at this school. Come to this school with your own good ethic or else you will suffer. Honors and AP classes (well, most of them) have the best teachers. Slight racism problem in the underclassmen that the school has yet to address.
Cardinal Mooney is absolutely amazing. Many kids in the area get the wrong idea of Mooney which is unfortunate. Unlike public schools, Mooney is a very small school, for example, my class is 114 students. Personally, I feel that the size of our school is beneficial because students get more out of their classes and teachers actually love what they do. Our student community is like a second family, everyone is friends with everyone and we all get along wonderfully. Mooney is also a college prep school which definitely shows through the Ap and honors classes that they offer us. All of the teachers are very helpful and I have enjoyed all of the extracurricular activities that Mooney offers.
Horrible experience. I would change the bias teachers and discipline within the kids who go there. My little sister who has slight autism was bullied and none of them did a thing about it.
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